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    Because "alter" can spawn colored wool, is there any way to use the right mouse button after using the "alter" spell to chose a color, so it can help the "paint" spell to remember the last color you used?
    Ps: Sorry for my bad english
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    currently I'm using the /replacenear command in WorldEdit to change wool to certain colors
    Example would be
    /replacenear 1 wool wool:darkgreen

    Maybe there's a way for /cast paint to do something similar with what you point the wand at? :)
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    Brad Phusion

    Omgosh! Thanks for considering my shield!! :D
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    The "alter spell" do this (but you can't choose the color you want). I think the problem is not how to spawn colored wool but how can the "paint spell" know the color of the wool you put in the material slot.
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    I could prolly do this.... though I'd like to try to get it fixed for real first- so you could just use aborb and then paint- that's really how I'd like it to work.
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 3:09 AM ---
    You got it right on- lemme actually look into this a bit, I'm feeling like something random to do. Maybe there's a workaround.
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    If you're checking an item in a player's inventory, metadata is now stored in durability, not data. You need to use the ItemStack.getDurability() method to check for colored wool, dye, wood type, coal type, etc in a player's inventory.
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    Ok... I started rooting around in the code... I'm not sure if anyone is actively working on this, but it really seems like all the pieces are there.

    There are classes for all the different log types, ink colors, and wool colors. Material is already set up in such a way that it can handle an abstract data type, and it seems like this is already implemented for ink sac (can't test this, really, since it'd be super bad to try and fill with ink- it's an item!)

    So, it's either only a matter of time, or maybe I can put it all together if no one's doing it... we'll see.
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 3:37 AM ---
    Hey, you're awesome!

    Now that ya mention it, Wool does have a data class and everything... I just looked at Log, which I guess still needs a little love. But people are really interested in colored wools more than wood, so... Yeah, lemme do this right!

    Thanks, for the info- so, is getMaterialData deprecated, then, or... ? Maybe I should check the javadocs.
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    One workaround that should in theory work for any item that has data is to check if you can cast getDurability()'s result to a byte, then instantiate a new MaterialData with the item's typeID and that byte.

    That's how I compare the item in the attacker's hand (the "murder weapon") to its custom item name from a config file in HeroicDeath.
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    Would be very awsome if you can fix it. I'm working on massive building and making tiles pattern using wand would change my life [​IMG]
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    so i gave my default group SpellsPlugin.commands.cast, SpellsPlugin.commands.spells, SpellsPlugin.spells.spawn, SpellsPlugin.spells.recall and they are still unable to use /cast spawn. It just returns the spells list as if it doesn't recognize how to cast. What have I done wrong?
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    That's very cool! I was always thinking it'd be neat to have a way to identify an individual item- like for keys, maybe. Sounds like you're doing that to have custom or enchanted weapons? Very nice if so...

    I'd love to use this be able to have different wands or something... I wonder how many different ones I could make while still being able to distinguish the difference in the little green bar?

    Ah, maybe not- I think I've decided I want to use the alt-right click for wand cycling anyway.

    Sorry, digression- nonetheless, this is really good to know, I super appreciate it, and now I need to start thinking of creative uses for it. :D
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 4:11 AM ---
    Booo... hrm. Maybe nothing? Ok, I'm gonna bite the bullet and get Permissions set up, at least on my laptop.

    I'll try to make this a "tonight" project, and, depending on if I run out of steam, I'll let you know what's up and release a fix for this (if one is needed- it does look like you've got the pnodes right, soo...) and hopefully sandblast and real painting as well.... we'll see! Wish me luck :)
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    Does not work with 325 for some reason.
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    Ari, now that I'm finally getting to testing this, it doesn't seem to be working at all :(

    I can't use spells no matter what, and I can use /cast and /spells (useful as they are with no spells..) even if I don't have the permission node.

    Lemme see what's up, hopefully there's a quick fix.
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 4:22 AM ---
    Hm- well that's a bummer.... I can't recall the last time I checked, but I think it was 30X.

    I do have it building from source, though, and I did do a pull today, and it's been running fine locally- are you sure you've got Persistence.jar and sqlite.jar in the right place?

