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    Well, the right answer is "just go change that spell to use something else!"... but, ah, you can't do that just yet. And I'm pretty attached to it being the compass, myself :)

    So, in that case- Wand update 0.62 is just for you, and the best I can do right now. I added a properties file entry to turn that help off wholesale.

    I'm not sure how helpful it really is, anyway. I really wish I could catch those tooltip pop-ups!
    --- merged: Feb 13, 2011 7:03 AM ---
    That's a bummer- I dunno why, I haven't touched pillar is a zillion years- could be the new selection system, maybe. I'll play with it a bit.

    That reminds be- peek is still broken, I guess, sorry! I need to stop breaking things...
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    Hey. My name is Konrad and I'm Polish. I have a problem, because when I click the left mouse button, the tree grows. I would prefer if the Left button to use the spell Blink. I use Google Translate. Please help me,
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    hmm seems like no plug-ins work, I've got latest Bukkit, now I'm not quite sure whats wrong
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    Brad Phusion

    I'll use a polish translator for you.

    Przepraszam, czy przekłada się to źle. Istnieje program o nazwie "AutoHotkey. Używam tego programu do korzystania z mojej klawiatury blink. Powinny mieć one tutoriale polskim. Powodzenia, przyjacielu.

    Następnie wystarczy wkleić to, co napisałem poniżej:

    IfWinActive, Minecraft
    Send t/cast blink{Enter}
    'Save' Then 'Run Script'
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    element, który trzymasz w lewym gnieździe zapasów strony (Twój pierwszy aktywny element slot) reprezentuje aktualnie zaklęcia.

    Prawdopodobnie był to drzewko, które jest zaklęcie drzewa.

    Swap, że obecnie na pióro-put pióro w pierwszym slocie inventory-i że rzuci migać.

    Możesz użyć "/ czary badania"(na przykład-"Poszukiwanie" jest kategorią), aby zobaczyć co oddanych materiałów, które czary-będę miał doc, że wkrótce dodomyślnych ustawień, too.

    Mam nadzieję, że to pomaga! Nie wiem jak to tłumaczenie natknąłem, więc mam tow języku angielskim poniżej, też.

    To czuje się jak dobry moment, aby wspomnieć, internacjonalizacji jest zwyklewielkiego dla mnie. Jednym z głównych celów z wytrwałością jest umożliwienieadministratorom w prosty sposób wymieniać tekst ALL w grze. Jest to idealne dopasowanie do i18n, można łatwo założyć polski serwer z wszystkich moichpluginów, nakarm tekstu przez Google Translate ....

    Daj mi znać, jeśli odgadnie! Istnieje dobry film na stronie Wand-mogę wysłać, że tu w PO, ponieważ Wand nie dostać prawie tyle samo uwagi.

    Again, in English:
    The item you hold in your left hand inventory slot (your first active item slot) represents your current spell.

    It was probably a sapling, which is the tree spell.

    Swap that out for a feather- put a feather in your first inventory slot- and that will cast blink.

    You can use "/spells exploration" (for instance- "exploration" is a category) to see what materials cast which spells- I will have a doc of that soon for the defaults, too.

    Hopefully this helps! I don't know how this translation came across, so I have it in English below, too.

    This feels like a good time to mention- internationalization is generally a big deal to me. One of the main goals with Persistence is to allow admins to easily swap out ALL in-game text. This is a perfect fit for i18n, you could easily start up a Polish server with all of my plugins, feed all of the text through Google Translate....

    Let me know if you figure it out! There's a good video on the Wand page- I should post that here in the OP, since Wand doesn't get nearly as much attention.

    Wow, cool! Go Google Translate! That was extremely readable for machine-generated content.

    I had to try it out...
    --- merged: Feb 13, 2011 4:50 PM ---
    Hm- anything in your logs at all?
    --- merged: Feb 13, 2011 4:52 PM ---
    Awww, you beat me to it. :D Fun!

    Also, Brad- you might want to check out Wand and Wandmin, there are easier ways of doing what you're doing...

    I'm fairly positive Konrad was using the wand, since it cast tree - that wouldn't happen just randomly :) So, i don't think he needs all that keybinding stuff.

