Inactive [ADMN/SEC] CFBanner v2.10 - Get rid of Zombe & Rei's Minimap Forever! [1.0.1-R1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by CainFoool, Jul 23, 2011.

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    What is CFBanner?
    CFBanner is the one way you can stop Zombe Mods from being used on your server. This blocks flying, noclip and general all-around cheats.​
    What are the Permission Nodes?​
    Blocks Zombe Client Modification "AND REI'S MINIMAP!"​
    v2.10 - Fixed Zombe, added Rei Support​
    v2.00 - Completely rewritten, Bukkit Perm Support​
  2. You are supposed to Force update and rejoin.
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    Ah, thanks.
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    Posted on the dev site and I'm not getting any help... With the newest version of CFBanner, When kick in config is enabled it kicks all clients legit or not. Is anyone else encountering this? Also, if kick is disabled CFBanner doesn't seem to do anything. No errors, it loads perfectly, but I can't seem to get this to work on my server. Any idea's why?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Don't use the kick feature, im trying to fix some bugs with itl
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    Okay, one more thing... the main reason I installed this plugin to my server is because with Zombe players have been controlling the time and weather in server. Is this suppose to stop that as well? Because it does not, currently.
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    Can you see the weather/time being changed aswell?
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    Yes, the whole server can see it being changed, when I'm the only Admin in a server filled with people who don't have that power.
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    Is that player OPP'ed by any chance? :/
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    Lol, No like I said they have Zero power in my server (other than build access and little things like /spawn /home). Don't know who it is either otherwise I'd ban, but then again I'm sure there are more than 1 player using zombe.

    I've double and triple checked my permissions and people who join do not have this power.
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    Zombe uses the default Vanilla /time add [0] so.. really not sure. Everyone else doesn't have any problem with it other than the kick error.
  12. @CainFoool
    - 1.9.2
    : - Added a configuration file to optionally kick players.
    Once again:
    Plugin detects a cheater automatically and kicks him?
    If so, could u please make it logable (every nickname will be logged) ?
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    can u give me a link for best permission cuz i never used it before im going to try it
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    My server is using Spoutcraft. If your not op this plugin semes to prevent you from logging.. Anyway to make it compatible?
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    I think you forgot to make the giant red/blue images in the OP clickable :D
  16. Hey - Check out my server, running CFBanner!
    Maybe add it to the post? :)
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    is it compatible with 1.0.0 ?
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    äh no? cf.allowcheat & cf.allowfly dont work

  20. bullshit, all users can use zombe and cjb in 1.0.0! no need for permissions. need update and block the shit again!

    works fine on 1.0.0 with latest cfbanner. plz update cfbanner for zombe 5.6
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    It works perfectly fine for me, even on 1.0.0.
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    doesnt work for me with 1.0.0 (used to work on 1.8)
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    your definition of fine is that it blocks every thing correct? well yes that is working but i gave out permission to let some of my users fly and they are still being stopped. so no it is not working fine..
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    I posted on the bukkit dev page but I'll post it here too @CainFoool CB#1530 and 1.9.3, all users are getting kicked, zombe client or not.
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    CainfooooL! How are YOU! :D
    Well your CFBanner isnt working either on Craftbukkit #1565 and #1567
    as said earlier, it kicks everyone if you enable it to true in the config to kick players ;)
    Can you please look into that?

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    For the people that are suggesting coders may mod Zombe's Modpack to bypass this plugin, you are crazy. No 'Griefer' would ever do that. Any successful grief team hates anyone who uses zombe's mods even if the person using it is a regular player. If you are going to grief you will have a client, otherwise you are not a threat, even to a vanilla server :p
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    just to hear "successful grief team" makes me wonder how old you are
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    >successful grief team
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    reporting the same thing, broke on latest version of cb
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    Any update to this? It appears people get kicked no matter what with this on 1597!
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    The kick feature is buggy.
    And I can not use Zombe with this plugin enabled so it works fine. Check your permissions.

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