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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by NathanWolf, Jan 16, 2011.

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    Yup. With 237 is working fine! Thanks for help ^^
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    No problem! Glad we finally got it sorted out- I guess the latest build is not always good to use! :\
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    Happy to :D but how close to the newest build is this?
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    Only one behind, at least as of... whenever this conversation started. They seem to crank out a new build every hour or so!
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    how do i type in permission command?
    antbody know about permission command?
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    Ok, I'm going to try to answer this question, but I also may jump on you a little bit in the process. Please don't take it personally!

    There is no console UI for users/groups/permissions, yet- that will be in 1.0.

    For now, read the instructions in the OP. Actually, for always, read the dang instructions in the OP! I will update them with the appropriate commands to use, or file to import, or Permissions do-dad to waggle, or however this is going to work in the new release, when it's time for an update.

    Please just read the instructions. I don't spend all this time writing and maintaining instructions so I can answer the same exact questions here from every single new user that comes in. It's really frustrating, and eats up a ton of my time- time I could be spending improving this code instead!

    It tells you right in the OP how to set up the spell-classes.txt file, it also tells you right in the file itself.

    Also, if you're in the ops.txt file, you'll have access to all spells without any further messing- this is just if you want to give casting permissions to other non-ops players.

    Ok- I hope that helps.... something. Thanks!
    --- merged: Feb 4, 2011 3:27 PM ---

    brings the peek spell- something I threw together in 10 minutes or so, because it's been too long since I released a real update :)

    This spell temporarily turns whatever you target to glass. It only works on the basic materials (like what blast would destroy). Whatever you peek through will automatically return to its former state after a few seconds.

    Also, peek targets through glass, so you can keep casting it in the same direction over and over to keep peek'ing deeper and deeper.

    I cast stonevision once in hMod to try it out, but I never really used it. If I recall correctly, it was a duration-based spell, and it made everything around you turn to glass for some amount of time, right?

    I do not plan on implementing stonevision now, I like peek better- I hope you find it a suitable replacement! :)
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    Stonevision was the backbone of my miner class. It was actually everyone on my servers favorite spell, lol. It was certainly the most consistently used spell. What it did was change only smooth stone (no other block types) "visually" to glass in about a 4 block radius around the caster. It just changed the look of the block, not the actual block durability. It still cut like stone. In this way you could easily scout in the walls around you for ores and such, find hidden passages behind the walls, etc. Yes, it was duration based. I believe it lasted 60 seconds per cast, or you could cast again to manually toggle it back off. If you implemented this the miners on my server would surely shower you with praises, iConomy coins, prostitutes, anything you like ;P Peek seems like it's nice, but it's pretty underpowered in comparison I'm afraid. The thing is, i plan on getting cast costs set up whenever a good plugin comes out that supports them. ManaAlias is just too confusing and not exactly what I'm looking for. Having to recast peek a bunch of times on every wall, and every spot multiple times to get any depth is sure to become costly, even if the individual cast cost is low.

    Speaking of cast costs, you mentioned trying to get them working at some point I believe. Any news on that? :)
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    I'd be willing to bet that your miners won't care two bits about stonevision (or peek, for that matter) once they've learned the blast/mine/rewind combo. Heck, give 'em superblast- why tunnel around in a mountain, when you can just remove it, mine what was inside, and then put it back?

    Or, you could easily create a "superpeek" variant- Make it turn a whole mountain to glass, if you want- then scale the casting costs so that it's cheaper in bulk.

    Anyway, I'm being partly facetious here, but only a little. I really think this system has more elegance and flexibility than you're giving it credit for.

    Personally, I don't like duration-based spells at all. I'm going to avoid them at all costs, myself- that's why I'm not really interested in a "safefall", either- I like cushion. The only one I've made so far is gills, and that's only because I can't think of a better way to survive underwater.

    I'm actually re-considering invincibility to not be duration-based either, and rather have it auto-cast when you die.

