[ADMN/GEN] SimpleTime v4.3 - Simply change/stop the time and change the weather in seconds! [1000]

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    The Angry kat

    SimpleTime v5.0
    Simply change the time and weather in seconds! Commands below
    The /play command reloads the server because I cannot find a way to code in a proper pauser, I hope this doesn't cause any problems.

    • /day - Sets the time to Day
    • /night - Sets the time to Night
    • /sunrise - Sets the time to Sunrise
    • /sunset - Sets the time to Sunset
    • /pause - Stops the time
    • /play - Stops stopping the time
    • /sun - Makes the weather sunny
    • /storm - Makes the weather stormy
    • /thunder - Makes the clouds thunder
    • /sthelp - Displays the list of commands
    • /stversion - Displays the current version of SimpleTime
    How to use:

    Permission Nodes:

    • simpletime.* - Allows use of all commands
    • simpletime.day - Allows use of /day
    • simpletime.night - Allows use of /night
    • simpletime.sunrise - Allows use of /sunrise
    • simpletime.sunset - Allows use of /sunset
    • simpletime.sun - Allows use of /sun
    • simpletime.storm - Allows use of /storm
    • simpletime.thunder - Allows use of /thunder
    • simpletime.rain - Allows use of /rain or /snow
    • simepltime.help - Allows use of /sthelp
    • simpletime.version - Allows use of /stversion
    Known Bugs:

    Report them on the thread or pm me.
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    link doesn't work?
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    Put a new download link please the other link doesnt work, This mod sounds cool and i really want to get it
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    no new link? i want this mod it sounds awesome
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    Hey guys,

    I've a new link for this plugin:

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted multiupload url>

    Enjoy it :)
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    Thanks man. What's with the plugin author ? is he dead ?
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    @The angry cat
    Due to lack of updates and broken download link this is now inactive.
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    A haha pause is very nice haha thanks

    ..! wait download rink is strange.. please change
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    The Angry kat

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