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    Spells - Magic for combat, construction, destruction, and more!

    ... Thread is dead :)

    Please see: the Magic thread.

    Updated, added:
    ascend: Go up to the next place you can stand
    descend: Go down to the next lowest place you can stand
    torch: Add a torch at your target (great with Wand!)

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    You should get together with Raphfrk and Mana Alias, it's the perfect complement.
  3. would be maybe a bit overpowered but very fun to add Ghast's bomb balls as a spell. could call it (pyroblast) [​IMG]
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    i agree, if you could maybe look into the ghast ball as a spell that would be really cool
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    Can you do a video or somthing i don't get it :$
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    I actually have a "fireball" in my original RPGSpells plugin that does just this- unfortunately, you can't see the fireball (or deflect it) in SMP (yet?), so it's not as cool as you think. It's still pretty cool though :)

    Will certainly be adding it in here soon!
    --- merged: Jan 16, 2011 8:52 PM ---
    This plugin, as-is, just has commands. So, after installing the plugin, you would just type

    /cast blink
    at the console, for instance.

    If you install the Wand plugin as well, you can issue the following commands:

    /wand create explore
    /wand bind cast blink
    /wand bind cast ascend
    /wand bind cast descend
    /wand bind cast torch
    After this (one-time) set up, you'll be able to use a stick as a magic wand. Left-click to cast the current spell, right-click to change spells. It's very fun :)

    Plugin updated, new spells:

    extend: Extends the ground underneath you in the direction you're facing. Great for bridge-building or building floating structures.

    tower: Builds a tower at your target location- currently out of glass.

    Both of these are WIP.

    fireball: Throws a ghast fireball. This code is ported from my other spell, which worked, but this one does not. I'm still taking a look at it, but feel free to check out the code.

    I've also updated the Spells plugin to work with the current Bukkit release.

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    Updated to 0.16:

    "fireball" spell now works! Hooray! (It's still invisible, but this is a core issue with the SMP server itself, from what I understand)

    Added "absorb" - gives you some of whatever you're targeting.
    Renamed "extend" to "bridge"

    "extend" is now a new spell, not really working yet. It will work like pillar or bridge, but creating a block at your target- so you could create a bridge off of a distant wall.

    "tower" will be modified to build a tower off of an existing pillar.

    Basically, I'm focusing on construction spells now. I plan on implementing a cuboid-like "fill" next.

    Eventually, I'd like all this stuff to cost something, or at least have the option to require that you have in your inventory whatever it takes to construct something (not sure about the "absorb" spell, then)...

    Anyway, for now this is honestly more my personal fun bag than it is meant to be a real RPG-spell framework :) That, I am very much interested in creating, but that's more of a long-term project.
  8. Awesome :cool:

    just before i get this plugin.. can everybody in the server use it if i dont have a "Group plugin" or is it a Op/Admin option only?

    Also what Craftbukkit version did you make this into?
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    Yes- this is a very good point, especially with the new construction spells I'm making.

    If there is interest, I'll try and take some time to implement a couple of key features- undo (for the construction spells), and some sort of group or at least user-based permissions support.

    A fireball, for instance, is a big problem- it breaks things, and no undoing brings those things back.

    Definitely want to at least limit it to logged-in users, and have the option to turn off individual spells.

    Unfortunately, configuration seems to be a pain in Bukkit- time to get down in it :)

    I'm building CB and Bukkit from source- I'm not really sure where the releases are or even how to tell what version I'm on, to be honest :( It's "current" as of yesterday from github.

    I have some minor changes made to my server right now to support the player animation hook, this is needed for my Wand plugin to work. If you're interested/trusting/adventurous, you can also try my CraftBukkit jar here:


    I'm running it on my server without any issues, using the General and dynmap plugins (As well as my Wand and Spells plugins).

    --- merged: Jan 17, 2011 7:24 PM ---
    Guh (facepalm!) Thank you very much for catching that! I must've overwritten that link accidentally.
    --- merged: Jan 17, 2011 7:39 PM ---
    Updated again to 0.17 : added "fill" and "time" spells.

    Careful giving this version out- "fill" is very dangerous! Limited to 32x32x32 volumes presently, but that's still plenty big to wipe out most people's houses. Be forewarned...
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    Thanks for the fireball! Trying it out now!

  12. I get the CraftBukkit versions from here.

    i would really like to test your plugin! but if the players on the server get their hands on it, even creepers wouldnt bother, they would just sit back with popcorn [​IMG]
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    Understood- simple class/permission system on the way! :)

    Well, not quite yet.... first, a minor update to round out the construction functionality. Permissions are next!

    Now, when using fill, you can:
    1. Left-click the first block
    2. Select a block in your inventory
    3. Right-click with the selected block
    4. Select your wand again
    5. Left-click the second block

    The 3 extra steps allow you to change the material used for the fill.

