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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Afforess, May 21, 2011.

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    BukkitContrib is superseded by Spout, the new Bukkit/Client framework.
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    When MCP 1.7.2 is out.
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    Do not mean to try to rush you i am just wondering when do you think the update (server and client) for for 1.7.2 come out?
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    It will be out when it is out. I'm waiting on others.
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    k thx. again did not mean to sound like an asshole
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    OK just checking on the time the update (server and client) will be... take your time, no rush.
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    I'm still waiting on MCP, but the longer time it takes to update, the more features I cram in 0.0.9. ;)

    A rough idea of what 0.0.9 will be capable of:

    BukkitContrib Server side features
    (No client mod needed for these to work)

    • Inventory Events
    • Safe Async Block Set Type Id
    • OnServerTick Event
    • Access to Crafting Matrix (Workbench, Inventory)
    BukkitContrib Client side features
    (Players must have the client mod installed to see features take effect)

    • Play MC Sound Effects
    • Play MC Music
    • Play Custom Sound Effects
    • Play Custom Music
    • Stop Music Playback (w/ fadeout)
    • Background Music Change Event
    • Change Fog
    • Fog Change Event
    • Maximum/Minimum Fog Levels
    • Custom Skin
    • Custom Titles (Can be Multiline)
    • Custom Capes
    • Key Press Events
    • Key Release Events
    • Custom Item Hover-Over Names
    • SetRemainingAir/SetMaximumAir render correctly
    • Clipboard Get/Set
    • Custom Achievement Notifications
    • Control Cloud Height/Visibility
    • Control Star Frequency
    • Control Sun Texture, Size
    • Control Moon Texture, Size
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    And this is all confirmed for the next version? So when MCP for 1.7 comes you can release all of this?
    Would be nice! :)
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    But where's the GUI? :D
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    Haven't made any progress because I can't connect a 1.6.6 client to a 1.72 server, and I don't want to maintain a 1.6.6 plugin and a 1.72 plugin. I need to be able to test the GUI stuff.

    So instead, while i wait, I'm adding all the easy features that will work w/o significant testing. They are just time consuming.
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    OMG this is going to rock solid!
    Thanks a lot for your work !
    I can play custom music in just one line now !
    EDIT : BTW, is there a way to just "cache" the music for later playing ?
  13. Is there any way you could release the server plugin before MCP is updated :p? I really need this on my server, so that LogBlock can log chest access.

    Or does the plugin also rely on MCP?
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    Hm.. sometimes when looking at a avatar, you could imagine/guess a persons skill :D That was a good pick! :D Cant wait for the release.. Damn MCP.. :D
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    Thanks! I'm just a huge LoTR fan, among other things.

    I still have more free time...I already added 2 easter looking into changing texture packs mid-game.

    Hah, I just tested and got a texture pack to change, mid-game. Looks like I will be adding that to 0.0.9 as well. ;)

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    Shouldn't you just join the Bukkit team? Help them make the thingy awesome and implement more hooks? Ur awesome <3
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    Nice! Any way to block xray with this? :D
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    I have never looked at x-ray, is it a texture pack? Anyway, it might stop most people, if you require the client mod to join the server, but dedicated cheaters would still be able to get around it.

    It's all via the client mod, and the Bukkit team is not really interested in the client side features, which are most of them.

    Also, the MCP for 1.72 is done, in testing.

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    Clancy Dawson

    Could you make a list of plugins that work with this, or start one for people to submit to? Because I have only found two (Itemcraft and CapeMe) and I would really like to get more. :)
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    i try put the files for my minecraft.jar and my .minecraft dos not respond and it dosent put in .minecraft can u help at all with this?
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    Ye, XRay makes all normal blocks glass-like so that the player can just see all the ores everywhere.
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    It's still for 1.6.6, don't try to install it yet.
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    @Afforess how do I hook into this btw? Can't find it in JavaDocs or where-ever.
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    Technically speaking, all plugins should work fine with it. Do you mean what plugins actively use it?

    Javadocs for 0.0.8 are on the OP.

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    XD can u update it soon? If u can that be great Thanks Xxugo
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    I've been waiting on the Minecraft Coder Pack to update.
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    Ye I've seen it, but I can't find how to hook into this there.
  29. is 1.7.2 coming soon? cus i wanna do a lp with an adventure, actors and stuff and this mod is perfect!
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    Assuming you've add the 0.0.9 unofficial build to your build path in Eclipse, then there are 3 ways to get access to the API.

    BukkitContrib. should have access to the majority of the managers.
    Casting a player to a ContribPlayer will give the ContribPlayer API.
    Casting a block to a ContribBlock will give the ContribBlock API.

    If you want more specific instructions, be more specific about what you want. ;)

    As soon as humanly possible.

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