[EDIT] Buildwalk 1.3.1 - Build as you walk [1060]

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    Current Version : 1.3.1 for Bukkit Build #1060

    This plugin allows you to 'Build as you walk!'

    * Currently only builds in stone (Great for bridges)
    * Buildwalk Radius mode to build paths, roads, bridges easier, etc.
    * Buildwalk Radius can also be used as a mountain cutter!
    * Defaults to OP-Only permissions (does have permission nodes)
    * Buildwalk Radius command with aliases:

    * Buildwalk command with aliases:

    Known Bugs:

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    * N/A

    Permission Nodes:
    buildwalk.use - Allows people to use /bw
    buildwalkradius.use - Allows people to use /bwr

    Version 1.3.1 -
    * Removed a stupid typing error on my part, which was actually really important to the plugin xD

    Version 1.3 -
    * Stops the current mode before initializing another one (to prevent bugs)

    Version 1.2 -
    * Buildwalk Radius mode added :D

    Version 1.1 -
    * Chests are safe when using the plugin, you can walk over them and they won't be replaced!

    Version 1.0 -
    * Released the plugin! ;D

    Open for suggestions and feedback (Hit Meh!)

    Download Count : 419 (Updated every day)

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    If you notice any bugs or problems with this plugin, Give me a call at 01388POSTAREPLY (Joke, just post a reply below ^.^)
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    Your plugin is awesome, but, is it open-source ?
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    The download link is broken.. Fix it please.
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    Now fixed, sorry for the long time it took me to do it, I have been on holiday
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    It would be very nice if you could choose a block to build with. EX: /grassbw OR /grassbuildwalk

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