Inactive [ADMN/SEC] Guardian Alpha - The final replacement for Logblock and Hawkeye [1.2.5-R1.0]

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  1. Guardian
    The future of griefer detection and rollback
    (Thanks @doggy for the image)​
    It is with great pleasure today that we announce to you the release of Guardian Alpha.​
    The full guide to Guardian can be found on our BukkitDev page , however a brief history of our project and our aims.​
    The idea for a unified grief tracking and rollback system was not a new one, but it came to play in the beginning of September (2011) aiming to be the culmination of all Hawkeye and Logblock's efforts, a joint effort by oliverw92 and DiddiZ was made. It was resolved that Guardian would be the future, it would take the best features from both Logblock and Hawkeye then roll them into one neat package. The project went off to a good start, commits were flowing freely to Github and a new author, md_5 was added to the team. Things were going smoothly and it seemed a release was imminent, however then changes to our team started to occur. oliverw92 found himself with very little time outside of his studies and DiddiZ seemed to be unable to find time. Nevertheless we plowed on. It is now months later that Guardian rises yet again from the dead and with the addition of 7H3LaughingMan to the team.​
    Current Status
    Inspired by the original Guardian brief we now have an Alpha release of Guardian. Feel free to test it at your own free will, it currently logs block flow, destroy, place, and fade. We recommend using it in conjunction with your current logging plugin, however it fully supports Logblock style searching and queries, with a Hawkeye style database backend.​
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    Please help:
    2012-04-22 19:57:58 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling Guardian v59 (Is it up to date?)
    java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: bridgeDescription
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.t(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(
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    I'm having an issue trying to setup. I have entered my MySQL password and everything but every time I try to run the server it says "20:26:13 [INFO] [Guardian] Enabling Guardian v82
    20:26:13 [INFO] [Guardian] Loading Guardian-MySQL v58
    20:26:13 [SEVERE] [Guardian] Unknown database 'minecraft'
    20:26:13 [SEVERE] [Guardian] Fatal error detected! version 82 disabled
    20:26:13 [INFO] [Guardian] Disabling Guardian v82"
    Any idea what's up?
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    I would double check you mysql info again. The database may be case sensitive also.
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    so should i use this instead of logblock or hawkeye?
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    for this product and the developers who know the value of JavaDocs!​
  8. Oh yeah, I like this! :)
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    how do you rollback a worldedit area?
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    It is very nice to see a new anti grief tool coming out:)
    I really hope that this plugin will someday get tekkit support, it is hard enough to keep a tekkit server clean when
    neither logblock or hawk can detect blocks that are placed. However, blocks that are broken works brilliantly :)

    I will be looking at this plugin and even donate money if you some day decide to implement a tekkit version of it.

    I got this same problem

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    i have a problem,
    it logs in all worlds, except in the nether.


    here is the config:

