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    Minecraft Server Manager - Full featured administration software for your Minecraft Server. Web Administration, Backup, Permissions, In-Game Commands and More!

    Updated: 11/14/2011
    Version: v.9b [jar]
    CraftBukkit: [b1337jnks]
    myBukkitAdmin adds the ability to view and modify your server and plugins via a website. This plugin is fast and easy to setup.​


    Get updates on TWITTER!

    myBukkitAdmin is still in a beta phase. Let me know if you have any issues let me know.

    Installation and Usage information available at
    Bukkit has requested that I stop receiving donations to allow the community to be a part of the beta, so as of today beta keys are no longer available. The cost to run this service is more than I can afford to bear on my own so if you would like to keep this service around and see v1.0 released please support this project by sending us a Donation

    With the release of v.8b a file will be created called monitor.jar. This program monitors your bukkit server and restarts it if the server crashes or the /restart command is used. If you choose not to use the monitor program, you can disable the monitor by adding or changing the line within /plugins/myBukkitAdmin/config.yml to say
    monitor: false

    If you have a beta key:
    1. Goto
    2. Create an account using your Beta key
    3. Check your e-mail for activation message
    4. Click Activation link, login using your username, password and activation code from e-mail
    5. Create a server by clicking "Add New Server"
    6. Type in Server details including a unique Privacy Key
    7. Download the latest version of myBukkitAdmin from the Account Page or Link above
    8. Install it on your server and start your server up
    9. Open config.yml in the plugins/myBukkitAdmin folder on your server
    10. Type in the Username you created to login to
    11. Type in the Privacy Key you created for this server
    12. Reload your server
    13. Win!
    If I missed anything or if these instructions didn't work for you, please let me know so I can adjust accordingly. The installation instructions @ will be undergoing some reformatting soon, hopefully this helps until then.


    Thanks and Enjoy!
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    how do I see my scheduled tasks? seems i made some trying to get it working..but none of them show up in a list anywhere?​
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    TBH, there is no way to from within the plugin. I schedule the tasks using the BukkitScheduler and currently the BukkitScheduler interface is very limited in the information that you can retrieve. I will look into implementing a way to view information about the tasks in a manner that the admins can understand. When I was doing my testing I was only able to retrieve the plugin that created the task. It may be something I just need to dig a little further to utilize.
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    This sucks, I have to pay to do something on my server, I was hoping I wouldn't have to pay any money for!
    A plugin that costs money to use, is a stupid idea, why not give out beta keys.
    You don't NEED Red-Bulls, they're slowly killing you.

    I would love it so, my server's head Moderator, from England, could control the settings too, without me paying any money at all.
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    and you dont NEED this plugin :p funny how logic can go both ways.

    if you want to join the "plugins for donations" debate, you missed it a year ago on the hmod forums...wait until its released and free.
    yelling and being angry at a plugin dev isn't the best way to convince him to give you a free key..
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    You do know that there are thousand's of Plugins for free and they put there time and dedicate hours apon hours to give you guys Plugins, Instead of complaining how about you make your own Plugin?
    Besides as much code and effort he puts into this, I'd say he's selling it super cheap as well as how much it costs to keep his website up, all hosting fees, etc.
    Besides, I run a fairly good Minecraft server, if I wanted it to even at least be decent I had to accept the fact I would have to pay for things such as, Website hosting, MCServer hosting, specific Plugins, Plugins desired to my content, and then buying Java books and other things to help me learn Java better and other languages to code Plugins to my content.
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    my thoughts exactly. the debate of charging or not aside...
    the amount I pay for server hosting, website hosting, teamspeak server, my personal time least 2 bucks to make controlling any aspect of that condensed to one place is pocket change.

    Any plugin that I consider a 'must have' to make my server theme what it is, I donate to anyway..and usually more than 2 bucks.
    Because in my eyes, a plugin dev thats been around since hmod/bukkit transition, and is STILL putting up with updating, random end user errors that turn into "FIX YOUR PLUGIN!" posts all over their plugin thread..and does it for free..deserves to be payed :)
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    One of my head Moderators is from Australia, which is why I wrote this plugin and PermissionsPlus.

    On June 17th I gave away 50 free keys which were all taken within a week. After that I released a few more and a few more, all in the first couple pages of this forum. As I had planned, after all of the free accounts were used, the server that operates the website was running at its maximum. Everything was still running fine but there were more people still desiring accounts, so I paid for the upgrade and continue to pay for it. Now I require a $2 donation from each new account to help counter the monthly cost increase.

