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Do you think this is a good idea?

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    Hello there, bukkit! I have an RPG server with the Factions plugin, so I was thinking that it would be good to give the players a chance to have a few of their items secured and that would also add some "points" to the RPG experience!

    Imagine that: you're in a city and you can't build there (I have a huge city in the End which is fully privated by SafeZone guild to avoid players damaging it) or you feel that your items will not be safe even if you build something. So what would you do? Put your stuff into an enderchest? But it doesn't have enough room for everything. What then?

    You'd just go to the Bank and put the items in your vault!

    Just like in the "GlobalBank" plugin. But that one's buggy and does not have Citizens support.

    So, basically, I need a plugin, which will:

    1. Let players have a configurable amount of free private slots
    2. Allow admins to view any player's slot (for ops or people who have the permission)
    3. Let players buy more slots for a configurable amount of money
    4. Have Citizens 2 support (will only work if you have Citizens installed... or not, lol)
    5. Allow you to right-click on a Banker-npc (created with Citizens plugin) and open your chest GUI with all your vault numbers (see the GlobalBank plugin for how that should look)
    6. Not be an economy plugin, just a storage plugin compatible with Vault so that any economy plugin can be used to purchase storage slots (yeah, Captain here)
    7. Support translations (have a language file so that I can translate it to russian)
    8. Be compatible with 1.7.2 R0.3 which is the build that I use (and a very popular build BTW, so that'll not be a complete waste of time, especially if it would be backwards/forwards compatible)

    I think that this would be a great plugin that would surely become very popular on a lot of servers. Of course, whoever makes this plugin for me will get credit for that (will write your name in every bank using a hologram and a sign). I really need this! :(
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    Thanks for your reply, but this is not exactly what I'm looking for.
    1. Doesn't have Citizens support
    2. No option to pay for additional vaults with ingame currency
    Players will have to use commands to access their vault, and I want them to simply right-click an NPC banker.
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    I see how cmdNPC would help, but that's only for 1 vault. You need to type /command vaultnumber
    So when you add vaultnumber 1 to the NPC as a command, the player will only be able to open 1 vault. Also, that's +3 plugins and I already have a lot of them :D

    P.S.: Is The Doctor able to write bukkit plugins? :eek:
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    Yes, that might not be convinient :/ I guess you could setup multiple ones if you dont mind.
    For example Banker, Advanced Banker, etc. for all the different Vaults.

    And yes he is :3
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    With the major part of minecraft community being children, it wouldn't be hard for me, but for them...

    Even though I made a small "initiation test" that sorts lazy and low-iq players out when they join, I still do not need a lot of people complaining about how complicated that banking system is :C
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