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    i get this problem when i type in the command /dd [create:teleport:unloud:remove:modify:info:loud:spawn:template]
    so something goed wrong whit the plugin i relouded the server its a buckket latest version 1.3.1
    help please
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    im also getting this issue using the newest dev version of bukkit,

    none of the players can go to the other worlds, they get the msg "you're not allowed to enter this world" when they try, near as i can tell its a new feature with this version to control perms of wich world they can go into, but ive looked everywhere and cant figure out what is this new perm/node ?????? how do i give permission to the players to go into all worlds?

    alright so after digging through all the documentation i could find and after googling my but off i found that this new perm node is NOWHERE on the web,

    i was able to find out what the perm is by breaking open the class files within the jar,

    its dimensiondoor.access or if your using pex format it this way with an asterisk -> dimensiondoor.access.*

    then your users will no longer recieve the msg "you are not allowed to enter that world"

    on another note after going through all this updateing there is now only one error left in my logs i havent been able to figure out

    it is dimensiondoor

    yes i looked in the class files but no i didnt edit them at all, so why is this error poping up? i just updated to the latest dev of bukkit just now, that error was right after doing so,

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    Yes the documentation does need updating. You will have to forgive me in getting all my plugins ready for 1.3 I have not got around to updating the wiki yet.

    For people who missed it, you need to give players the dimensiondoor.access permission. To let people get into a world called fred you give them dimensiondoor.access.fred.

    Could you upload your worlds.yml for me please.
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    ya absolutely thank you in advance for helping me

    im now suspecting your gonna tell me theres an error in the worlds.yml i just cant see it what am i missing?

    and ya i censored the seeds out of the yml hope that wont matter xD

    btw if its not to much trouble could you help me figure out why im getting these other two errors also?

    during startup

    2012-08-10 08:37:33 [WARNING] [DimensionDoor] Unexpected world loaded: world_survival.

    ingame i try /dd load and it ofc says its alrdy loaded, im not sure what i have to do to get it to "expect" that world during startup
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    Try this build and tell me if it fixes the problem.
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    sorry it has taken me so long to reply, yes it did fix the problem, since that build i have not seen or experienced any more errors regarding dimensiondoor,

    GOOD JOB!!!


    after trying my hand at java coding HOLY SHIT you guys put alot of effort in to making these things for our FREE use.

    it realy is pretty amazing just how MUCH goes into bukkit and all its plugins, all for free, and all for our (or our servers players) fun
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    I am getting an error in my console when I run it :/ Can someone help me?
    here is the error:
    Please help me
    Also I use the latest craftbukkit and DimensionDoor version.
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    nether portals wont work in worlds loaded with the plugin but not made with it. I put a world on my server. It's not my main one, but I use DD to go to it. But the nether portal wont work on it!
  9. grandwazir
    Giving permission node and players are not still able to use /dd teleport *worldname*
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    Quick fix is to delete your config.yml. Could you post it here first for me to look at though.
    DD does not support nether portals as yet.
    You need to give them the DimensionDoor access permission. Check the wiki.
  11. wtf check the wiki, you couldnt bother giving it here right now? i already did check the permission nodes from ur pages and there is nothing

    dimensiondoor.users: description: Allows users to get world information and teleport to different worlds. default: false children: true dimensiondoor.teleport: true
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    Yes check the wiki. Instead of me saying something here which may change with future updates and then be wrong I ask you to read the documentation instead.

    Read the section on world access.
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    i just got the newest version and im running on 1.3.1, but when i create a world it starts the questions and as soon as it gets to the second question it stops working and just repeats the question. why is this?
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    Ok, I've been using your dimensiondoor for a month now, and I'm extreeeeeemely happy with it, except for one thing: Rocks probably know more about how permissions work than I do. I know what nodes do, but that's about it. Can someone give me step by step instructions for bpermissions? I would just like one group: a default group that can use
    and dimensiondoor.teleport.
    This would help me ALOT! Thank you to anyone who would take the time. (my first post!)
    List of Plugins: AntiCreeper.jar bpermissions.jar ChunkEnforcer.jar DimensionDoor.jar Essentials.jar Essentialschat.jar essentialsprotect.jar essentialsspawn.jar ram.jar timedmessages- 1.2.2.jar

    I need to delete anticreeper and chunkenforcer.
    (I diamond to you[diamond])
    (and a cake for me [cake])
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    You have to type the answer in all caps from the console. It repeats itself because it is not a valid entry.
    See if that helps[cake]
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    Can i do This Like I have a faction server and the people goes to creative world and spawn Enchanting Bottles and Getting More exp and it doesnt dissapear in the real world How can i change tht?

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