    And, Konrad- Zakładam, że pan pyta o Wand, prawda?
    --- merged: Feb 13, 2011 5:17 PM ---
    Hm- may have spoken too soon :) 0.89 will probably be up soon with a fix for whyever fill is not actually filling with air, which kinda the point of 0.88- so you may want to wait a bit if you were about to update...
    --- merged: Feb 13, 2011 5:32 PM ---
    Spells 0.89 updated!

    peek is fixed- I made window a separate spell, those are really too different to try to make one a variant of the other.

    This release also, for really real, allows fill to fill with air.

    This was not a problem with the new material selection system- fill was just ignoring it because I hadn't completely stripped out the "fillwith" code, which is now irrelevant thanks to the new selection system.

    Might be the last update for a bit- I'm hoping to start tearing this code apart any day now. It's all one-point-out from there on out... and I'm running out of numbers here, anyway :p
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    Since we talked about it in the other thread .....here is a picture of my strange "window" behaviour ^^


    That happens nearly everywhere .... tried it out on different places etc.
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    Brad Phusion

    Oh thanks Nathan. I'll check it out ^^. I just don't mind using the control button for blinking, I mean, I don't use the key for anything else, and I can leave my inventory empty. :p. But hey, I'll check them out. Thanks. Oh yeah, some times the /cast rewind (Can't remember if that is what it's called) doesn't work. It just says that there is nothing to rewind, yet I just cast something like superblob, or sphere. ><
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    Yeah- I'm hoping to get window fixed soon. Now that I fixed the find place to stand code, the problem you've got there may actually be fixed- I just need to fix some state stuff, really.

    It does work for me, about as often as portaling works for me (doesn't drop me from some stupid height).
    --- merged: Feb 14, 2011 12:54 AM ---
    Wandmin is there for the people who don't like the Wand inventory- you only have to give up one slot, the Wand itself. Beyond that, as long as you're holding the wand, it's basically like being able keybind left-click :)

    As for rewind... yeah... I've been noticing some really strange behavior ever since I made it targeted. I'm also not sure that it's intuitive that way, so I may make that a variant instead when I get around to it.

    Oh, speaking of which- if you were not aware that it's targeted now, it is. Or, it's supposed to be- aim at what you want to rewind.

    You can also aim straight up and rewind for the old (rewind previous action) behavior, but that's kinda annoying since you can't see what you're rewinding... which is why they need to be two separate spells, I think.


    How do you all feel about me using the "shift" key for an "alternate fire" action on spells?

    Every spell could have a default variant that happens when you cast that spell while holding shift.

    Thoughts? I'm already doing this for Wand, when I suddenly realized I've had an entire extra button I could have been playing with this whole time.... wow! Yeah, I know, it's "sneak"- but how often do you really need to sneak around? And, for that matter, I could try to make the alternates "sneaky" versions or something.

    Ok, wow, I'm really liking this idea now... going to go think on it.

    EDIT: Heh. I realize now this is totally a Wand thing- nevermind. I'm doing it, it's done, sold :) Move along...
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    Oh my god yes! I'm so in love with spells + wands as it is, it's put a whole new life into my once flagging interest in minecraft, it's really made the game for me.

    Shift key spells sound fantastic! Especially if they could do things like moderate the radius of blast, or making a fill invert to filling with air!

    EDIT: fill CAN fill with air? omg, updating!
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    Definitely! I'm so in love with this idea, and it's such a good fit for Wand. Basically, you'll be able to configure a single material (icon) to represent two spells (or spell variants)- a primary and secondary.

    So, you could easily make the clay ball cast blob on primary, and then superblob on shift+click. I have lots of great ideas for how I'm going to set this up by default, but the main goal is to let you configure it however you want!

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    Brad Phusion

    Hey Nathan, you know how the magic carpet works by following the character, and not creating blocks if one already exists in that place? How hard would it be to implement a moving shield of some sort? Creating a bubble of glass around the player which moves when they do? Might be a bit too much to ask, but I think it would be pretty sweet. :)
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    Ok, sad update- until I get a chance to fix it, if you've already got 0.88, please re-download! I've rolled it back to 0.87.

