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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by matejdro, Jan 24, 2011.

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    This plugins adds Jail to your minecraft server. Admins can define several jails and then jail/unjail people or jail them on time basis. Plugin also offers wide variety of protections, so players won't escape out of your jail.

    See BukkitDev page for more information and download links:
    (you can use your minecraft forum username and password on BukkitDev)
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    Having a little problem with this plugin. Everything works great, however, I am not receiving any response from /unjailforce and /jailclearforce. I'm using MySQL, and while people are added to this database, these commands are non-functional... they do not give an error and they do not remove anyone from the database.
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    thanks matejdro worked like a charm, best plugin I've seen yet.
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    If I type /jail Jobsti, I can use /jailstatus (you jailed forever)
    If I use /jail Jobsti 1, /jailstatus don't work

    If I use PlayerMoveProtection = true
    PreventCommands works! If it's false, PreventCommands doesn't work.

    Can you fix this please? Because I have an outdoorarea for my prisoners.

    I solved the outdoorarea with a new jailregion, but if PlayerMoveProtection=true,
    the jailed people can't go outside in the other jailregion.
    If it's false, the players can go outside, but they can use the warp cmds like /spawn, /home etc. (But they can't build and destroy, this is correctly)
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    I tired to use - 'jail.command.*' , I'm unable to delete a jail, I'm able to create, jail and unjail but the jail delete doesnt seem to want to work
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    Doesnt work for me. It disables all my other plugins, and is "null" It doesnt even work :/ help please? anyone?
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    Same as everyone here. Can't delete jails. Hope you'll patch that soon enough!
    Excellent work though ;)
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    Very good plugin!
    2 bugs I found:
    * You can't delete existing jails without database edit.
    * You can't use /jailstatus when a time is set. Without times it works fine.

    Also some suggestions:
    * Let us make cells inside a jail
    Like you set a jail and inside the jail you can set as many cells you like.
    Everytime you jail a user he gets his own cell.
    Would be also nice if you can set how many users can be in 1 cell/jail. (Like 2 users per cell, 10 users in jail)
    * Reason why player got jailed (Should be displayed to the player when he gets online or jailed)
    * Show remaining time every 5/10/15 minutes
    * Fine system - pay 5 coins or get to jail for 10 minutes.
    For example: /fine playername amount jail time
    amount means how much the player has to pay.
    jail means in which jail he gets when he can't pay the fine.
    times means how long he stays in jail when he can't afford the fine.
    Also a config entry to configure how much time the player has to pay the fine. When the time is over he gets auto jailed.
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    Just thought I would let you know:
    After I installed your plugin (which is great, btw.) it caused like 50% of the rest of my plugins to not load when the server started.
    Specifically minecart mania, essentials, lwc, plgsetspawn, and iconomy.
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    ok i installed the plugin but now all my sqllite using plugins dont work
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    This update changes structure of SQL database (adds several new columns), so i strongly suggest that you backup your existing database before updating.

    Now my plan is to continue my work on API. In the near future, i will release separate plugin (sort of add-on for Jail) which will contain role play features. I can't give any ETA yet.
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    Great matejdro!

    Happy to see some nasty bugs solved, and multiple worlds supported now!

    Thanks and take your time with the API:)
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    i was using jail 0.4 and no problem but i upgraded to 0.5 and it broke some of my plugins, so I went back to 0.4 hope this gets fixed. I'm using craftbukkit 328.
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    Two problems, both of which may have already been mentioned.

    1. /jaildelete doesn't work
    2. upon server restart OR /reload , jail resets
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    @Stephen92 how exactly did plugins got broken? Error?

    @emperocthulhu do you have v0.5?
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    I just wanted to say that this plugin is the best plugin I ever tried on my server. It's already more polished then most and works so well I have zero complaints. The only issue i had was the jailstatus permission for users to see it but you helped me out with that. Appreciate the code you developed please make other plugins!
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    Thanks for Update, BUT still:

    If PlayerMoveProtection = false the user can still use /spawn /home etc. ;(
    I had massive console error with the old .db, delete it and letz the plugin create a new .db, no problems,
    but I had to make all jails again.
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    Did you backed up the database?

    If you did, delete dbversion file and restore your backup. Then tell me the error.

    Move error is probably caused by commands not being blocked properly. It may be that your teleport plugin is updated to onCommand, which cannot be blocked. I will see about that issue.
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    Can't make a new backup/restore, because I deleted it and made the new ;)

    Commands are blocked (/spawn from general, Home from MyHome, /tp from TelePlus) if PlayerMoveProtection = true. Not blocked if it's false
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    Do you get "do not escape from jail" when you try to use the command?
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    yes I did but I had to go back to 0.4 cause half my plugins were unresponsive.
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    Wow that's weird. Can you tell me what error did you got?

    Also, mysql or sqlite?
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    the jail plugin database or all database?
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    jail plugin database.
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    Jap, get it.

    Other solution:
    PlayerMoveProtection = true let you go from a jailzone to another (If the zones are "togehter" or overlap), but not out of the jail.
    This would also work for my indoor-outdoor-jail ;)
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    That means that command protection never worked. When they used the command, move protection instantly teleported them back.
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    I also suffered some weird problems after updating from 1.4 to 1.5
    server didnt start (freezed at startup with a null pointer error on jail).

    After that I removed the 2 jail tables from my mysql database (only had 1 jail).
    Works like clockwork after that
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    Excellent update, thanks! So far everything seems to be working great with Jail 0.5 + CB# 325. I went ahead and switched to MySQL so I started with a fresh jail and database. Problems players were having with /jailstatus when they had a time assigned and when players tried breaking blocks are gone. I forgot to test /jaildelete. Where is the facepalm smiley?
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    unless the update i still get errors
    and the plugins it breaks are: iconomy,LWC,imonster all other sql using programs i have
    btw running build 325 if i am correct
    pls fix
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    Breaks all of mine, too, running the latest CB (339 I believe).
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    I've got no problems with my other 40 plugins, incl. LWC, runns very well.

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