    Show Spoiler

    # The Guardian config
    debug: true
    checkVersion: true
    sendStatistics: true
    logPlayerInfo: true
    motd: false
    name: Guardian-MySQL.jar
    tablePrefix: gd_
    host: localhost
    port: 3306
    database: guardian
    username: guardian
    password: *****
    max-connections: 10
    ignored: false
    block-break: true
    block-burn: false
    block-dispense: false
    block-fade: false
    block-form: false
    block-from-to: false
    block-lava-flow: false
    block-lava-flow-as-player: false
    block-water-flow: false
    block-water-flow-as-player: false
    block-place: true
    block-spread: false
    block-sign-change: false
    entity-enderman-pickup: false
    entity-enderman-place: false
    entity-death: false
    entity-creeper-explode: false
    entity-creeper-explode-as-player: false
    entity-enderdragon-destroy: true
    entity-ghast-fireball: false
    entity-other-explode: false
    entity-tnt-explode: false
    entity-painting-break: false
    entity-painting-place: false
    inventory-click: false
    player-chat: false
    player-command: false
    player-bed-enter: false
    player-bed-exit: false
    player-bucket-empty: false
    player-bucket-fill: false
    player-death: false
    player-item-drop: false
    player-interact: false
    player-join: false
    player-kick: false
    player-item-pickup: false
    player-teleport: false
    vehicle-create: false
    vehicle-destroy: false
    vehicle-enter: false
    vehicle-exit: false
    world-portal-create: false
    world-structure-grow: false
    container-transaction: false
    - '--------------------------------hhhh'
    lava-flow: false
    maxTimePerRun: 1000
    forceToProcessAtLeast: 200
    delayBetweenRuns: 2
    linesLimit: 1500
    defaultTime: 30m
    defaultDistance: 20
    linesPerPage: 15
    enableAutoClearLog: false
    - world "world" before 365 days all
    - world "world" player lavaflow waterflow leavesdecay before 7 days all
    - world world_nether before 365 days all
    - world world_nether player lavaflow before 7 days all
    dumpClearedLog: false
    - 10
    - 11
    - 46
    - 51
    - 8
    - 9
    - 10
    - 11
    - 51
    maxArea: 50
    maxTime: 2d
    maxArea: 100
    maxTime: 4d
    maxArea: 250
    maxTime: 1w
    maxArea: 500
    maxTime: 2w
    maxArea: 1000
    maxTime: 1M
    item: 369
    leftClickBehavior: NONE
    rightClickBehavior: TOOL
    params: area 0 all sum none limit 15 desc silent
    - t
    defaultEnabled: true
    mode: LOOKUP
    give: true
    item: 19
    leftClickBehavior: TOOL
    rightClickBehavior: BLOCK
    params: area 0 all sum none limit 15 desc silent
    - tb
    defaultEnabled: true
    mode: LOOKUP
    give: true
    version: '82'

    wtf is this spyware?
    sending back to home what plugins i use?

    this is not OK!!!

    2012-04-26 23:58:57 [INFO] [Guardian] Activating Metrics
    2012-04-27 00:49:02 [INFO] [Metrics] {0}
    2012-04-27 00:49:07 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] tastyfood: /tpa oreo
    2012-04-27 00:49:08 [INFO] [Metrics] Connection reset
    2012-04-27 00:49:10 [INFO] [Metrics] {0}
    2012-04-27 00:50:46 [INFO] [Metrics] http://metrics.grief...rt/Orebfuscator
    2012-04-27 00:59:08 [INFO] [Metrics] http://metrics.grief.../report/OpenInv
    2012-04-27 00:59:09 [INFO] [Metrics]
    2012-04-27 00:59:09 [SEVERE] [Metrics] Connection reset
    2012-04-27 00:59:11 [INFO] [Metrics] {0}
    2012-04-27 00:59:14 [INFO] [Metrics] {0}
    2012-04-27 00:59:16 [INFO] <[32m[Memb][33mDDoc[37m> our amusement park[0m
    2012-04-27 00:59:29 [INFO] [Metrics] Connection timed out
    2012-04-27 00:59:31 [INFO] [Metrics]
    2012-04-27 01:19:05 [SEVERE] [Metrics] http://metrics.grief...eport/ChestShop
    2012-04-27 01:19:05 [INFO] [Metrics] {0}
    2012-04-27 01:19:05 [INFO] [Metrics]
    2012-04-27 01:19:05 [INFO] [Metrics] Connection reset
    2012-04-27 01:19:05 [INFO] [Metrics]
    2012-04-27 01:19:05 [INFO] [Metrics] Connection reset

    i gonna remove it now

    guys dont use it, its spyware!