    The new material selection system lets you fill with items, it seems. It really shouldn't do this- there have been reports that this will corrupt your map :(

    So, please roll back to be on the safe side. I'll try to get an update soon, because I like the new system, but until it's totally safe we better stay away.
    --- merged: Feb 14, 2011 6:44 AM ---
    Might be cool- I'm more a fan of temporary effects over duration spells- so maybe an aimed shield, it could put a disc of glass up in front of you to block attacks or projectiles.... I like the idea anyway, thanks!
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    Brad Phusion

    Oh, nice. Yeah, I like that too. And you're welcome. And well, how about the alternative being a full shield which say, lasts 30 seconds then? That way it isn't too over powered, and still can run out. Anyways, thanks for considering ^^
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    Ok, all fixed- again, really sorry about that.

    I was able to reproduce the world corruption, too- so.... yeah, super bad. Version 0.90 is very extra sure to not let you fill with items :(
    --- merged: Feb 14, 2011 7:29 AM ---
    No prob! Feel free to go add it to the issue tracker (link in the Original Post) so I don't forget about it :)
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    Brad Phusion

    Okay then, awesome :). Happy to help.
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    I know you hate seeing me post by now, but I have to ask.. Are you planning to add permissions for each individual spell, so we can designate exactly what spells each group can use, or is this all the farther you're going with permissions?
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    Ok, please don't feel afraid to come and post here - it's really no big deal :D

    I hope you didn't take offense, I do get a little frustrated from time to time, but generally it's due to external pressures and you just happen to push me over the edge ;)

    Anyway- I think I'm already doing what you're asking! :)

    This is from the OP, but since I "owe ya" one ...

    The first two are for the console commands (neither of which you need to actually cast spells, if you have Wand).

    The third one is for handing out individual access to spells (and spell variants).

    Now, a quick note- I know I need at least one more pnode- this will be to allow passing parameters to spells using "/cast". So, something like "SpellsPlugin.console.parameters".

    Right now, if you give someone command-line spell casting access, they essentially have access to any variant of a spell you give them, as well as essentially having the ability to whip up new variants on the fly.

    Want a supergiantmegadeathblob? Sure, just "/cast construct sphere 128 with lava" or whatever (not sure that actual syntax will work, but you get the idea....)

    In other words, spell parameters are really super powerful, so some of the spells are really not something you should give out (at least not to a savy/explorative user) unless you're using the wand and can turn off /cast completely for them or until I can get that other pnode in...

    Hope that helps!

    I do want to be very clear- permissions, in general, are VERY VERY important to me! VERY!

    I've basically made a fricking bag of WMD's here, I realize you don't want to just hand them out to everyone with full access...

    However, the fact is that Permissions is on it's way out, and the new bukkit internal permissions are going to be here soon, and be a much improved system that we can all agree to use.

    So, I'm definitely going to support the stuff we need to make Spells safe to use on your server, in terms of permissions, but beyond that I'm very much waiting for the real system to be here before I get involved in it- I don't plan on using the data storage features of Permissions, for instance, though I can think of some very cool uses for it. I'm assuming bukkit.perm will having something like that I can take advantage of.

    Hope that helps- and don't be scared, I won't bite- promise :)
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    This is looking like exactly what I needed :D thank you very much. I'm going to have to figure out how to configure the wands and these new permissions nodes in order to prevent users from casting super powerful versions of spells. Like you said, some of these spells are very dangerous. That's the entire reason I've been sonadamant about getting permissions support ;P (well that and my users attempting to rip my heart out for not implementing spells yet lol).
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    works great, tested wand plus permissions. Everything really works, thanks :D

    Ok, so, if you want some ideas...

    /cast bubble -> a glass bubble surounds you and moves toghether with you, so you can walk underwater (we had this on old hmod plugin.
    /cast sandblst -> drops a big ball of sand from the sky where you are pointing
    also, there was a spell where you pointed and it make soem kind if ice bridge that was pretty funny, but I dont remember it very well, it was something like an ice bridre with a little curve and those stalactites falling...

    and a togable option on wand plugin where you spend the iten when you use the spell would be really nice.

