Inactive [ADMN/WEB] myBukkitAdmin v.9 Beta - Administer your Bukkit Server from the web *NEW INFO* [1337]

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    Minecraft Server Manager - Full featured administration software for your Minecraft Server. Web Administration, Backup, Permissions, In-Game Commands and More!

    Updated: 11/14/2011
    Version: v.9b [jar]
    CraftBukkit: [b1337jnks]
    myBukkitAdmin adds the ability to view and modify your server and plugins via a website. This plugin is fast and easy to setup.​


    Get updates on TWITTER!

    myBukkitAdmin is still in a beta phase. Let me know if you have any issues let me know.

    Installation and Usage information available at
    Bukkit has requested that I stop receiving donations to allow the community to be a part of the beta, so as of today beta keys are no longer available. The cost to run this service is more than I can afford to bear on my own so if you would like to keep this service around and see v1.0 released please support this project by sending us a Donation

    With the release of v.8b a file will be created called monitor.jar. This program monitors your bukkit server and restarts it if the server crashes or the /restart command is used. If you choose not to use the monitor program, you can disable the monitor by adding or changing the line within /plugins/myBukkitAdmin/config.yml to say
    monitor: false

    If you have a beta key:
    1. Goto
    2. Create an account using your Beta key
    3. Check your e-mail for activation message
    4. Click Activation link, login using your username, password and activation code from e-mail
    5. Create a server by clicking "Add New Server"
    6. Type in Server details including a unique Privacy Key
    7. Download the latest version of myBukkitAdmin from the Account Page or Link above
    8. Install it on your server and start your server up
    9. Open config.yml in the plugins/myBukkitAdmin folder on your server
    10. Type in the Username you created to login to
    11. Type in the Privacy Key you created for this server
    12. Reload your server
    13. Win!
    If I missed anything or if these instructions didn't work for you, please let me know so I can adjust accordingly. The installation instructions @ will be undergoing some reformatting soon, hopefully this helps until then.


    Thanks and Enjoy!
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    If you were able to add a feature making us able to demote players on the webinterface with a list of all players that have joined the server, and their permission ranks - that would be reeeeeaally awesome, and I'd donate for sure!
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    I don't understand is just a Milkadmin copy ? Why you need use a personnal server ?? (sorry i'm french and i really don't understand just explain me :) )
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    Ok. will i might get $2 to help out. The plugin looks good.
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    Donated for a key yesterday.

    Just got it. Thanks :)
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    Sorry was away from a computer for most of the weekend. All of the donators that donated while I was absent have keys waiting in their e-mail.

    I am unfamiliar with the way MilkAdmin works, but the system that I have designed is meant to provide a plugin that is extremely simple to install and allows you to use advanced administration features, like plugin management and configuration, for multiple servers from a single location. There are a lot more features that I am currently working on including server alerts and statistics that give even more value for server administrators.

    As is with most everything, there will be alternatives and for many administrators those may work out just as well if not better than this plugin.

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    WTF is a beta key! ???????????????????
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    To control the amount of people that have access to the beta, I generate beta keys. Each account requires a key in order to be created. In the beginning of this beta release I gave out 50 of them publicly. All of those are currently in use but beta keys can still be obtained via a $2 or more donation.

    Found an issue with the plugin configuration editor and it should be fixed now. Will do more testing. Please let me know if you're still unable to update your configuration files from the web interface.

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    Looking pretty awesome, donated.
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    Thank you very much! Your key has been sent to your email.
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    donated waiting for key
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    Thanks! Your key has been sent to your email.
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    If I donate for a key could you set this up for me please? I'm not the best with these things :oops:
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    I could give you a hand, sure
  17. hi how do I get a beta key?
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    You can obtain a key by donating $2 or more via PayPal here
  19. i dosnt have paypal and is a privat key free my server is not online an whitlistet
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    Private keys are like passwords that allow you to create a secure connection between the website and your server. After you create an account, you setup each server and specify your private keys for the server there.
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    Does it have like a chat so I can remotely see what users are saying on the server and I can talk back?
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    I have had that feature working before, but currently it is disabled. You can see what others say in the log but you cannot converse with them except via /say and /tell commands.
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    so I can remotely do the command /say or /tell? and it will say it? that works aslong as I can see and respond back ;)

    give link to donate again please?

    also would you like to add me on steam, msn, or what so we can chat and you can help me :p
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    The address to donate is Yea, they can see what you type and you can see what they type in response.

    I have a TS3 server up at and I am always on there when I'm not sleeping.
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    kk will I also get the full version? after it's out of beta?

    Donated $5. You can send the code in a PM here. Or to my paypal email. I'm going to sleep and we can talk tomorrow. Later :cool:

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    There isn't a "full version". There are advanced features that can be unlocked. The plugin and the general commands associated with Bukkit will always be free. The more server intensive features like plugin support, scheduler, alerts etc will require a subscription.

    Got some work done for the Server Alerts, thought I'd share a SS :D

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    I have a question, when you buy a key, do you have to run the server from your computer as well as have it on the website?
    Also, does this make your server 24/7?
    Thanks, please reply.
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    This only allows you to access your server from a website. It allows you to read the logs and issue commands. The server itself has to run from another location currently. We are preparing our server hosting service but it is currently not available.
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    Not quite, but Beta participants have the option to purchase a lifetime license.
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    Just got my key! Works like a charm :D

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