[ADMN] NoSwear [v6.0] [1.4.7-R1.0]

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    • Stops users from swearing!
    • Set configurable warnings
    • Permissions support
    • Advanced config
    • Unlimited custom blocked words
    Hate users swearing in your server?
    Intimidating other users with foul language?
    Well this is the perfect plugin for you, If the player uses a swear word you can choose what you would like to do to the user after all their warnings are gone, (Warn, kick, ban).
    This plugin is very lightweight and uses nice config control!
    Just drop into the plugin folder and your good to go!
    If you want certain players to swear then you can give them the permission node located below and they will be able to swear again.

    • noswear.ignore
    • noswear.admin
    • noswear.caps
    • /NS - Displays the usage info
    • /NS cmds - Displays all available commands
    Click Here

    In this Update:
    • All new Caps Blocker! (permission: noswear.caps)
    • New words.yml (To store the bad words)
    • Word detection is now smarter
    • Adding words is smarter
    • Optional update checker
    • Can now use /noswear (aswell as /ns)
    • Updated /ns cmds
    • Mute system (from NoSwearPlus)
    • New /ns muted (to display muted players)
    • Added Block.General (includes "hell" and "ass")
    InDepth Video:

    Follow me on Twitter for updates n' stuff:

    If you appreciate the work I have done then please donate:
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    Nicely done ^.^
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    Hi, great idea and perfect for the server I have set up for my 11 year old. I'm new to adding mods so need some help setting this up. I can see the mod with /plugins and the permissions when I type /noswear.
    The problem is that I want to immediately kick people who swear but the default (all three set to TRUE) does not seem to pick up swear words at all. How do I change permissions or modes?
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    I think it is by setting one of them false
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    The people you want to swear will have the "noswear.ignore", make sure to have a permissions system build in, if the user is op they will bypass all the rules.
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    Instead of kicking them and stuff for swearing can we just filter the word. So when they swear an other word will replace the swear word.
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    please help me with the permissions! i dont know how to set them! please help me its the last thing for my server... thank you!
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    Add ban support!plz
    This is great for my server, i hate those noobs cursing
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    I didnt want to risk including ban support, if you see the user trying to swear constantly then you can easily ban him anyways

    There is a plugin that does that already.

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    Is there some way to stop users to writing IPs to another servers ... ???
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    If I remember rightly that plugin was out of date. Could it be integrated into your plugin since you are keeping your plugins up to date :D
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    Well can you because I am not always on and I know all the night players like to curse and my rule is curse=ban
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    Ill try, send me a link to the plugin and ill do my best.

    If you have something to offer, i will make a custom build?
    In a future version i will add config to allow you to ban.

    No there is no simple way, my plugin stops swearing and nothing else.

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    Very nice plugin. I use it on my server and it is very good :)
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    Do you take bitcoins?
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    Thanks for this plugin. Helps alot keeping chat clean :D
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    Currently working on v3 including requests.
    If you have any ideas of what to add then please comment.
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    Could you add in a config where you can add words in?
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    Hi A5H73Y! Great Plugin!
    I saw you have no video about it, would you mind putting my video on the first post?

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    thank you so much for this!
    I am currently working on v3, it should hopefully allow you to include your own blocked words.
    Until then i will release v2.2 which will include more words.
    Thank you
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    Hi you click the download coyp and paste it into your servers plugins folder. run the server and you should be ok :)
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    Updated to 3.1, hope you like it :)
    I can finally sit back now xD
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    I have just had a major MAJOR glitch. I added this plugin a couple of nights ago and today I looked in my log to find people swearing ALOT. I went on tonight to find duplicates of items in peoples inventory's. So then I got testing.

    It seems when a player gets kicked he/she dies. When they come back on and collect these items again they have a duplicate of each and every item in their inventory. Can this be solved?
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    How do you use more than one word?
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    Download the newest version 3.1

    This has been completely fixed.
    Please update to 3.1

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    Jacob Marshall

    Its a nice plugin, sure... but I'm not too sure why each individual swear is hardcoded into the plugin.
  28. This plugin seems great :). Apart from the fact I can't get it to work. I've put it into the plugins folder, it's made the folder for NoSwear, I change the config and reload the server. I't doesn't work then resets the config?. HELP :(
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    Just because. :p

    Is the player op?
    If so it bypasses the rule.

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    Yes but how do I write it in the config.yml?

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