    Also, apparently "my" sqlite.jar is not the same as the ones distributed by other plugins, and (even more alarmingly), there have been reports of conflicts. Not too sure what to do about this, other than for us to all have a common set of libs we decide on.
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 4:28 AM ---
    Ahh... ok, maybe it's not as broken as I thought. It's not really letting me use /cast, that's just the default thing Bukkit does when nothing handles a command- so I guess I need to do nothing and return true in the case of not having permission, to avoid that message getting printed.

    Still looking into why I can't cast any spells, though :p
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 4:47 AM ---
    Ok, apparently, the command nodes are Spells.commands.cast and spells (notSpellsPlugin...)... the other one, for casting spells, I should have had right, though I will change it to match. I've automated so many of my systems I can't even keep track of what they're doing anymore :p

    Anyway, going to stop micro-updating now and get this fixed- I'll update the OP with new,tested permission nodes.

    Hopefully before I go to bed tonight!
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 5:01 AM ---
    Oooh.... or did you mean that the ItemStack .getDamage thing doesn't work with 325?
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 5:11 AM ---
    Thanks, this works really well!

    Putting it back into an ItemStack would be a great way to use this work-around and hide it from the client code, but it doesn't seem to work with log types, I think because of what I saw in the code earlier.

    Anyway- I can get at the data of an ItemStack now, and I thank you so very kindly for that, good sir!
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 5:49 AM ---
    0.91 is out! Fixed, and tested Permissions!

    The nodes have changed, check the OP, but basically it's "Spells" instead of "SpellsPlugin" and "cast" instead of "spells"- anyway, check the OP. It works!

    Also in is fixed material variants- so you can finally paint with colored wool! Thanks very much to @SqualSeeD31 for the great tip on this one! Finally!!

    And, also, thanks to @anon for the sandblast suggestion- I actually think this is a really cool spell, considering how easy it was to put together. It needs some tweaking, especially the range- I think it's too far, let me know what you think.

    Also, just so I could implement sandblast, I went ahead and added that "with" parameter to "construct".

    BTW, "construct" has no name at the moment- until the material variant system is in, just use "blob".

    So, for instance, you can now (for real!) do something like

    /cast blob 8 with goldblock
    And you'll get a big ole sphere of gold! Pretty neat.

    This is mostly here for material variants, and sandblast is a great example of that- it doesn't make sense to use any other material for this spell, so "with" works perfectly here. I can think of lots of other cool variants of "construct" or "fill" that could use "with" like this (only construct implements it currently, I just kind of slapped it together- but I definitely want it on fill, and anything else that makes sense).

    Ok- enjoy!

    Let me know you think... I've got a lot of work to do, so this really might be the last feature update for a bit- I just had to get colored wool in, and since my permissions implementation was all broken anyway, I figured... why not?

    EDIT: BTW, this now has the interesting effect that you can point up in the air and blob, and it will stick.

    Let me know what you think about this- I will certainly make this behavior a parameter at least (the previous behavior was to fail casting if you pointed at the sky, btw), but I'm curious as to what you all think about how it should behave, by default?

    My take is I should try and "keep it real"- sandblast can use the parameter that lets it target in the sky, since we know the blob is going to fall anyway.

    Otherwise, you can't use blob for making floating death stars or whatever- you'll have to whip up your own spell variant for that.

    That's my thinking, anyway- right now, blob and particularly superblob can do some really crazy death star type stuff for you if you aim at the sky- let me know what you think about that.
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    Brad Phusion

    Sounds awesome Nathan. I'm yet to update to the latest one, but I will do so in about 2 hours when I get home. Any progress towards the shield though? I'm curious to see how that's working out for you. Oh, and I added some more stuff to that topic on your tracker. Same thread or whatever, just a reply. Check it out :p
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    Will do!

    I'm not gonna start on any new spells anytime soon, most likely- Believe it or not, sandblast took me less than 5 minutes to put together- and 4 minutes of that was implementing "with", which I wanted to do anyway ;)

    So that one was kinda a freebie...

