[ADMN/FUN/GEN/TP] jCommands v2.0.2 - Useful commands for a server [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Jozeth, Feb 19, 2012.

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    There are too many of these man, Essentials, CommandBin and SideKick are the ones on top. There are starting to repeat. Unless you can come up with something that beats us all...
    But if its a lightweight command base then your fine here. Its seems that way. Good :p
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    Approved, while some plugins do get repetitive, we can't reject all 1000000 gamemode changes and tnt blockers :p
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    Can you change the /boom back to fusrodah :rolleyes: (P.S. I'm not demanding it but It would be great if you did!:))
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    Sorry, i do not want to add that in because /boom is alot shorter and easier...
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    ive been looking for a lightweight alternative to essentials and i was wondering wether this plugin has a /help command. if it does it will be the best commands plugin ever.
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    /help for what? To show all the commands for this plugin?
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    i just installed this plugin, it seems great everything works but it only works for ops. can i somehow make that some commands can do only ops and some can do everyone? if not is there another plugin similar like this one that can do that?

    thanks :)
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    What do you mean.... Are you trying to put the permissions in permissionsex or something?

    If you have PermissionsEx or another permissions plugin put the permission nodes in and what ever group you've put them in, they can use the commands....

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    lol im a complete noob at this.. i want to make non-op players use the commands, not all but some.. is it possible? i dont know how can it be done because im a noob lol. just asking

    ohh ok. is there a tutorial on youtube or something?

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    ok. now i need to open the yml file change the settings?
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    Look at the thread, i can't help you from their on, as i donot know how to do it....
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    Man oh man!! this works perfect for my server!!! thx!! :D
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    1. Where i can see for which bukkit version is this plugin?
    2. If that isn't maded yet, make, if player is connecting to a server, and he is banned, to show him that and reason.
    3. It that isn't, make if someone gets banned, to send message for all players about that.
    4. You could add commands: /i; /give; /spawnmob or something like that; and i think thats all.
    If you will create these cmds, your plugin will be best. :)
    [diamond] [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond] /5
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    Can you add a /help command so i can see all the commands in this pluggin ?
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    I can do No.2 & 3:

    No.2 is already done, but you can't edit the reason....
    No.3 i can make it broadcast to player with a certain permissions, or do you want everyone to see it and i'm currently finding help on /give

    Removed, /help will not be added

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    Please, I would remove the command (home and Sethome) of your plugin, because I already usea plugin to "Home" otherwise would it be possible to put the ability to turn them off?
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    I'll look into it, but there might be a way... Open the .jar and remove home & sethome from the commands...?
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    thank you for your response! I tried several methods but without success. so I changed tactics and now it works! I love your plugin. among all the other plugins on your I adopt. I was "essential"before, but there was too much command!. so I simply add "Mywarp" to your plugin, noweverything is perfect! :) Thank you. sorry for the inconvenience! (Please do not add fontion "warp"in your next update)

    Google Traduction. Sorry! lol.
    Original Text:
    merci de votre réponse! j'ai essayé de plusieurs méthode mais sans réussite. j'ai donc changé de tactique et maintenant sa fonctionne! j'adore votre plugin. parmis tout les autres plugins ces le votre que j'ai adopter. j'avais "essential" avant, mais il y avais trop de command!. j'ai donc tout simplement ajouter "Mywarp" à votre plugin, maintenant tout est parfait!! :) merci. désoler pour le dérangement! ( svp n'ajouter pas de fontion "warp" dans vos prochaine mise a jour )
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    hey jozeth i need help can u create a video or in detail explain in words how to install this? i love the commands dude but i need to learn how to install it on a Minecraft server please reply on this thread or email me the instructions or video at [email protected] with the download for the latest version! thanks man ur the best!
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    Once school is out the way, i'll make a tutorial on how to install it...
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    ok thanks man and did u update this download so it is ready for minecraft 1.2? i did what u told me to do it prolly doesnt work cuz maybe i u gotta update for 1.2... thanks anyway bro keep in touch i really like this imma make a video bout it on youtube once i get it to work
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    Did you get my email? Also this probably will work with 1.2 but I haven't tested it yet
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    yeah dude i got it how to install and all i did it exactly and maybe u need to update for 1.2 and thanks for feedback! just email me again if u do have an update for it :D thanks again bro!
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    It works with 1.2.2 R-0 but you cannot assign the commands to any users so the commands only work for ops.
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    Nice Update =P
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    The only reason why you can't assign users to a command, is because you probably aren't using a permissions plugin.
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    ok jozeth my server is a hamachi server so maybe thats why! do you need to have a bukkit server to run bukkit plugins? or is it ok with hamachi? do i need a bukkit server to run bukkit plugins? ill make a video on my problem soon maybe u can just watch it and see what i did wrong thanks for feedback :D
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