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    V 0.9.5 - by SeTa

    I am happy so many of you liked my plugins, but im sorry to say there will be no updates (like many of you already thought). I dont have the time any more to update this (and other) plugins on that regular bases as bukkit requires one to update. Keep in mind that the source is included in the jar and everybody who wants to take it over is very welcome (my source is a mess btw)

    DirectBank is a hopefully simple to use Banking Plugin for youre Server. The Whole Banking Stuff is done trough ATMs (Signs) in Varius Types. Now you also can create Shared Bank Accounts (requires a License) but read down the thread to find out more ;)

    • No Commands in Normal use, just place a Sign with first line: "bank"
    • Withdraw, Deposit or Send Money
    • Some Permissions to make it more flexible
    • Shared Accounts (with Different User Rights!)
    • Multilingual ! (sry old Language files are not compactible)
    • Configurable Starting Balance
    • Donation Signs
    • Register! (Works with all Major iConomy Plugins, thx @bob3695 for implementing this)
    • Get configurable fees for Withdraw, Deposit and Sending.
    • Configurable interests at configurable times (per Hours, or per Day) *works but seems buggy*
    Bank Sign:
    Simple Bank, users can view there Account stats, or deposit/withdraw/send Money.
    Place a sign and if you are OP or have the permission node (see below), write the first line "bank".
    Thats all. To remove it, just break it.


    License Sign *new*:
    With License Signs you can sell licenses for User owned Banks / shared Accounts directly ingame. Each now Shared Bank needs 1 License to start!

    Simple write license into the first line (you need the Permission or OP)

    Shared Bank Sign *new*:
    Shared Banks are a simple way to Handle Money within a Group. They are very similar to Normal Bank Signs except 2 differencies:
    1. Its only 1 Bank Account they use
    2. They have a User Menu.
    To create one write sbank in the first line, and youre Banks name into the Second.
    You can make more than one Sign per Bank, only the first needs a License.

    Shared Bank User Menu *new*:
    I think this is the most complicated part of the whole Plugin, but its pretty easy too ;D
    There are 4 User Modes:
    • @ Owner - Can add all Modes and can Remove / Create Signs
    • + Admin - Can add Full Access and Donate Only User and can Remove / Create Signs
    • - Full Access - Can Access the whole Banking Stuff (Deposit, Withdraw, Send)
    • Donate Only - Only can Donate Money
    Add User like: @kingseta or +kingseta. As special User you have ALL Just add ALL to youre User list, and everybody can donate. or -ALL and everybody has full access.

    Donation Sign *new*:
    This is the most simple. Just make sure you have an Bank Account then place a sign and write donate into the first line. Thats it, you've created a sign everybody can easily donate you some Money :D

    Use a Sign:
    Just Punch it, most stuff is self explanatory. If the Sign asks you to input something just write it into the Chat ;)

    You can take fees from your Bank-users. They are fully configureable like you will see in the Configuration file below. But where does the Money get? :confused:
    Answer: Theres a new iConomy Account called "ServerBank". You can use iConomy to take the money, may i implement something more DirectBank'y ^^

    Configuration (open)

    #DirectBankX Config file
    #Sat Oct 08 01:38:53 CEST 2011
    lastinterest=0 # leave this
    oldprefix=Bank_ # change this for upgrading from versions below 9.2
    enable_donatesign=true # ^^
    withdraw_fee=1% # numbers or %
    tag_license=&b~&aLicense&b~ # Sign Tag
    deposit_fee=1% # numbers or %
    mainworld=world # im not sure if im using this Oo
    enable_sharedsign=true # ^^
    tag_bank=&a~&bBank&a~ # Sign Tag
    permissions=false # put this to false if you wish to use permissions
    interestminutes=30 # how often do you wish interests?
    enable_licensesign=true # ^^
    enable_chestsign=true # sry not used :P
    interest=1.15 # in %
    tag_donate=&a~&eDonate&a~ # Sign Tag
    language=en # language file to use located in DirectBankX/lang
    enable_interest=true # may you dont want youre players to get richer and richer?
    send_fee=1 # here you can see a numbered value without %
    licensecost=2000 # how much should it cost to buy a license?
    ScreenShot (open)

