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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Afforess, May 21, 2011.

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    BukkitContrib is superseded by Spout, the new Bukkit/Client framework.
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    Is MineDJ broken after BukkitContrib SMP/SSP update?
    No, I think MineDJ broke itself!
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    A bit. Mostly from exhaustion.
    No, sorry if I was not clear - I just meant that your position is unenviable.
    Um - what's the difference, lol?

    1.) Feel free to look at and point out any mistakes, it's what controls the appearance. I believe setGlobalSkin looks okay, but I could be mistaken...

    3.) Hmm, I'll look into it further.
    4.) Yep. I'm planning on doing some trickery with the login packet so you know immediately onPlayerJoin.
    5.) No, I decided against that. A player can just rename it, giving a false impression.

    Ask the author - I did not break any API.

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    I've edited my post, I think MineDJ broke itself!
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    I understand completely. Don't kill yourself over it though!

    Well, hopefully we'll get things worked out. It's all been a learning experience for both Contex and I and hopefully I will be getting more involved in the actually coding down the road once I am able to.

    I'm just saying that it works fine without the SP mod. We've trying to figure out a fix though.
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    Figured out a better way then including Contrib in next LB release: Auto download the current version :D

    Some other devs may could want to include it also, idk, so I just drop it here:
    public void onEnable() {
        log = getServer().getLogger();
        final PluginManager pm = getServer().getPluginManager();
        if (pm.getPlugin("BukkitContrib") == null)
            try {
                download(log, new URL(""), new File("plugins/BukkitContrib.jar"));
                pm.loadPlugin(new File("plugins/BukkitContrib.jar"));
            } catch (final Exception ex) {
                log.warning("[LogBlock] Failed to install BukkitContrib, you may have to restart your server or install it manually.");
    public static void download(Logger log, URL url, File file) throws IOException {
        if (!file.getParentFile().exists())
        if (file.exists())
        final int size = url.openConnection().getContentLength();"Downloading " + file.getName() + " (" + size / 1024 + "kb) ...");
        final InputStream in = url.openStream();
        final OutputStream out = new BufferedOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(file));
        final byte[] buffer = new byte[1024];
        int len, downloaded = 0, msgs = 0;
        final long start = System.currentTimeMillis();
        while ((len = >= 0) {
            out.write(buffer, 0, len);
            downloaded += len;
            if ((int)((System.currentTimeMillis() - start) / 500) > msgs) {
       / (double)size * 100d) + "%");
        out.close();"Download finished");
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    @Afforess Is there any way to make it possible to see and modify users's inventories while they are offline?
  10. If you just want to *see* and you don't need a plugin, you can use INVedit program and look into <worldname>/players/ folder.

    Also, if INVedit has it's source public, you can look into it to see how it reads those files and you can make a plugin for that :p you don't need bukkitcontrib for it since inventories are server-side.
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    PlayerEditor is working for me but I didn't test the cape yet.
    Wait, I'm using 0.9.0, I'm gonna test 0.9.1...
    No errors in console but it's not working, back to 0.9.0 :(
    0.9.1 is not loading :confused:
    My fault, I've just downloaded and forgot to change the extension from zip to rar. NOOB!
    It's working :)
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    Oh, Nice! I will link to this in the OP.

    Cool idea, I will see what I can do.

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    Zan's Minimap no longer works with your client mod. I know you where supporting it before, did you decide not to now?
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    Should still work, assuming you install it before BC.
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    I'm using the latest zan mini map mod. I install it first, it works fine, after I apply bukkitcontrib on top of it, the minimap no longer shows up in game, nor do [Z] or [M] do anything. He just updated for 1.7.3, maybe thats it?
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    • Uninstall DefaultCommands
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    I posted it playereditor`s thread also.

    Doesnt work means, all of player editor`s function doesnt work.

    It means bukkitcontrib conflicts with mcpatcher.

    player editor has no prob.

    cause it works when I installed only bukkitcontrib sp mod.
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    can this support the Chat Plugins like iChat? cause when I type and enter.. and tried to look up it(pressing up).. it won't show up..
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    To elebarate on this:
    I am now fairly certain the newest version of the mini map mod is whats causing this. I have tried it on 3 computers, the mini map mod works on all three of them, but then when I copy into the minecraft.jar, BC works fine, but no more mini map.
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    Is it already compatible with MCPatcher? Always seem to glitch here? How about other mods? When I install some mod(such as Zan's Minimap or TooManyItems) after this it just doesn't work correctly...
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    BukkitContrib is incompatible with TMI.

    In the next release, the HD Texture fix from MCPatcher will be built in.
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    Kind of fuzzy when using this... but, how exactly do i get the.. play custom music one to go on my server.
    I took a look at it... but had no idea how to add it and what not.

    I did download the bukkkitcontrib to my paid server, and uploaded the .jar
    Could you maybe help me a bit more with getting the rest done?
    I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    @Afforess Really REALLY COOL, this will be Epic just a few notes

    - Could u add an API where the server can find out weather the player has bukkitcontribclient installed (Could be usefull for multi world servers with a speacil world that uses this, however i won't need it just someone else might)

    - Now something i really need would u make it HIGHLY recomned that plugin devoplers put BukkitContrib in plugin title, or just compile a list of all known BukkitContrib Plugins???

    Thanks ill be watching this thread and looking into it :)
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    You need a separate plugin - Bukkitcontrib is an API, not a mod.
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    Me love you long time for this Afforess..Just sayin
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    Thanks - there already is a way for other plugin to detect players with the client installed.

    I'll compile a list of plugins tomorrow.

    A note to people looking for the GUI API. It's lagging - mainly because I hit a serious of snags with Textures. I discovered Notch has no built in way to handle non-standard, not-inside-of-texture-pack texture files. I had to go and write my entire solution for it, along with testing, management, etc. (This is also the reason setSun & setMoon texture URL's do not work).

    Good news, I integrated the HD Texture mod into BukkitContrib client, so HD textures will work out of the box.
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    Awesome job Afforess! This is something Notch should've done ages ago!

    I love that you have the HD fix built right in! Just need to get Zan's minimap added or working and my .jar will be complete!
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    BukkitContrib is an API that developers use in their plugins, it doesn't do any of functions above, but allows other plugins to hook into it and access these functions. An example is my plugin, Player Editor, which uses BukkitContrib to apply Skins, Capes, and Titles.
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    ? The set moon and set sun texture URL's seem to work fine for me. I use photobucket to host it, unless you mean local files.
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    Good luck :/ Let me know if I can help ;)
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