    So, fill combined with bridge, pillar and absorb form a pretty decent set of basic magic construction tools. You can do quite a bit with these attached to a wand! Video to come...

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    broken download link :(
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    Hey there. Glad to see someone taking it upon themselves to move spells over to Bukkit. I'd like to ask though, in a future release, is there any chance we'll have the option to set reagents required to cast spells? I'm trying to keep an essence of challenge in my server, while giving people some fun and unique ways to do things, so having a cost to cast spells seems the way to go for me.

    On a side note, how about some spells that could make life easier? An underwater breathing spell, and a safe fall spell would be two that come immediately to mind.
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    Can we make it so we can control how much absorb gives to someone?
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    Sorry! It should be fixed now.

  18. Agree's
    also a spell that can turn water surfaces into ice, and also putting snow on other blocks ( Kinda Blizzard) :p
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    Well, not exactly. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the reagents mechanic, but the ultimate goal is to allow a pluggable system to deal with spell costs.

    I'd prefer an MP-based system, but my goal is to make it flexible (though I'll probably be implementing a plugin for MP and experience and such eventually).

    Indeed- a general invulnerability spell would probably cover it, but those two are both great. I think the damage functions are all borked right now, unfortunately- but I will definitely play with it and see what I come up with. The number of times I've died while testing "blink" would make an invulnerability spell totally worth it :)
    --- merged: Jan 18, 2011 12:31 AM ---
    Yeah- these sorts of things were part of the original MagicTricks/MagicSpells plugin, so it should be fairly easy for me to port when I get the time.
    --- merged: Jan 18, 2011 12:33 AM ---
    Yes, soon- many of the spells have parameters that are not currently implemented. There will be a parameter to specify how much to give, as well as a maximum allowed amount as specified in the config file.

    I'm thinking of making the default (default default?) value to be 1- I think that makes good sense.

    The end goal would be to have it cost "more" (of whatever) to get more. So more MP to get more at a time, etc. This is the general approach I want to take with any spell that can "scale" such as heal, etc.

    The mechanics for how things cost / limiting things / etc are a ways down the road at this point, however.

    Video posted! This shows off some of the spells, and how they can be used with the wand.

    There are a couple of bugs with /wand list and /wand next that have since been fixed.

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    not working for me on i think i got like build #63, i got your wand and this plugin in, and i tried the /cast blink i also did on my wand after creating a "wand" i did /wand bind cast blink still aint work, i did /cast fireball and that aint work, and i dont see any error in the console other then it saying unknown console command
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    Oops- sorry! It should be fixed now.

    I had updated it to use the new player animation hook, but that doesn't exist yet in the main Bukkit branch. I've put Spells back to using the item hook- it's just for the new material selection for fill. You can't choose "air" without the new hook, unfortunately, but it's better than being broken :)

    The Wand plugin, however, will not work without the new hook- and, unfortunately, the spells aren't nearly as much fun without the Wand. I'm really hoping the team accepts my patch soon!


    Updated with a basic permission system in place- enjoy!

    Note that by default no one has access to anything now. You must run it once to generate spell-classes.txt, and then edit that file to put yourself in the admins group.

    And, here's another fun video I made using the construction tools to build a floating base:

    --- merged: Jan 18, 2011 6:19 PM ---
    Oh, also there is now a properties file with various parameters configurable, including how much material "absorb" gives you.

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    Been working on some new spells and improvements to existing ones, but I probably won't be updating this until Bukkit accepts my player_animation pull request. It's a hassle keeping two versions working... hopefully it will be soon!

    One neat thing I've done, for fans of movement/exploration spells, I combined "blink", "ascend" and "descend". The latter two are basically obsolete now, but I'm keeping them around.

    Blink will now detect when you're aiming nearly straight up or straight down and perform an ascend or descend in that case instead of a "standard" blink.

    This behavior is configurable, just in case you want your users to be able to use blink with or without the new feature.

    Eventually, I'd love to see this sort of thing be a "leveled up" version of an existing ability.
    --- merged: Jan 19, 2011 4:37 PM ---
    Also, note- if you're trying to play with or test this plugin with a server in offline mode (something I've been having to do lately while Mojang migrates their login servers), you'll need to give the "Player" user access to the spells you want, or make it an admin.

    When your server/client is in offline mode, you (and anyone else!) report in as "Player"- not your normal user. So, keep that in mind when setting up spell-classes.txt.
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    hmm, when groups are implemented on bukkit, will I be able to restrict certains spells for certains groups?

