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    Biome - Change biomes
    Version: v0.3.1

    Have you ever wanted it to snow in the desert? How about having ghasts and zombie pigmen in your forests? Well, now you can, weirdo.

    Download - Source Code

    Use the /biome command:
    /biome set [biome name] sets the biome in the chunk you're standing in. (Permission: biome.set.chunk)
    /biome get tells you what biome you're standing in. (Permission: biome.get)
    /biome clear returns the biomes in the chunk you're standing in to their natural state. (Permission: biome.clear.chunk)
    /biome list gives you a list of biomes you can use. (Permission: biome.list)

    Having WorldEdit installed on your server adds the ability to use:
    /biome set-selection [biome name], which sets the biome for every (x, z) value in your WorldEdit selection (Permission: biome.set.selection), and
    /biome clear-selection, which turns every (x, z) value in your WorldEdit selection back to its original state. (Permission: biome.clear.selection)

    Version 0.3.1
    • Fixes a bug that would cause Biome not to work on worlds loaded by plugins before Biome initializes
    Version 0.3 (541 downloads)
    • Permissions support. OPs will still get access to all commands.
    • Stopped reporting the wrong biome in Nether and Skylands.
    • Allow global biomes to be set on a per-world basis, configurable in plugins/Biome/config.yml
    Version 0.2 (415 downloads)
    • Added /biome set-selection and /biome clear-selection, which require WorldEdit to be installed.
    • Changed data storage format to allow for sub-chunk accuracy. Old data will be converted seamlessly.
    • WorldEdit is not required, but will allow /biome *-selection commands if it is available.
    Version 0.1 (43 downloads)
    • Released plugin
    • Called everyone a weirdo
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    Putting it in YML would require you to write 297,246 coordinates manually in a specific order. I suggest defining the biome in smaller pieces so the server doesn't get overloaded.
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    yeah I did that.. but to hassle :D

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    I keep getting internal errors with this on newest version of Craftbukkit.
    I'll post a pic later
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    Any permissions support?
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    Can you post the error message from the server console?

    No, just OP right now. I'll add that to my todo list.
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    Oh, I tought that I had updated Biome plugin but it wasn't. Well I got it updated now but just like Morizuki I got a Time-out message from my server. I think the size of my selected space is too big, I don't know much about java scripting, I always did something like vb6, PHP, and shit. But I think the command is too heavy for my server. So shall I do every chunk with the 'Chunk command' or do you think that the problem could be fixed?
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    Um . . . not sure if it's working, I was standing in the tundra area and I changed it to shrubland . . . but the snow just stayed on the ground, are the effects supposed to be instant? Or how does it work?
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    Oh no, it sets my complete Skyworld to "NormalWorld" Biomes....
    I have to look whats up, if I delete the biomes directory.
  11. Hello, i think it's a pretty cool plugin, but it doesn't works on my server, every time I get this:
    "The biome you are standing in is Savanna
    Set this chunk's to Tundra
    The biome you are standing in is Savanna"
    There is just nothing happening, when i type in the commands.
    Can you help me?
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    How's this possible? Isn't biomes based on the world seed? Or do you change it, and if you regen the chunk it will get it's original biome?
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    No new snow will generate on the ground because it's no longer a tundra biome, but the snow that's already there will not be automatically removed.
    Oops! I'm overriding the function that generates biomes for every world. I need to go back and make some changes so this plays nicely with skylands and nether worlds.
    I override the function that generates biomes on the server, so if you regenerate a chunk that has its biome changed, it will generate as if it was from the new biome. Removing this plugin will reset all your biomes to normal.
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    how do I config the config.yml? can you give us an example?
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    Someone have test it with CB860 plz ? :)
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    Good to hear, now there are only normal mobs in nether (using multiverse). /biome get says its forest :confused:
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    If you set a biome like Tundra or Rainforest, when there is a storm, are you supposed to see the rain/snow effect or no? Also does this change the color of the grass? jw. [sheep]
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        world1: FOREST
        world2: TUNDRA
    There's a really basic example. If you skip a world in the config, it gets natural biomes instead of only one and whatever you manually define.

    Unfortunately, both of those are computed on the client side, so there's no way to control either from the server. If you set the biome to one that would normally have snow, it will generate snow on the ground even if the visual effect is rain.
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    I've was able to set a forest biome to a rainforest, but can't get savanna or taiga to change to rainforest.
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    i tried like this

        world: TUNDRA
    but nothing happens..
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    Like a couple of others, it doesnt seem to change biome when I try either..
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    Deleted user

    Looks good.
    Are the changes permanent?

    If I change a biome and then were to remove the plugin would the biome remain changed?

    I assume it changes the actual biome and doesn't just mask over it. Because if it doesn't really change it then it's going to constantly be using the plugin for that area which I don't want.
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    I don't know if in the 1.7.3 update of CB broke the plugin, but I just started using the plugin and I'm getting regenerating ice.
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    The plugin changes the way biomes are computed. Normally, it's random number generation for every (X, Z) coordinate every time they need to be computed, but this plugin adds a check to see if a space is defined by the user. If you remove the plugin, the biomes will go back to pure random number generation.

    Isn't ice supposed to regenerate?
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    Sorry, I was trying to make the spawn area and the town around it to be Rainforest, but ice keeps returning in the watered areas.
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    This plugin doesn't work for me at all. Im trying to change a biome from a tundra to a desert, but nothing happens. This is what I get when I try changing biomes.

    /biome get
    The biome you are standing in is a tundra
    /biome set desert
    Set this chunk's biome to desert
    /biome get
    The biome you are standing in is a tundra

    What am I doing wrong???
  28. A very interesting feature would be a separate permission node that only allows said player to set the biome of a WG region he or she is an Owner in.
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    For everyone who this plugin wasn't working for: Try version 0.3.1. I believe the problem all of you were having was that worlds were being loaded before Biome started looking for worlds.

    In your opinion, should this be in addition to the existing commands or a separate command?
  30. Addition, but I had another issue which made me disable this. I selected a region of about 400x400, change it's biome, and that locked up the entire server :/
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    That's because you're writing about 1.2 megabytes of data to the server's hard drive. I've moved the heavy work to an extra thread, and the WorldGuard region restriction is implemented (but it won't work until superperms gets merged with master) so you'll be seeing both in a future version.

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