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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Afforess, May 21, 2011.

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    BukkitContrib is superseded by Spout, the new Bukkit/Client framework.
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    To be honest i really want my own custom music and so if I go into the api wat do I do after that im just stuck on how to do it
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    The installer is always up to date, it downloads the latest version, and how is it more confusing. Is pressing a few buttons too hard? There is a video that shows you step by step.

    It might be BCMusic's issue

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    Alta can you add on the installer?
    You must close your minecraftclient for instal this mod!
    and know you why not musix Bc plugin work for me?
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    I know you have to close Minecraft. It says that in the instructions, BCMusic is not my plugin
  6. I see, it's good then.
    I had the backspace crash bug yesterday and I thought I had 0.1.0 instead of 0.1.1 :}

    Still, you should add support for portable versions aswell, I mean to be able to specify minecraft.jar location.
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    And is there a command for verify if bukkitcontrib is correctly instaled a command with a responce
  8. i noticed BC is not always recognized (or loaded ?)
    isEnabledBukkitContribSinglePlayerMod return false and i have to restart the game.
    (noticed in 0.1.1 and 0.1.2)

    Am i the only one with that issue ?
    Btw, awesome work, i'll use it on my production server soon ;)
  9. is there a list of plugins useing this? if not can some one start one?
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    BukkitContrib.getSoundManager().playMusic and BukkitContrib.getSoundManager().playGlobalMusic aren't working for me on CraftBukkit 953/Minecraft 1.7.2/BukkitContrib Alpha 0.1.2. They don't throw any exceptions, but the music is either inaudible or not being played. Other features such as player.sendNotification work as expected.

    edit: Both commands silence jukebox music.
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    anyone have BukkitContrib for CB 935? anyone ... please? or Afforess can you please make previous versions available ... some people still cannot update until they fix the duping bug :'(
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    I actually still have the 935 version toss me a message and ill put it in my mediafire folder.
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    For setMoonTexture, I'm currently trying to use
    as the texture. However, it doesn't render correctly.
    It's a 256x256 png format as described in the documentation but it's missing the top left corner square of the moon whenever I do this. Also, the texture seems extremely stretched unless that's how it's supposed to be.
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    Jan Tojnar

    Try this it should fix the duping bug. Or you can completely disable pistons with this.
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    Hallo there. For all plugins ive seen, this is the most powerfull one even not being powerfull alone. I downloaded and started to explore this just now.

    I just have a couple questions, ive read that this have custom skins/cape effects. Is this really server side ? I mean, does offline players can use skins/capes with this without any client mod ? Cause this would just be too awesome.

    Keep up the awesome work, ill be exploring this more later to discover its features.
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    weird, its working fine with TMI now...
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    Hello is there a solution with xauth because if i instal a password plugin
    BC not work!!!!(all password plugin)
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    The installer is always up to date, it grabs the files from online. If you don't like it, manually install them.

    Not happening.

    Not at the moment.


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    Well, kind of. You can always make a short, empty wav file, and then call that to play. It will intrupt the current sound playing I belive.
    Athough, now that I think of it, this may only work for music, not sound.
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    I can't get any BukkitContrib plugins to work for me. But I am sure I have the plugin and client installed correctly.
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    Does the custom texture pack feature currently work, or is it a future addition? I can't find any reference to texture packs in the source code for the client part.
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    This mod is not like, all it says in the description... It just enables developers to make plugins for it... I don't really know how to explain... Aniway, for that, use Player Editor(dont have the link now, just search)
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    It already works. I use existing client side code for the effect. Server side, you can call it with ContribPlayer.setTexturePack(...)
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    @Afforess is the gui stuff in yet or that still under dev build?
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    So where do I find plugins for this?
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    Okay, I think I figured out my problem. I was calling setTexturePack before the client reported that it was running BukkitContrib. I'm working on a plugin that will allow server owners to use most of the features in BukkitContrib without having to touch code.
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    @AnyoneI would just like to make sure I did all the necessary steps correctly.

    I had no success with the client install, so I did it myself. I simply got a fresh jar, opened it and dragged and dropped.
    For server side I just uploaded it!

    I just want to make sure, cause I am having issues with the BCMusic and before I go yelling and freaking out in all caps I want to do some research.
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    Fair enough. May I infer from that that it's planned at some point down the line? :)
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    this is so cool with the future partical effects you mean like red dots for blood
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