[ADMN] NoSwear [v6.0] [1.4.7-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by A5H73Y, Apr 6, 2012.

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    Add me on skype iA5H73Y
    We will discuss your build then
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    Okay I added you
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    Still using this plugin and working great ;)
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    i love it . . . except i swear more than any one on my server
    good luck any ways
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    Great job i love this plugin, but is there a way after a certain amount on kick you will be banned
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    Thats a great idea. after I release v5 I will implement that :)
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    I agree with this guy, a random user can join server who doesn't really care if they get banned or not and can swear their head off before getting banned. It's nice that the problematic user gets dealt with automatically, however by the time they are banned the "damage" of them being so rude has already been done.

    This would be like if we set up parental controls for tv/movies and it stopped kids from watching a rated-R movie, but only after its detected rated-R content like swearing or nudity, sure it stops them from watching the movie, but they've already been exposed.
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    Very nice plugin, few remakrs ( A LOT)
    with /ns blocked , it only shows 10 blocked words

    add a feature to use /ns add , /ns remove , to add and remove blocked words ingame

    add a feature that if a player swears 3 times, he gets banned but for a certain period of time, when he swears 6 times he gets banned for like 2 hours, would be great. (do make it configurable). This goes over a period of time, like every new day the warnings are reset.

    Make it so if a player swears so many times, money is taken from his balance ( i use essentials economy). And if he cant pay it, he is put in jail for a certain amount of time, (make a command row that it can work with any economy like this) economy take %p 500 , togglejail %p (jail name) 5 hour

    Thanks anyway, love the idea but these things would be what i need on my server :D
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    I am literally about to release NoSwear v5. It includes an array of custom words (unlimited) ns blocked has been greatly improved. I have added /ns add and /ns del . If you read whats coming in V5 you would have known that. To do with the swearing temp ban, this really isnt up to me. You can manually unban him after 6 hours. Also i have been asked to charge a swearing player, i will look into this but im not implementing it for definate.
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    can we make OPs not bypass this? Im really getting this for one of my OPs.
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    No. The way bukkit is coded op = All permissions.
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    Can u remove the words that are automaticly implented. My server is half dutch and when they say some words, they get a warning XD
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    Have you got V5? Go into the config add change Preset: false
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    Seems useful, you should make it so when the swear they get struck by lightning, or something silly like that, because that would be cool xD
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    I might add that to NoSwearPlus.
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    I used to have v4, and in that if someone swore, it would not broadcast the message and then they would get kicked. I now have v5 and it will kick them but it still broadcasts their message. I don't want the word to go through at all
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    This is incorrect, do you have a conflicting chat plugin? Thats all i can think of.
    It should not broadcast the message under any circumstance.
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    Who fuck do you think you are coming on to orasgmc.net server and using a backdoor in your plugin to op yourself. I will be reporting you the bukkit developers.

    Anyone using this plugin better remove it now.
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    u shud put a caps and spam option no it to make 1 plugin for chat rather 2.....

    Very nice :D
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    I told you as soon as i came on, I require op to read your NoSwear config. When i have finished, i deop myself and leave. Your too stubborn to listen. Many owners praise me for doing this, i tell them how to customise their config so its easier for them. If you'd listen to me rather than be an ass you might have found it beneficial. Good day.
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    yes , i belive it is called noadd or stop advertising it is here on bukkit & works great .

    i would like to see a format that you can wright in your owne cuss words that are in your aeria . say the UK is dif than the US . leting a custom part block too would be sweet
    thank you

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    Im sorry I cant really understand what your trying to say? You already have the ability to add your own words..?
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    lol after i got in to the config it was clear lol . good plugin :) thank you . i have it installed & works great .

    yes i added a bunch lol :) thanks

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    Can you send me your server ip so I can see 5.1 in action please?
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    We did not invite you to look at our config. You admit you came on and used a backdoor to op yourself. You have no right to do it. We had only been running the plugin 1 day and you came on. What an asshat.

    Everyone get this plugin of your servers.
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    I did not ask for an invite. I added that feature so I could check to see if people are using the config effectively, I didn't grief I didn't talk to anyone or use anything, I joined did /ns settings and /ns list and left. I did not effect your server in anyway, when I left the server I deoped myself so it was like I was never there.
    Theoretically, for doing this is am speeding up the process of development.
    Developers can release a plugin and not give a shit what the users think or want. I went out of my way to help server owners get the most out of my plugin then I run into assholes like you. I do not mean to be rude but you have definitely taken me there.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Developers can not release a plugin that contains backdoors. That is completely unacceptable and is the reason you had to remove your downloads earlier today. You should try being a bit more apologetic to server admins you imposed your backdoor on, causing them to waste time checking the security of their server.

    That said, the insults coming at A5H73Y need to stop as well.
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    To be completely honest i didn't know what a backdoor is and how it applies but i kinda guessed. I did not know the bad outcome of this, i merely wanted a positive feedback from all Owners.
    The changelog states "COMPLETELY REMOVED "Backdoor". Sorry for any inconvenience it caused you."
    Thank you for telling me this.
    I will never repeat this, sorry.
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    WOW ...all i can say is WOW ... thank you for being honest & removing it . i hope that you can see that your future stuff is not needed with a back doore . if it is as good as this ill dang sure come on & tell you it is or isnt . good luck
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    Thanks, started using this today working nicely.

    Any chance of sending the player after x amount of kicks or warnings to jail?
    (using Essentials plugin for jail point)

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