    Anyway, thaks again, you plugin is awsome [​IMG]
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    Totally, I've understood from day 1, believe me :) It was never permissions I had a problem with, it was Permissions.

    Anyway, let's put all that behind us :)

    I'm hoping to get that new pnode in soon. It's selfish of me not to have it- I just don't allow command-line spell casting on my server, but I realize that not everyone likes the wand, so.... yeah, it'll get in there ASAP ;)
    --- merged: Feb 14, 2011 8:17 PM ---
    Great, thanks! Very nice to have feedback on this, I've honestly had no idea until now whether or not my Permissions integration worked! :D

    I really am going to set that up soon, for one thing I'd like to be able to use command-line spells on my own server :p It is handy sometimes, I will admit- especially heal. I don't really need to keep a loaf of bread on-hand for that at all times....

    I'm trying to think of a good Wand solution for things like this, by the way- maybe some way to cycle through sets of spell inventories, like in Wandmin. (I love being able to have multiple "wands" in wandmin, each one having a "/wandmin next" bound to them).


    Hm... think I'll just make the domed version of Brad's shield do this- feel free to add it that to the tracker, or i'll do it myself when I think about it (he already added a ticket for shield).

    Cool! BTW, see: gills for now, in case you didn't know ;)

    Hm... very cool... I might think about doing this in a more generic way- it'd be sweet if you could "tweak" targeting so that, instead of looking for a block, it extends out a certain distance (or until it hits a block/entity).... then you could just do this with blob.

    Actually, maybe I'll just do this by default! Each spell already specifies a maximum distance that it will look for a target... why not, if appropriate, just cast the spell if you can't reach something? You can always rewind it if you end up with a floating blob you don't want, right?

    This would only be applicable to certain spells, like blob or maybe fill, though I honestly have a hard time thinking about how that would work, mechanically- what points are you selecting??

    So, yeah, it may not be appropriate for many spells, but it might be really cool for the ones that it is.

    I think I'll start with blob- see how that feels. So, basically, I'm going to implement this request right away :) Great idea! :D

    BTW, I already really want to do this on a Ghast once I've got entity targeting working! Big blob of dirt in the sky, with a suffocating ghast in side... would be so satisfying! =D (I really hate ghasts, in case you don't follow me that closely). Hm... I'm assuming those things need to breathe...

    Fun idea! Keep 'em coming...

    I remember there being a "frozone" spell, but I never tried it! I have seen The Incredibles though (great movie!), so I imagine that's the spell you're talking about :D

    I wish I'd gotten a chance to try all the MagicSpells and MagicTricks spells out before hMod died... especially if I'd have know at the time I'd be working on a Bukkit Spells plugin one day! :p

    As it stands, I was too late to the scene to even get to play with MagicTricks at all, it was already unsupported and wouldn't run on the current (at the time) hMod. So most of my experience is with MagicSpells, and even that I did not explore much- basically, once I found blink, I made Wand more or less to support point-and-click teleport and then I got way too lost in that to get a chance to really play much minecraft before Bukkit came along.

    So, yeah.... that's the story of me, I guess :) Sorry for the digression.

    Frozone might be neat- I've got "encase" in the issue tracker which I think would make for a really good freezing type spell, maybe something you could bind as alt-fire to the current freeze on your Wand 1.0 :)

    Anyway, the idea will be to point at some sort of (reasonably sized!) object, or an entity, and I'll encase that in something.

    The freeze spell would use ice, obviously, but I think a glass variant would look really cool.

    Anyway, it'd recurse around the structure, placing only enough blocks to cover it completely, trying to make some sort of sense of "ground level", and stopping there.

    This is really complex, of course, but I totally want to do it :D

    This will integrate beautifully with the reagents system. As long as the item you've chosen for a spell is one if its reagents, you'll automatically lose the ability to cast that spell with the wand when you run out (obviously), but more to the point, there will be a visual indication, since the spell icon will disappear. I really like this! Especially since I want to make use of the item damage system, if possible, so you'll even get a little green bar that tells you how much blink juice (feathers) or whatever you have left (plus any backups you've got)- in other words, a reagent cost, I'm hoping, won't have to be a whole number- you can consume a fractional part of a reagent with each cast.