    Of course, this is just my personal preference- please keep in mind, I didn't write MagicSpells or MagicTricks, and I don't really like the way those plugins did some things- so I'm not going to do it that way in Spells.

    The good news is that Spells is not just a plugin, it's also an API. For any devs out there that may not have noticed the API section in the OP, you would be more than invited to write plugins that contain additional spells! I'd be happy to help you through it.

    And, especially, if the original authors of MagicSpells and/or MagicTricks are still around and want to "fill in the holes" using the Spells framework, I'd be delighted. Or, if any other devs wanted to do that, of course.

    Or, if you, @Arisilde, wanted to get your hands dirty - making stonevision using gills and peek as a template wouldn't be that hard!

    No real concrete news- it will be part of the flexible spell variant system, which is top on my Spells TODO list. However, I'm kind of working on NetherGate at the moment :)
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    That's a shame. We actually like duration spells a lot :p Why do you dislike them so much, out of curiosity? I would surely help out and make some spells if I had any inkling of coding experience, as this is one of my favorite plugins (in theory, once some more support is added). I can't trust players to actually use rewind, the map would look like swiss cheese in a day. Also, knowing the players, they would be using blast for pvp (fall damage) rather than mining :/ Unfortunately it's hard to collect a nice mature playerbase in minecraft.
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    Well, there are some nice options:
    1. An option to auto-rewind certain spells. Could be player-configurable. So, after some amount of time (could be a long while- 10 minutes, hour, whatever) all of the mods done by that player would be auto-reversed.
    2. Don't give them blast, just give them a bigger version of peek, like I suggested above. It's auto-reversed.
    3. Find a willing plugin dev...

    Once my long TODO list is empty, I've implemented all of the spells I've got in mind, I've used Persistence to make all the current spells better (save familiars, save recall marker locations, allow targeting of entities for PvP spells, etc), and there's sufficient demand, maybe I'll just go ahead and port all the MagicSpells stuff.

    But, honestly, it's pretty unlikely. Spells has become, for me, and entirely Wand-based affair. I know you're not a fan of the wand, so that may be why we have such a fundamental misunderstanding.

    Duration spells don't work well with the wand. I'd really like every single spell to be targetable by default, in fact. The Wand is meant to be a consistent interface- you point and click. And Spells is basically here to give Wand something to do.

    I may eventually break Spells apart into a core API (Spells) and individual packages of spells. I could then have a WandSpells package for Wands, and perhaps also cater to the non-Wand audience with an extra spell package that has duration spells in it and that sort of thing.

    But, honestly, I really would not be the one to develop that second Spells package, because I would never use it, it would never get tested. We've already seen several times that I've broken command-line usage in Spells and not even noticed for several releases- I just always use the Wand.
    --- merged: Feb 4, 2011 8:25 PM ---
    The default version of blast is actually only useful for PvP when combined with rewind :) It won't drop your target far enough to really hurt them that much, but if you rewind right after, you can suffocate them.

    I plan on making disintigrate a PvP spell once I have entity targeting working, but that would only cause little pock-marks in your map, at worst. And, again, the auto-rewind feature is starting to sound very appealing. Though, we have to consider what to do when someone's modification time is up and the cave they're mining starts to auto-rewind around them (!).

    The first thing to go would be the mouth....

    Hm, sounds like an exciting gameplay feature all in itself! "Escape from the collapsing mine" :)
    --- merged: Feb 4, 2011 8:50 PM ---
    Oh, finally, one more thing- once Persistence is integrated, players' rewind lists, as well as any auto-undo blocks assigned to that player, will all be persisted- meaning you can safely shut down the server, start it back up, and still be able to rewind. Also, if you haven't noticed already, you can rewind other players' actions- great for admin. Could be a fun form of greify PvP as well- I plan to make it optionally target entities, and if you target a player it undoes their last action. Or, a super-admin/mean version of the spell could undo everything they've ever done (given a large enough undo queue size...)