    [Download] - Older Versions - buy me a cake [cake]
    Source included. Open Source ftw :D

    • /bank reload
    • /bank license take/give/info USERNAME
    Dont they explain there self?
    • directbank.admin
      • directbank.reload
      • directbank.license.create
    • directbank.user
      • directbank.shared.create
      • directbank.shared.use
      • directbank.donate.create
      • directbank.donate.use
    Simpliest way is to give all Youre Users directbank.user and the Mods directbank.admin

    • NPCs! (with 1.8 update! :D)
    • Donation Signs
    • Finally fix the Interest Loop -.-
    • Gold Banking (buy/sell gold to a dynamic price)
    • Chest Banking
    • anything else?
    • V 0.9.5 0.9.4 was a crap build -.-
    • V 0.9.4 Bugfix and:
      • Register is now Integrated! Big thx to @bob3695
    • V 0.9.3 Recode, now Version now Bugs? ^^
    • V 0.9.2 Added License / Donation / Shared Banks :confused:
    • V 0.9.1 Bug fix :confused:
    • V 0.9 Some small stuff
      • All Money interactions will now get shown in the Log
      • There is an "maxinterest" configuration
      • And a /bankreload command, to reload the config
    • V 0.8 Added "inUse" control. (thx @Silentnight18 ) Signs are dedicated to the user who uses them first until they leave
    • V 0.7 Added new Stuff :D
      • Configurable fees (see example config file above) Accepts also %!
      • Tell online Users about money arrivements
      • Sry this taked so long :/ H: and K: are now variable in Language file!
    • V 0.6 Negative Amount bug fix (thx @AdamS )
    • V 0.5 Important Bug fix! Please upgrade! (thx @alfskan )
    • V 0.4 Little Bug fix
    • V 0.3 Added Money transactions
    • V 0.2 Added Interest per Hour & Starting Balance
    • V 0.1 Release (stable)
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    This error isn't happening now... it's weird XD. EDIT: It started happening again... Without even restarting the server, without quitting the game... just waited some minutes and tryed again and kicked :(

    When I don't get kicked it works right!
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    I think i know the problem, it says its Missing a file inside /com/iConomy/iConomy.
    With that i went into Iconomy.jar and searched the file and volla! It was changed to /com/iC06 not iConomy.
    Imma test this out, maybe it works :)
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    What Economies is this plugins Compatible with? is it only iConomy?
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    11:40:05 [INFO] [Bank] interest Time!
    11:40:05 [INFO] [BANK] Something went wrong in the Interests Thread -.- User: BlancoLanda
    Why that happens?
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    Can you update this for the latest build? And maybe add gold banking? :D
  7. Is there a way to make negative interest in a bank?
    So the player would lose, for example, 1% of the deposited money every hour.
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    @all youre giving me a headache xD
    Im sorry for the crappy release. Its mostly fixed now
    Its build in, just put an - b4. Just see the plugin like it is, its simple Math. If you "add" -5% it will take some money ;)

    Really thx for helping me out!
    I hope you saw the 2 credits in the main thread, and i hope thats nearly enough ;)

    I know this interest thing... but i dont know why this happens. I still will try to fix it!

    @fengji8868 @robxu9 @ProG28 @MikeGold
    its fixed sry -.-

    @fengji8868 @MikeGold
    Its big yeah, its big becouse its has tons of depencies. It needs iConomy 4/5/6, BosEconomy, Essentials and Multicurrency and also the whole Source is includet. Like every plugin it also needs a copy Bukkit API. The thing, when everything is includet like that is, Everybody can take it, import to Eclipse and add there own features (Fix my Bugs :p) easily. So i still think this is the best way to do.

    You may didnt realize, but its updated. Now it also works as it should ^^

    To the Gold feature:
    Were planing to add this to out Server in the 1.9 World. So it will come. But were still planing how to use Gold the best way, so please be patient.
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    It uses Register so it should work with iConomy 4, 5, and 6, Essentials Economy, BOSE Economy, and I think one other one.

    All this means is you are running iCo6 and its trying to use ICo5. Are you sure you've updated to the latest version because this issue is something I'd expect to see if you were running the version before Register was incorporated.

