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Is this smart?

  1. Yes!

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  2. Maybe, but, why just not use BuyCraft?

  3. Yeah, no...

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  4. No! Just use BuyCraft!

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    Suggested name: Donations

    Plugin category: Website Administration/?Admin Tools?

    What I want: I know the plugins ToothTransaction and Donator Express but they're very buggy and impossible to fix so don't reply about to get them... I wanted a advanced plugin we're i could setup like the databases and packages and things like that (OF COURSE with an config!)
    and... I dont know anything more, reply if you want me to tell you more! But i really would like it to have same features as the other plugins! Like, packages can have same prices and things like that... (It stands on the site which features it has: )

    Ideas for commands: /donate - a link would open (automatically, choose able in config) where they donate!

    Ideas for permissions: No Permissions!

    When I'd like it by: Doesn't matter... Just not TOOO long! Make it so it doesn't get buggy, so... TAKE YOUR TIME =DD
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    You should try out Buycraft or Enjin Donationcraft
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    Buycraft works perfectly fine but isn't free.
    Enjin Donationcraft is awesome though :)
  5. Buycraft is fine if you are happy to be limited to 3 packages once the premium trial runs out. It is the most popular and works the best :)
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    Please.... Stop it with BuyCraft or Enjin.... I wanted a FREE service with FULL control and at my own website... Not like, BuyCraft, Enjin Donation shit or Minecraft Market something...

    Yes and no. Not BUILD an database, just make tables IN a database you created. Write in MySQL username and password and put the name of THE database in the config. Then the plugin self should regenerate tables. Of courese, ipn on paypal should be involved to!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    • No one is going to do this for free, I can guarantee that.
    • Use BuyCraft to execute commands that will input data to a database. There you go, exactly what you'd use it for otherwise.
    • This is duping other very large plugins with no unique factors besides a database and self hosting. Tread lightly.
    • You can't open a link automatically with the Minecraft client. The player/user must click it.
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