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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Version 1.4.1
    Now on BukkitDev. Posts on this forum post will be answered AFTER the ones on BukkitDev.
    Go there now!

    Features list:
    * An easy to use config file.
    * Simple chat censoring
    * Added a bypass with PermissionsBukkit
    * Configurable auto-kick.
    * Configurable lightning strike.
    * Configurable slay
    * Configurable Hunger drop
    * Configurable health drop
    * Configurable censor message.
    * Ops bypass censoring.

    Todo List:

    * Counter .s and spaces and other mistypes of the banned words.


    * First edition of the plugin, just basic censoring.
    * Added a permission node to bypass ChatSentry. (PermissionsBukkit)
    * Added configurable auto-kick
    * Added configurable lightning strike.
    * Added configurable punishments.
    * Added a configurable censor message.
    * Added OP support.

    Howto install:

    Download the jar
    Copy and paste it into your plugins folder
    Reload/restart your server
    Config file should have generated in your plugin/ChatSentry directory.
    Default config:
    - crap
    - bum
    - idiot
    - noob
    hurt-health: 0
    lightning: 0
    auto-kick: 0
    kill: 0
    set-health: 0
    hurt-hunger: 1
    set-hunger: 5
    Add more in the same format.
    Replace the 0 on hurt-hunger, hurt health lightning,auto-kick and kill with 1 to turn the one you change on.
    Change set-health to the amount of health they have after saying a banned word.
    Change set-hunger to the amount of health they have after saying a banned word.
    Note: It isn't case sensitive so no need for like CrAp etc. It doesn't support cr.ap though.

    Using the plugin:
    If someone types a word on the banned-words list, it will tell them that they can't say that and their message won't be given to other players.

    Using PermissionsBukkit. The node is ChatSentry.bypass
    My terrible video

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    Which line? Give me the whole error.
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    it's the default

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    Oh crap that is an experimental version I'll change it to the right one, one second.

    OK, here is the new link, sorry about that :) : <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

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    ill keep my mind on it :)
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    Any chance this could be used with Ichat? I tried using them together but they don't seem to get along. Alone it works great and I love the plugin but as soon as Ichat is setup it doesn't work.

    I mean I would love to enforce proper language but not at the cost of our current chat system.
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    If you are typing more than one word in a sentence like. Fuck you asshole!! And your config is Hurt: 1 will it then hurt 2 times?
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    @Mr_H4mm3r It will hurt once.
    @Xenophone I don't know what the compatibility errors are. I'll take a look.

    What error is it Xenophone?

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    That's the odd part there aren't any errors it simply doesn't work. I'm assuming that Ichat uses a different system then regular chat in minecraft. I've checked the console for anything that would be indicative of issues with compatibility I can't seem to find any.
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    Well I just need to know what your trying to do so I can test it myself and hopefully get it working.
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    Could that be a feature??
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    Hmm it would require more coding and I'm currently working on a different plugin but if I get the time I will look into it.
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    I appreciate your dedication. How have found a simple plugin to replace the undesirable words. However I will still track your progress.
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    works nice, you should make it more specific, lets say a ban word is "fuck". ban people from saying "fu.ck" "fuuck" "ffuuck" ect...
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    I know but as this is my first ever plugin and I'm not that knowledgeable about Java I don't know how to do that :/
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    I like the ingame punishments, death ingame would have much more impact than just getting censored or getting kicked.

    do you think you could set up multiple categories?
    I'd like to be able to discourage mild cussing by inflicting hunger.
    But for say racial slurs bust out the lighting.
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    Lol. I haven't worked on this plugin for a while. I don't know enough about bukkit's new config system and I'm not that interested in making bukkit plugins at the moment, so I'm sorry but i won't be updating this just at the moment :/
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    Oh ok no problem. Thanks for the great plugin though. I'll be using it on my server. :)
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    Donald Scott

    Make this so it charges player iconomy cash and announces their fine and it would be perfect.
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    I wont be updating this anymore, and I tried to implement iConomy and it didn't work. I'm not interested in Bukkit at the moment, so I won't be updating.
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    Is there anybody who wants to develop this plugin further?
    I thnik it's a really good idea with its lots og punishment configs..

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