    I'm thinking this also paves the way for an Experience plugin to scale this by user, so spells can get cheaper as you progress through levels. (In addition to you gaining more max MP/regen rate or whatever)

    The only caveat is if you have a spell that takes more than one reagent, and the player runs out of the secondary one- you'll still have the wand icon, but you won't be able to cast it. Not a big deal, though.

    Thank you for all the great feedback, and, as always, the support!

    --- merged: Feb 14, 2011 8:34 PM ---
    BTW, Spells 1.0 (assuming I don't just reach that version number before I have a chance to get feature complete! :p) is really intended to make admins happy.

    Up until now, Spells has been WIP. This is a framework, a playground for me, basically- to see what I can do with Bukkit.

    I've always known I want to put together an RPG framework here, and Spells is rapidly becoming a very core element of that.

    With one-point-oh, you'll be able to set up a completely immersive game experience, using Mana or reagents or some combination of both. You'll be able to create your own spell variants and hand them out to players or groups, assign your own casting costs, change the names if you want, modify or selectively disable any of the in-game text, re-arrange material/Wand bindings if you use the wand, etc, etc.

    It's going to be awesome. It's just a great big huge system that I want to get right, so I'm in no rush.... thought, believe me, if I could spend more time on this I would :)
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    Yes frozone was it. I used it only once on my oldserver, first time I saw it was like : "OH ITS GREAT", but the same time I issued the command my players wre: " OMG, I CANT PLACE BLOCKS/ MY SIGNS EXPLOADED/ WTF WAS THAT..." so, i never really used this...

    Anyway, by luck i still had my hmod files here untouched so I started my old server and made a video of me using old frozone, just for you to remember how it was. And that seems hard to make lol :p

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    Spell costs are like the last thing I'm going to need in order to make this work. I'm going to have to try and figure out how to integrate mana alias with this until you finish your own system.
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    Oh, wow.. can I connect to this server?? That would actually be really cool if so.... I'd love to play around with some of the old spells, get some ideas! Would I need an old MC client, or are you running a maintained off-breed of hMod of some kind? Or is it not even public? :D
    --- merged: Feb 14, 2011 9:25 PM ---
    Right! Actually, I have thought some more on this, and you may be able to get set up- Wand(min), too, if you want!

    It will take a little bit of legwork, though, for now- but this time I really do mean it'll only involve editing one text file ;)

    If you look in spells.properties, you'll find that any spell which allows a numeric parameter also defines some sort of maximum value it will allow. You can control this, just change it in the properties file to whatever you're comfortable with- blob size, etc.

    Then you can give spells out to players via the command line without worry, and without more (immediate) work from me....

    You could even use Wandmin, I think, and it would still play nice with something like ManaAlias- if I understand how MA works properly. (Wand would not play nice, since it calls Spells directly- Wandmin knows nothing about Spells)

    Good luck! :D
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    Great ideas and a great library Nathan. Could you add armor requirements to your list of final requirements? I like the idea of requiring a certain number of gold armor pieces to perform certain spells. Ex. One piece of gold armor allows you to absorb, and four pieces allows you to blast.
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    Any item, armor included, could be used as a reagent.

    This doesn't require that you be wearing it, though- just that it be in your inventory (wearing does count, though!)

    So, I'll think you'll be taken care of :)
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    It would be cool if there was a spell that makes a temperary like 15x15 and 4^ square for a starter house or something like that.
    Or if the fill command had like another spell attached to it, like you make a square using fill, then go /cast fill hollow or something and it makes the last fill you did hollow.

    That would be really cool, good luck and I give this a 9.5/10 I love it =)
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    If you don't mind going a little Buckminster, shell can make a really nice starter home for you :)

    Otherwise, I do plan on having many more variants of the "construct" spell eventually. This spells i going to become a base spell for variants- the actual construct spell will be more for testing and/or power use, and normal players would generally use things like shell or blob (or box, cube, disc, column, whatever eventually) which would all really point to variants of construct.