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    No, you will notice if you contact the authors of all those plugins listed and read the explicit warning in our plugin, the plugins listed have enabled metrics which sends back data about GUARDIAN only to the metrics system. You can opt out of it by disabling it in PluginMetrics/config.yml
    lishid lishid slipcor Acrobot mbaxter and us are all using this service.
    It is not spyware, speak to Hidendra if you have any concerns.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    CatsyLady if you were to read the VanishNoPacket project page (convenient link) you surely visited to download the plugin, you'd see that I clearly lay out the usage of the Metrics plugin statistics system and how to disable it if paranoid. Judging from your response, you may wish to follow those instructions.
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    Just me confirming it. It's not spyware, it's just metrics found at and you're using the old versions of the plugins, because the new one wouldn't throw that error.
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    ok, i agree and keep it.
    but what is with the nether-not-logged problem?
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    my world2 dont get logged .... i cant use the lookup tool in the world2 , why?

    the [DEBUG] messages are spamming my console, how i disable this?
    i tried with debug: false in the config.yml, but that dont work :-/
    Any help?

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    Very buggy, One of my admins tried to roll a small grief back using hawk eye commands (he was confused :p) and it rolled the entire map back. Also, it seems to have alot of problems processing certain blocks, like weeds, grass, and leaves. At times it will say Processing rollback for hours on end and other times it wouldn't log all the blocks that were destroyed. My server runs a minimum of 70 players, please fix this it's extremely needed for my server!
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    for now i completely removed Guardian,
    look why:

    totally SEVERE and console spam

    (used latest version)


    after deleting Guardian and restart
    all SEVERE and errors are gone.
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    Will this be compatible with mods that add blocks? Especially the technic pack?
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    Could you add a way to log animal griefing? I hate when people grief my animals and I want to friggin drill their ass with my diamond pick and kill them.
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    Spyware that tells you on start and download page how to deactivate it. Now that's an innovation :)
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    For me it just spams the database with about 10k nonsense entries per second(im serious, there a several pages with logs from one second!) Those entries wheren't even from an actual player. In fact htere where just 2 players total on the server and they did only less then 10 block breaks and 5 lines of chat.(testing)

    They where all from "Environment" then ignored "Environment" and it completly stopped logging anything!

    This is really annoying, since without Hawkeye you can't rally run a public server. :/
    Please fix this or continue Hawkeye support.

    Please i need it badly.
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    ._. Still waiting for guardian to log chest theft until I switch from LB to Guardian.
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    I forgot to mention that it also doesn't use the gd_players table properly, all values except id and name are "null".

    No error messages in the log file.[creeper]
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    how can I fix the error

    v99] Queue overloaded. Size: 2573
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    hey im new to this and i loaded this in to my server hooked it up to mysql and started it worked great, but today, my server stops loading doesn't crash at [info] [guardian] loading guardian-mysqul v58. can anyone help
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    how i can this set the seting

      enableAutoClearLog: false
      - world "world" before 365 days all
      - world "world" player lavaflow waterflow leavesdecay before 7 days all
      - world world_nether before 365 days all
      - world world_nether player lavaflow before 7 days all
      dumpClearedLog: false
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    Like it rly much, looks same as LogBlock and is really nice but:
    1) /tb doesnt work, the alias is no there
    2) /gua should be alias for /guardian because its too long :p
    3) Every clock with tool / toolblock should show some "-" like:
    Blah blah blah
    adsgaaol blah blah

    Because I am losing myself everytime I want to check a block
    4) I am running Tekkit server, and want a good logging plugin, soo please make that every unrecognised block will have ID instead of showing AIR was destroyed
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    I believe I may have discovered one cause for the bug related to freezes at the message "..loading mySQL v58..".

    Perhaps I'm wrong, but I'll keep looking for more causes that bring up the bug.

    My ticket/issue I posted on Github is below:
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    That issue --should-- be caused by those unfortunate to use our first release (which was updated minutes later) and is likely the tables stalling as tinyint -> mediumint conversion takes place.
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    it would be nice if there was any tutorial on how to install the plugin, and the config file. Personally i dont need it because i already installed it, but it would be nice for others. :D

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