    I'm also considering a more useful admin interface for the wand that lets you point at any magic construction and rewind it, not just your own. There are performance ramifications to consider in this, but I already need a bit of a refactor of this code anyway, so it may be doable ultimately.
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    I don't actually mind the wand itself, I just don't really like the block system you implemented for the player version of it. It would actually be neat if we had a configurable flatfile database of wands with spells prelinked to them we could just add to users via permissions nodes :D
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    You might be interested in Wandmin, then. Once you figure out the syntax of the file, it would be easy to give the players their own wand, the disadvantage being that it needs to be reloaded in order for the admin to change a wand
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    Oh, jeez, ok, one more comment- I want to clarify that when I talk about you (all) being able to create "spell variants" yourself, I don't mean via coding. (The one example I gave of you writing stonevision would be its own spell, not a variant).

    Variants will be data-driven driven soon, you'll easily be able to define your own based on one of the built-in spells. There will be a console UI for this (maybe not right away), so it would be as simple as something like:

    /spells create superpeek peek 32
    That would create an entirely new spell (for all intents and purposes) named superpeek that works like a huge (32-block-radius-sphere) version of peek. You could then go about assigning it your own casting cost, group permissions, wand icon, etc, just like any other spell.
    --- merged: Feb 4, 2011 9:02 PM ---
    Yeah, what he said :) I did suggest that to you originally, when you first complained about the new Wand interface...
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    Yeah I did go and get wandmin instead, but I just had lots of problems with it so I never really used it that much :/
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    It's recently been updated to work with plugins that use the new command interface. If you were having problems using it with plugins other than Spells, you might want to give it another try now.

    Because, you know, it's basically exactly what you asked for above.
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    I'll give it another go then :) I wasn't able to update must of my plugins for quite a while due to my server using biometerrainmod. I wasn't updated for a while, and updating craftbukkit would break it. BTM was recently updated, so I can readdress some of these things now.
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    Wandmin is actually a very simple plugin, it doesn't even link to Craftbukkit at all (or require Spells), and it should work with basically any version of Bukkit.

    Also, for what it's worth, I keep all the old versions around here. I don't keep track of what versions work with what builds, though, so it may be a lot of trial and error.
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    The problems I was having were spells were binding to a wand but then wouldn't fire when i clicked, however i COULD cycle between bound spells. Previous to that, I got the tree spell to bind and cast, but then I couldn't get it to stop casting even when i wasn't using the wand. I ended up having to relog to get it to stop. I had trees everywhere, lol.
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    Right- the actually spells are part of Spells, Wandmin is its own thing. Wandmin was working fine, Spells is much pickier about the Bukkit/CraftBukkit version you're running because it does all kinds of crazy stuff.

    You can use Wandmin with any command from any plugin, so you can still install and use it if you can't use Spells.
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    Just change the fireball to a flaming snowball with the properties of a ghast fireball
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    So the giant zombie is awesome, would it be possible to get giant versions of the others too?
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    I don't think so- that's the only built-in "giant" type. It's actually called "SimpleZombie" in the core code, which I thought was interesting.

    I think it's more or less a bug/glitch, is what I'm getting at- as far as I know, there's no way to make other things "giant". I'll definitely let you know if I hear otherwise :)
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    Jake Radcliff

    When I use a command like /spells arrow, it says that I don't know any spells. How do I fix this?
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    You use "/cast" to cast a spell, /spells just lists the spells you know.

    If /spells says you dont know any spells, then you need to either make yourself an op (add yourself to the built-in mcserver ops.txt file), or add yourself as an admin in spell-classes.txt.

    Please see the OP.
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    Jake Radcliff

    I am an OP and I am an admin in spell-classes.txt
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    And what happens if you type *just* "/spells"?
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    Jake Radcliff

    It tells me a bunch of categories followed by a number in [ and ]
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    Ok- and then, what happens if you type "/cast blink" ?
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    Jake Radcliff

    When I type "/cast blink" I actually cast the blink spell

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