    I appreciate your concern for my health, but as much as I strive to be perfectly healthy, there are a few things that I will never be able to give up like Red Bull and Bacon lol. This plugin would not be possible without Red Bull - though I sometimes substitute Advocare Spark and an occasional Rockstar if Red Bull isn't on sale or just too expensive for my frugal ways.
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    Oh well I am actually making my own plugins, so maybe you, and DigitalTyrant would have to pay for them!
    Also, why would a plugin need getting payed for. What server do you run, Digital? I don't think you run one.
    Red-Bull, or no Red-Bull this is Bull-Shit!
    I will complain to Evil about this, that people are SOLICITING money over his site! You don't need Red-Bulls, and PermissionsPlus, sucks ass.
    -Then I looked at how the pannel worked, he wouldn't be able to control ANY of the settings, another Bull plugin made by DigitalTyrant.
    And I'm done here, not going to repost, no matter how much you bug me, I have a server to work on!
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    Panel works fine for me...not sure what your ranting about "wouldn't be able to control ANY of the settings"
    and you know other plugin devs accept donation too, might want to complain about their soliciting for money also.

    And 'what server does he run' you do know the 'webserver' the panel runs on is a server also? the word "server" doesn't only apply to minecraft...

    This topics been covered before, just because you wasn't around to see it, doesn't mean it hasn't been discussed and a conclusion made.

    But be sure to let me know what plugins you make, so I can avoid using them, so I don't donate to you, would hate to offend you by offering you compensation for your time.
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    will your server be 24/7?
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    Your server's uptime is dependent on your host or the computer that you host it on. The web server has been available 24/7 and will continue to be available barring any unforeseen outages or scheduled downtime.
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    Ignore all the hate. Right now, if I were to donate to any plugin developer right now, it be you. Not necessarily because I want the plugin, but the amount of disrespect I see is completely childish and uncalled for.

    Again, please ignore them and don't stop what you're doing. PermissionsPlus was used for a very long time on the server I go on, with over 10,000 members. Sadly, we stopped using it with the discontinuation of Permissions 3x.

    Anyway, just please keep doing what your doing and you got my donation!
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    So, you have to donate to use this plugin?
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    Haters gonna hate :) I don't pay attention to it haha. Thanks for your support! Once I understand more about Bukkit Permissions I will make the swap to it I think. We'll see... Until then, working on v.9b so people can complain about having to donate to use it some more lmao. I may just stick to v.9b and start increasing version numbers like v.91b and v.92b to delay the release even further and give the people who did donate more time to use the plugin exclusively :-D

    While it is in beta, yes a donation is required. When v1.0 is released, you will be able to use the plugin without donation.

    Fixed a bug on the website causing plugin commands to not show up. Plugin commands are now up and available again.

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    Ok, thank you.
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    alright, im going to test it out, if it works then ill be happy, i hate opening that dreaded remote desktop connection! :)




    you should make it free : )
    meanwhile ill use my dumb rdp
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    did you read ANY of the thread on why hes charging, or when it will be free?

    and dont use RDP, use dameware..MUCH better.
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    Now this is what I call some hardcore java :)
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    It has been fun :-D

    I broke the scheduled commands earlier, should be back to functional... adding interface to make scheduled commands persistent through reloads/restarts and giving you the ability to cancel a scheduled command at any time.

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    Final stages of v.9b are nearing completion! Will be released soon! After the release of v.9b I will be re-organizing the project and giving out some details of what is to come with the public release of v1.0 :D
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    I have a question I've looked on your site and in this topic but I couldn't find an answer.

    I have three Minecraft Servers on one physical server. Creative, Survival and a VIP server. My question is if I buy a key can I add all three servers to one account on your site or would I need to buy three keys and make three accounts, one for each server?

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    @VodkaDK Each account can have multiple servers. So, you would need 1 beta key and then within your account you create each server separately.
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    I though this was free. But i guess you got to pay 2 bux to use it....
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    The plugin is free but currently in a closed beta. There were the greater part of 100 beta keys given out in the beginning but due to increase in resources necessary to accommodate all of the users and additional users, I closed the beta and now offer it available only to donors.

    V.9b released.
    - World Backups - Full, Incremental, Differential
    - Region-based Restore
    - World Backup Scheduling
    - World Backup Management
    - Improved Scheduled Command handling
    - Added Scheduled Command management

    Enjoy! :-D

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  27. My port 80 is already being used. Can i change this ?

    Is it really able to Restart server when its crashed ? How does it work ? :D
    Can i chat to people In game inside the panel ?
    Where will the backup hosted ? off locations ? FTP/SSH/dropbox support ?
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    Just curious.
    Since this isn't a wrapper, I think, any information on its performance effects on the server?

    Also, can this run while mcmyadmin is running? Don't know why anyone would want to, just curious.

    PS: looks nice.
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    I REALLY need this mod. When will it be public? Plz say soon :/
  30. Donated $2USD for [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] :D
    Please send me the MyBukkitAdmin BETA Key ASAP :)

    PS. Payment details has been sent via PM.
  31. Hello i already donate.Please can you send me beta key? :p

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