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    to stop a DDos attack can it be made?
  2. I have paid in excess of over 500 USD per month for 2/gbs DDOS protection, it is impossible for a plugin to do this. You would need something further down the network level, such as hardware in the data center.
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    Not possible for a PLUGIN to do this. You have to use a company (or buy extra hardware).
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    Ok Thx u
  5. That is what I said?
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    can u link me to the VPS Plzz
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    You need to understand that a truly distributed denial of service attack is for all practical purposes unstoppable for your average server. Most people simply can't afford to provide solid DDoS protection, and it wouldn't be worth it even if they could.

    The best DoS protection the average admin can afford is not pissing people off and using some anti-griefing plugins on your server so it takes the fun away from people who would want to mess with you. If you have to ban someone, just do it by name&ip (I prefer IP first so it more less looks to them like the server went down), give a valid reason, and don't make a show of it.

    If you have someone messing with your server who wont give up, request a host transfer/new ip from your provider, whitelist, and privately give that IP to trusted players. Once things have settled down you can open it up again.

    In summary:
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