    Out of interest, how much money do you have in the bank when it crashes? Can you provide as many details about the bank account so I can replicate it exactly and hopefully have the issue happen so I can debug

    It's no problem.
  10. I've tried that but it didn't really work at first couple of interest cycles. However, on the last interest cycle it did take money from banks. Not really sure what's up with that, but I hpe it will work now :)

    I love your plugins, so I'm cheering for the next update! xD
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    @bob3695 In the bank I hadn't anything yet. The first time I tryed it gave me that error... Then after depositing like $50, for example. The same... I think the money wasn't the problem :S The other problem is that the interest things is buggy. I explained it at a post above.
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    its really buggy. Sometimes it does what it should sometimes not.
    I recoded it with a totally other idea (from 0.9.2 i think), and have the same issues.

    The only thing is, i cant recreate the Problem. It really seems random for me (what doesnt make any sense) :/

    Maybe anybody has any clue when it works and when not?
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    I can't donate money to other people :C
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    Hi, how can I changed to iConomy Support? In the server console is:
    "[DirectBankX] Payment method found (Essentials version: 2.2)"

    but, I want to use iConomy as payment method.
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    I guess you come from Germany or something, but in English you don't use a capital for each noun.
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    If you open bukkit.yml at the top level of your server and add "economy.preferred: iConomy" to the end that should fix up your problem.
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    lol, if you mean me, youre not 100% right ;) but yeah xD

    what does mean it doesnt work? Oo
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    When I want to donate to any people, there appears this text in the chat "donate-self"
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    thx for your post, but I do not know where I should place the text?!?

    Here my bukkit.yml, here comes the same message:
    "[DirectBankX] Payment method found (Essentials version: 2.2)"

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    This sounds great i will test it
  21. I haven't been getting interests from the bank, but then I accessed the "accounts.dat" file with Wordpad(didn't change anything) and it gave me interests once, then I got this error:

    2011-10-10 16:29:10 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-23810"
    2011-10-10 16:29:10 [SEVERE] java.util.NoSuchElementException: Hashtable Enumerator
    2011-10-10 16:29:10 [SEVERE]     at java.util.Hashtable$Enumerator.nextElement(Unknown Source)
    2011-10-10 16:29:10 [SEVERE]     at ch.seta.directbank.InterestLoop.calcInterest(
    2011-10-10 16:29:10 [SEVERE]     at ch.seta.directbank.InterestLoop.startSleeper(
    2011-10-10 16:29:10 [SEVERE]     at
    Also then it overloaded my server and crashed it :>
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    Is there any way to set a minimum amount for depositing in the bank? Eg: You need at least $15 for depositing money to the bank.
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    Thats the best Bank Plugin for iConomy that i ever seen. Tanks ;)
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    is it working for CB #1240 and iConomy6?
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    Ok that sounds like a bug Oo

    Im not the best in that things :3
    But in my Oponion it would be:
    ping-packet-limit: 100
      - preferred: iConomy
    There is this amazing tool , telling you if you do something wrong ;)

    ugh, thats mad. accounts.dat is just a simple textfile. Maybe you have to try a better editor? (i used Notepad++ sometimes) Im sorry i dont have a better idea like that :/
    Ah and yeah, if it doesnt work. Try to remove it (backup it) and change the values again per hand

    I may can look into this. Now there is now way that i know ;)

    thx :D

    yeah, why dont you try it? ^^

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    I did but is not working...maby i made a wrong permission settup...i will try it today. ty for answer ;)
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    It works for me on the newest Recommended (1317?). And iConomy 6 works for many other people (i still use 5) so i guess it should work. If you still have problems, please give some infos what doesnt work ;)
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    If interest could be define for special user groups, i think it would be cool:
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    now my problem is that my hoster maby closes the server....because some admin steel the (real)money :(
  30. Im running 1240 with iConomy 5 and PEX. Only ops can use the signs... When a non-op hits a sign nothing happens. I've put the permission nodes in and still nothing. Here's my config file.
    #DirectBankX Config file
    #Sun Oct 16 11:04:14 PDT 2011
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    Can you please update your plugin.yml file to accurately reflect the current version?
    I made an updated version of the BukkitUpdater plugin, and it tries to update your plugin because I set the upstream version to 0.9.5 and the plugin version is 0.9.5, but the plugin.yml says 0.9... >>;

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