    Also, you can do some creative things to make structures with magic- try casting blob a bunch of times, until you've got some sort of base structure (made out of a solid material). Then switch to glass, and blob up the outside. Finally, switch to rewind, and point through a hole in your glass (I don't think rewind targets through glass, can't recall off hand) and rewind all of the internal structure you built- careful not to hit your glass on the other side (there is no "redo" spell... yet!)

    Presto! Super awesome and totally organic magic house, ready to fill with furniture.

    This is why I decided to make rewind targetable, by the way. It's a bit confusing, and definitely fits better as an alt-fire, but being able to essentially undo an action "out of order" from your queue simply by pointing can let you do some really cool and powerful things!

    If you use the Wand and the new material selection system, you can really get creative with the exterior- throw in some lightstone, etc- all pretty easily. If you set yourself up well enough in advance, you should never have to "leave the game", even to adjust your inventory. :)

    Wow, that's pretty good, thanks!

    Let's see if I can't just earn that extra 0.5, though ;)
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 12:40 AM ---
    Oh, also, a spell that just makes a little temporary house that you can instantly deconstruct and take with you is also on my "todo" list :)

    (Well, maybe not literally on there, yet- that would be pretty long-term)
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    Was currently using the /paint command and noticed that it wasn't working with different colored wool, it would also default to white when painting. Is this intended?

    Awesome plugin btw!
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    Ahh I see, well thanks for that but still I would just like a simple command but I guess for now as this is new I'll wait =) also I don't really like the Shell one, bit big and to round lol.

    Also you will earn that .5 eventually, trust me :D

    (By the way my /cast window isn't working unless it's not out yet and when I do /cast gills my guy makes the hurting sound but doesn't die, its a bit annoying lol)
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    Nope, sadly! There's a Bukkit internal issue that, at least, used to prevent me from doing this.

    In theory, if I've coded it right, it'll just kind of "start working" one day. Right now, all I get back from ItemStack.getData is null, which means I can't tell the difference, unfortunately :(

    I need to check in on this at some point, make sure there isn't some other way to do it, or it hasn't been fixed in a way that works with how I'm using it. Or something. In any case, it's definitely on the list (literally, this time), and I'm hoping it's a zero-effort fix for me, really.

    EDIT: And, yes, beleive me, I do understand how sad it is that you can't use the paint spell with frickin colors now that we have them available to us! :p

    It's such a hassle to put them down and then alter them to be the color I want. It often leaves me wishing there were fewer colors, which is just silly! :D
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 12:53 AM ---
    Heh- k, then :) In that case, FWIW, "box" would probably be the first thing I'd add to construct, and it wouldn't be that hard... but, I've got a lot of core integration work ahead of me, pretty much nothing in the realm of new spell functionality is going to get done until after 1.0.

    Yah- that spell is a little "WIP", to say the least. I really threw it together, and considering what it does (fetching blocks from other worlds?? Crazy stuff!) it's actually working pretty well.

    Right now there are a couple of core problems with it, but the biggest one is that if it fails once, it never works again until after a server reboot :(

    That's because I slapped some code in to prevent spamming window requests, but there's no timeout or anything. So, if Spells never hears back from NetherGate, your window never works again.

    I have a lot more luck with it if I start up my server and then make sure to travel to the Nether at least once before using it.

    It does work, at least somewhat- I haven't had nearly as much time to play with it as I'd like. I have some really cool plans for that spell...

    Anyway, make sure you've got the latests Spells and NetherGate if you want to play with that- there was also a core NetherGate issue with the "find place to stand" code that would sometime choose a location out in the middle of open space.

    This was mainly bad because a player stepping through a portal there would be dropped to his death.

    It also had the negative effect of "window" being essentially a temporary "blast"- because all it was showing you from the Nether was air :p

    Anyway, I promised myself I wouldn't spend more than an hour on that spell until after 1.0, so for right now it just doesn't work so well :)

    I don't want to "WIP" it, though, because it's really freaking cool when it does work.

    I usually seem to get some trees while in the Nether, for whatever reason- it's cool to see a bit of plant life over there :)

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