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    ecoCreature 0.2.2 (Belay that nose-picking, Cadet!)
    Mob & PVP Rewards
    More plugins to try:
    MobRider - Finally, a proper use for saddles!
    DeathTpPlus - Death notifications & recall!

    • Coin rewards, coin penalties and drops for:
      • Killing mobs
      • PVP
      • Kill streaks
      • Death streaks
      • Leveling
      • Breaking blocks
    • Share coin rewards with:
    • Increase or decrease coin rewards based on:
      • Biome (swampland, forest, etc.)
      • Environment (normal, nether, etc.)
      • Time of Day (day, night, etc.)
      • Weather (sunny, stormy)
      • Permissions Group (e.g. default, elite, etc.)
      • Factions (neutral, enemy, etc.)
      • Heroes party
      • mcMMO party
      • MobArena participants
      • WorldGuard region
      • Regios region
      • Residence region
      • Towny membership
      • Weapon used
    • Customize items drops to include:
    • DeathTpPlus rewards:
      • Rewards for kill streaks
      • Penalties for death streaks
    • Heroes rewards:
      • Rewards for mastering a class
      • Rewards for leveling
    • mcMMO rewards:
      • Rewards for leveling
    • Prevent exploits:
      • Camping around Mob Spawners
      • Mob farming
      • Limit projectile use (e.g. Bow & Arrow)
    • Multi-world support
    Usage Stats:

    The original ecoCreature was made by ChrisB. All credit goes to him for his creation. Since his plugin has gone inactive since rb740, I have decided to continue doing maintenance updates for his plugin.
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    Haven't heard anything related to factions to this date.
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    um.... can you make it possible to get splash potions the same way?
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    I'm having a different error than DeathWing with the MagmaCube.
    I've already deleted all my plugins EXCEPT iConomy6, PermissionsEX (and all the others that came with it), PressurePort, FullChest, and ecoCreature (all double check to be uptodate).

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    This plugin was fully working when i played alone in my server hosted on my computes (windows) now on host it isnt working there OS is linux, i dont know what is the problem, other plugin are working correctly.
    Sry for bad english.
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    I'm sure I'm doing SOMETHING wrong here. I simply want the awarded money for killing mobs, but on top of the "You are awarded AMOUNT for slaying a MOB" message, I also have another message that comes before it that says something like "5 coins (MY ECON BALANCE)". So that second message is actually adding money on top of what was already specified in the default.yml

    I don't understand where this other reward is coming from, but even when I set pigs and cows and other non-hostile mobs as giving 0.0 for rewards, I STILL end up with that same message and am rewarded for their deaths.

    I just want the "X coins (MY BALANCE)" thing to stop, while still rewarding the player for slaying things, as configured in the default.yml file.

    I have included screenshots of me killing a pig and a zombie to show what's happening, as well as my settings in the default.yml file for those two mobs:

            Drops: 'rotten flesh:2:75'
            Coin_Minimum: 10.00
            Coin_Maximum: 20.50
            Coin_Percent: 100.0
            Drops: 'pork:2:75'
            Coin_Minimum: 0.0
            Coin_Maximum: 0.0
            Coin_Percent: 0.0

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    The white text is not ecoCreature. It's another plugin but I forget the name.
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    First of all, YOU ARE FAST! Second, I figured it was something I did wrong.

    EDIT 1:

    It was Catacombs. Stupid stupid me.

    Also, Mung3r, THANK you for this awesome plugin. I'm donating. This is so much better than MoneyDrop.

    EDIT 2: Donation sent. Thank you again!
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    Ok so i cant seem to get the multipliers working. I do recal in the past being spammed in console with "Permissions doesnt support Muiltipliers" or something along those lines. Is there something i can do to make it support permissionsbukkit ? I really need this feature!
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    Hey Mungr3y, I know its been said. but just in case you forget.
    Thank you for this plug in. Thank you for your effort, thank you for the continued updates and the effort you put in to your plugin.
    If I had the money to donate to you, I would send you $20.
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    I have added
    ecocreature.reward.* ecocreature.gain.*

    to my permissions but I still don't get any rewards.
    Do I really need to add all individual permission node or should it work with only these?
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    That should be all you need.

    You just need a permissions plugin that supports groups and I think PermissionsBukkit is one of them.

    Try and rename or delete the plugins/ecoCreature/default.yml file and let it regenerate. If that doesn't solve the problem, it may have something to do with permissions setup.

    Try this build. Also, let the plugin regenerate the default.yml config. Just rename plugins/ecoCreature/default.yml or delete it first.

    Not sure how to do this yet but I'll add a feature request ticket.

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    I have it in my permissions but I still don't get the rewards. I did get rewards before but now Im setting up permissions instead of just going with the op and now when I went over to permissions it just stoped working... Im using the latest version of PEX as permissions and the latest of you plugin...
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    Post your permissions on so that I can see how it's setup.
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    there is alot of other permission nodes that is for other plugins... but they should be there...

    ok I solved it myself. Or um I deleted the permission nodes and then added each individual node for each mob and that worked. So Im guessing something's wrong with the .* permission nodes... maybe you can take a look at that so there isn't that many nodes but it works with each mob type. Thanks for the quick reply anyways!

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    The .* permissions work just fine after I changed "ecocreatures" to "ecocreature" in your entries.