    It'll get done, though, eventually- I promise.... meantime, cast shell at your feet and smash your way out once your enemies get bored :)
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 6:08 AM ---

    Wheeeee! I LOVE it!
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    Brad Phusion

    Haha thanks man :)
    As with the picture... Someone has too much time on their hands :p
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    Yeah... If only that wer true....
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    Just want to say, domes and doors do not go together.... it lagged my server out until I disposed of all the doors laying around... it took 30 mins cause it was lagging me so bad
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    Brad Phusion

    Oh, well, sorry D:
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    Domes and doors? Lagging? I'm so confused!
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    I used a bowl and wand to make a dome, and it tried to use a door as the material. I ended up with 300 doors laying inside a cave.
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    Phantom Index

    Can these spells be set to books? Be nice if you cant use the spell until you learn it from a book for that spell.
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    Oh.... heh... yeah, that's not gonna work :)

    Make the dome first (out of something solid), then you could try paint'ing a door on a flat surface. I think that might actually work- though it may look like two separate (vertically) door pieces until you open and close it once.
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 2:35 PM ---
    Not with the current Permissions system, no, unfortunately. It's read-only, and since you guys can't live without Permissions support, that means that I kind of have to use it, at least until Bukkit permissions is here.

    Once that's here, and assuming I can write back to its store, I'm going to start work on an Experience plugin to handle auto-leveling. This is my real goal and passion, in terms of how I want to give Spells (and other abilities) out to my players.

    I may also add some basic "teaching" abilities or something directly to Spells at that point, maybe enchanted bookcases, that sort of thing- that's all been done before, though, and could easily be done in a generic way, so I'll probably just handle it all in Experience, honestly.

    Glad you're interested! I am, too, but that's all backburnered until the support is there. :D
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    Phantom Index

    Damn! Oh wel! Glad this plugin is heading the right way!
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    I'll make it happen, one way or the other. I was all set to make my own permissions system, just because of this- then I learned about bukkit.permissions, so fortunately now all I really have to do is wait patiently... (or, help out with that effort- I think they have it pretty well sorted, though- I'd have to spend days just getting my head in it to even be useful at all, the system they're putting together is tremendous...)

    Anyway, waiting is not hard, because I've got plenty to keep me occupied in the meantime! :)
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    Phantom Index

    Why not add a summoning spell? for admins or maybe mobs?
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    You mean, to summon a mob? Not sure if that's what you mean, but right now that's basically all the familiar spell does.

    I want to make that one follow you around and survive a login/logout/server restart eventually, so he'll feel more like your familiar.. anyway, there's a good bit I want to do with that spell.

    Once it's fancier, it'll also just have a summon variant that does what it does now- just makes a temporary mob for you.
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    What about a "shield" spell of sorts, that takes the natural terrain and elevates it to create a shield (for spell fights, adds some defensive moves); it could be temp too, so the world doesnt have a bunch of random spires here and there.
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    Heh- you just missed the ability to take credit for "shield" ;)

    Brad went through all the trouble of adding to the issue tracker and everything! :D
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 4:15 PM ---
    BTW- if you're quick with pillar, you can actually kinda do this already- it's not temporary, and you have to really aim it well to effectively block a projectile, but you'll look really frickin cool doing it (Earthbending, anyone? Not the movie, the cartoon show....)

    In case you Wanders haven't noticed, you cast spells much faster if you actually hit your wand on something (and then just hold the button down)- the animation plays a lot faster, basically, and each arm swing is a spell cast :)

    You can really use this to your advantage, some times, if you're clever... especially with bridge.
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 4:20 PM ---
    Speaking of Wanders- how do you feel about spells, optionally, damaging your wand? As in, your wand would get used up, and you have to make a new one?

    It's not that hard to make a wand, I guess, but this is more a fundamental question- I do want to support binding spells to particular weapons and such eventually- this stuff shouldn't all just be for wizards, of course :)
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 4:24 PM ---
    I think I answered my own question- I'm just going to do that, and make it part of Wand- so in the same place where you'll be setting up your material/spell bindings- there will be an option to also damage your wand with each use of that spell.

    It may not be in Wand 1.0 right away, but Wand is the plugin I'll be using to support things like enchanted weapons, by the way... so if you don't like the Wand UI and you were hoping for enchanted weapons, you better start shopping around :) Sounds like Herocraft might be planning some nice things, and I see there's a Runecraft port going on ! :D

    I'd gladly play nice with them if there's anything I need to do to get Spells working with any of their stuff, btw.... Just putting that out there ;)
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    Nathan, I just installed (literally just) installed Spells to get the permissions update, and it's not working at all for me. Even users with nothing but default permissions can use all of the spells by /cast. Did the most recent update not make it to your built plugin? Your github source code is also still looking for "SpellsPlugin." as the prefix for the nodes. Can you please verify it works? I'd love to use this plugin but I'm going to have to uninstall it if I can't deny users the permissions to /cast.

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