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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Afforess, May 21, 2011.

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    BukkitContrib is superseded by Spout, the new Bukkit/Client framework.
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    thanks! but
    1. conflict with ModLoader
    2. conflict with Mcpathcer
    lol...I using both..
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    Should work fine with Modloader. There were no conflicts that I saw. Install MC Patcher after BC, and it should work.
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    String.... sorry, I'll check and fix it
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    Hi, I copy BukkitContrib.jar in my plugins folder and install with the installer the mod, but plugins won't work, I try BCMusic, MineDJ Player Editor, they don't work normally :S BCMusic say in chat "BukkitContrib isn't installed"
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    Tested the titles, working fine for me.

    If they are telling you it isn't installed, then it didn't install. Try manually installing.

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    I allready trying that doesn't fix the problem :S
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    Just to check:

    You went into your Minecraft bin folder (on windows AppData/Minecraft/Bin), open the minecraft.jar with an archive utility, deleted the META-INF folder, copied the class files and folders from the download into the jar, closed it, and launched the game up?

    Also, BukkitContrib 0.1.2 is up.
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    Fond my issue.

    Also Afforess, on windows 7 the issue seems to be that people are running the installer from the downloads folder.. it can easily be fixed by moving it and runing it form somewhere else xD
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    @Afforess I try that on three PC's and BukkitContrib Mod seem to work because Ican paste into chat I've got green text in loggin and change fog easly but ... all plugins doesn't affect me and still get this error.
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    Then it might be the plugins
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    @Afforess I was wondering if you could add this to CraftBukkitUpToDate? It makes it alot easier for us server admins if we can get the updates in one place.(downloaded to the bukkit_update folder). This plugin is awesome, just letting you know.

    And is it ok that I link a download from my website to the client installer?
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    The BukkitContrib plugin automatically keeps itself up to date.
  14. I am sure about that now, sorry then... Both AuthDB and xAuth has actually fix for this. You can add allowed command in xAuth... and AuthDB set exception for "/x.x.x" command in his PlayerCommandPreprocess (incoming in next version release).

    You're right about -Xincgc, its option for garbage collector... but I won't turn it on only for one plugin, when it's not needed.. I just fixed plugin.. It's better for CPU ;)

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    Dropbox links where all down for about 2-3 hours today. They are working now.
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    So any idea for my problem I don't have any bugs in console except for MineDJ and Player Editor. Just have "BukkitContrib is initialized"
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    I am pretty sure I have it installed because when I start up Minecraft I see the green text at the top left of the screen when entering my server. But then after being in the server I get kicked with the kick message saying I need to install the client SP version of BukkitContrib. I thought I had done that too, all I did was download the installer, then I ran it with MC closed. Then after it was done, I opened up MC and joined my server. That's when I got the message saying I had to install it.

    Also with auto kick set to false. PlayerEditor seems to be working, but when I change someones skin their skin stays the same for me and others on my server.
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    This is a know issue.... if you read the Player Editor thread, you will see that an update is coming out tonight to fix it
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    ¿How? I'm trying to execute with java.exe but it doesn't works, i try open it with winrar and copy all files to minecradft.jar but I think that it doesn't work because when i start minecraft it doesn't pass the part when says "Done Loading" I'm trying open it more times. if you passed me your minecraft.jar with the mod, I would thank you
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    Ahh that explains it. I have Too Many Items running. The funny thing is, it war compatible prior 1.7.2. Is it possible that BukkitContrib ever will work with TMI, or is it impossible code-wise?
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    As he adds more features, it breaks more client mods

    Passing minecraft.jars is illegal, what did you open in winrar and copy into your minecraft.jar? Did you delete the META-INF folder?

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    1 ) Download BukkitContrib from the OP. The link that says "Manually Install BukkitContrib SP files"
    2 ) Browse to your Minecraft Jar on your computer. On windows, the simple way to do this is to hit [WINDOWSKEY] + [R] to open up your run menu, type %appdata% and press enter, the open the .minecraft folder, then open the bin folder. If you rather browse to it normally, it should be located in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft

    3 ) open up minecraft.jar (NOT ANYOTHER jar, just the one that is 'minecraft.jar') with winrar or whatever your compression program of choice is. If it is winrar, just right click on the minecraft.jar, and go to 'open with' -> Winrar archiver.

    4) Delete the META-INF folder with in the minecraft.jar (THIS IS IMPORTANT)

    5) Open the BukkitContrib.rar you downloaded from the OP in step one.

    6) drag all the files from BukkitContrib.rar to minecraft.jar.

    7) You're done! Close everything.
    This is the guide my users are using, and they are not having issues. Give it a try. Make SURE you start from a clean jar. (Start minecraft, click options, click force update, then log in once)
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    Do you have winzip? i find that i have no trouble at all using it...
    never tried using winrar to do it... so i'm not sure how well it would work...

    umm... and about the jar, i don't think i'm supposed to do that... i dunno. don't see why though. xD
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    Afforess: Is this something that you could fix? I love my TMI :)
    Or is there any other mods like tmi, that i've missed?
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  26. The installer version is not up2date and more confuses people rather than making it easy :/
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    Thanks. Any way to stop a sound effect that's currently playing?
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    I'm still getting the error that bukkitcontrib is not installed for BCMusic, i've re-installed the server and client version.Several others are having this issue also, what all changed from [935] because it was working perfectly then.
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    Or can you tell me how to disable some events ? Because i don't need them all.
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    I've got the same problem :S
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    Well i'm testing everything on my end to see if there's an error on our part.
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