    I changed these entries:
            - ecocreatures.reward.*
            - ecocreatures.gain.*
    To this:
            - ecocreature.reward.*
            - ecocreature.gain.*
    Whola! No need to use individual entries.
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    There we have it! Thank you!
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    Hey there, Mung3r.

    Your plugin is great, however I've encountered one small quirk with the config which I just can't figure out.
    I understand that there are two ways of penalizing player deaths. One is for a death that comes from non-PvP damage (I.e Mobs), and another is from PvP Damage only.

    The problem is that I cannot find a way to attribute a percentage to the PvP death scenarios, I can only define a range. Should a player die from a Creeper, they will lose 5% of their cash. Should they die from a player, they will only lose 7$ to 14$

    Is there any way to define a percentage in the Loot Tables?
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    Currently, there is no way to define percentage loss for PVP. I'll add a feature request ticket.
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    Problem was that, there wasn't Vault :D Thx for help :D
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    Hey, I'm a huge fan of this plugin and I've been using it for a few months now on my server. However with the 1.0.0 update it seems that only users that have their name in the op.txt file can collect any money and recieve any/all messages from the program. Even when I keep myself as an Admin but remove my name from the op.txt the program dies for myself aswell. I'm using Permissions 3.1 Yeti. here is my permissions file:
            default: true
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
            - essentials.rules
            - essentials.spawn
            - essentials.suicide
            - essentials.ban.notify
            - worldedit.navigation.unstuck
            - lwc.deny
            - essentials.balancetop
            - essentials.afk
            - essentials.getpos
            - essentials.list
            - essentials.tpaccept
            - essentials.tpdeny
            - essentials.portal
            - essentials.kit
            - essentials.kit.wood
            - essentials.delhome
            - essentials.home
            - essentials.sethome
            - lwc.protect
            - herobounty.list
            - herobounty.locate
            - herobounty.accept
            - iConomy.payment
            - ecocreature.reward.*
            - ecocreature.gain.*
            - lwc.protect
            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
            - Visitor
            - residence.create
            - multiverse.access.world_nether
            - multiverse.access.world_the_end
            - essentials.kit.iron
            - essentials.clearinventory
            - essentials.afk.kickexempt
            - essentials.motd
            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
            - Citizen
            - essentials.ignore
            - essentials.msg
            - multiverse.access.Rainforest
            - essentials.nick
            - essentials.tpa
            - essentials.tpahere
            - essentials.warp
            - essentials.warp.list
            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
            - Lite
            - essentials.kit.diamond
            - essentials.realname
            - essentials.sethome.multiple
            - essentials.powertool
            - essentials.powertooltoggle
            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
            - Donator
            - essentials.signs.use.heal
            - essentials.signs.use.time
            - essentials.signs.use.balance
            - essentials.signs.use.warp
            - essentials.time.set
            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
            - VIP
            - essentials.bigtree
            - essentials.kit.*
            - essentials.tree
            - essentials.ban
            - essentials.banip
            - essentials.ext
            - essentials.invsee
            - essentials.jails
            - essentials.kick
            - essentials.socialspy
            - essentials.tempban
            - essentials.togglejail
            - essentials.unban
            - essentials.unbanip
            - essentials.delwarp
            - worldedit.extinguish
            - worldedit.butcher
            - iConomy.accounts
            - lwc.mod
            - ChestShop.mod
            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
            - '*'
    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Try this build.

    There have been a number of bugs reported and have since been fixed in the dev builds. I think it's time for a maintenance release.

    FYI, just posted a maintenance release - version 0.0.9c. It still needs to go through the approval process at dev bukkit, but you can go here if you're impatient.

    Release notes:
    • Added clearing XP orbs from camping mob spawners
    • Fixed MobArena config
    • Fixed rounding error on coin rewards
    • Fixed case-sensitive reward lookups
    • Fixed recognizing LavaSlime reward (a.k.a. MagmaCube)
    • Fixed world-specific permission bug
    XP orb feature in place. Thanks for your patience.

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    OK well i love this plugin but with on my server
    We have been running this plugin for a while. I need someones help now. I have gotten complaints from players on our forum that they stopped getting money after a certain ammount. I tryed it. I got the messages but then my money ammount just stopped going up. Any help? It seemed random to start at a random ammout.

    Can someone help me?? THIS IS URGENT
    I need this to stop so people can continue to make money by running our survival course
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    What econ plugin are you using?
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    Oh im running iConomy 6
    If you need to log onto our server and do /plugins

    I am also having a problem of the plugin just will stop working
    I spawn mobs to check whats happening
    Any ideas whats wrong??

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    Check that you have the latest version and that your permissions are set for ecocreature.reward.* and ecocreature.gain.*.
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    I just re downloaded it
    ima reinstall it
    thanks for the help but its still fucking up
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    Tell me what permission plugin you use and your current perms config.
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    Great plugin, but is this possible to change the mobs name >.< ?
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    hey mung3r first off this is a great plugin and good work :D

    just a request with your latest update to clear XP drops when camping mob spawners, i dont see a seperate config for that feature is it apart of the AllowCamping config?

    and if it is is there a way you can split the no XP into a seperate setting as i would like on my server for people to allow XP but i dont want people to gain the money when camping them.

    Thanks again for the great plugin.
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    Currently, it's part of the 'AllowCamping' setting. Working on a way to control XP orbs drops in general so it'll be an added feature in a future release.

    Thanks for you patience!

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