    Also, could u add that instant tree grow spell magicktricks had?
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    It works Thanks [​IMG]
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    No idea- as far as I know, there is no plan to implement user/group support internally in Bukkit. I think they expect you to use a plugin for that- which is kind of a pain. If there was something builtin and it worked for sub-commands (not just limited "/cast" use like hMod did) then I would certainly switch over from my custom permissions code.

    Ultimately, I'd like a class-based, experience-driven system to determine who can use what spells. In the meantime, simple permissions are what we've got to work with :)
    --- merged: Jan 19, 2011 5:46 PM ---
    Awesome, thanks for testing!

    I played around with the damage event/hooks today, and none of the really useful ones seem to work. I can tell when you're on fire or exploding, but that's about it!

    So, no underwater breathing spell or invincibility spell, yet. Player.setHealth is also broken, so healing doesn't work, either.

    I did add "cushion", though, which is a form of safe-fall spell. I think it's pretty cool/useful.

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    Healing is working for me, Build #92 or something similar, and the latest version or this plugin, I think.
    Or at least, it works if your intention is to immediately fully heal the player.
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    Yeah, I just noticed that tonight! Pretty sweet.

    I do hope to allow targeting (for healing others). And eventually it would probably only heal one heart for whatever X cost (MP, reagants, etc) - but for now, yeah, it's just a handy tool to fully heal you right away.

    It's a lame way to stay alive underwater, too, under damage hooks are working.

    Update to v0.26- my player_animation hook got accepted to Bukkit's main code! You'll have to update your Bukkit server before updating to the latest Spells plugin.

    This is personally very exciting for me, but what it means for you is an updated Spells plugin with lots of new, fun stuff. And, perhaps more importantly, a working Wand plugin.

    If you have not done so, and you enjoy this plugin, I strongly urge you to try out the Wand plugin, here:


    The spells plugin was basically made to work with the wands plugin, as you can see in the videos I've made. The construction spells and blink in particular are super fun. So is fireball- ok, really, they're all super fun with the wand.

    Now, back to Spells-

    Featured improvements:

    Working cushion spell- it's pretty neat, I think.

    Ability to change the material used in fill to anything you've got on you.

    First mining spell, tunnel. It's kind of a work-in-progress, mainly in that the torches don't always stay put.

    You can now use pillar down to create a pillar downward- this is useful when building out over open spaces, or to extend something down from the ceiling.

    heal now works- through no work of my own. Guess something got fixed on the server :)

    blink has been updated- if you aim up while blinking, you'll ascend instead. Aiming down makes you descend.

    torch has been updated as well- if you aim straight up and cast it, you'll cast time instead.

    Lots of things are configurable- check the properties file. And definitely read the note about the classes/permission system if you haven't already.

    Coming soon: An undo system for the construction spells, and probably lots more construction and mining spells.

    Enjoy! Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

    Update to 0.27 - Got to work on this a bit more tonight!

    Implemented undo system for all the construction and mining spells! (Except torch...)

    Use /cast rewind to roll back your previous actions. Admins can use /cast rewind [playername] to rollback other users' actions.

    It's super sweet!

    Some tricks can be used. For instance, You can use tunnel to mine out a big area (which leaves the ore behind). Then, mine and collect the ore- rewind and, voila! Your mine is sealed up, good as new (except that it's been depleted of anything useful for the poor unfortunate person who comes along and tries to mine it by hand....)
    --- merged: Jan 20, 2011 5:57 AM ---
    I finally got around to looking at this plugin, and I see no reason why you couldn't use it with Spells, and probably Wand also. It seems like Raphfrk has written in it in a totally open way, which is ideal, so you can use it with anything.

    That's exactly the kind of thing I mean when I say that the "cost" part should be separate- all the Spells plugin is meant to be is a collection of handy commands, basically.
    --- merged: Jan 20, 2011 6:27 AM ---
    I wanted to mention- while it's still in testing, and may cause some funky effects, I did find and fix a huge bug with alter, and it seems to be working nicely.

    Great uses:
    • Changing color of wool
    • Rotating a sign
    • Making trees into birch or oak trees
    • Fixing misplaced stairs
    • Creating currents in water
    • Growing crops quickly

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    New version doesent generate the spells.txt and doesent work :(
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    How up to date is your CraftBukkit jar?

    If you like, you can try it with mine- if it works with that, you probably just need to update. If it does not, please let me know, something's probably broken.

    --- merged: Jan 20, 2011 5:27 PM ---
    Update: v0.28, hopefully not broken! :(

    Showing off the new blast spell (cranked a bit higher powered than default) and the rewind spell (undo system):

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    Love the new updates, but I have a problem...
    Last night (around 9:00 EST, GMT-5) I noticed that if multiple users use /cast fill, they override each other, so if I set the material with the first command and somebody else tried to use it after, I wouldn't be able to fill my section because it would have reset. Is this a known problem, has it been fixed, and if not, can it be?
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