[ADMN/CHAT/INFO]Commandspy - Watch what commands your players are trying to use[1.5.2-R0.1]

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    CommandSpy version compiled for craftbukkit version 1.5.2-R0.1

    CommandSpy can be downloaded here on BukkitDev.

    Commandspy allows you to see player and server commands, what people write on signs, and the size of the selection when people do worldedit commands.

    This plugin has many uses, from showing people how to use commands, to catching rogue admins and snooping on players 'private' messages. This can even be used for admin chat, but it starts to get annoying with all the 'Command not recognised.' messages though...

    Current features

    • Toggle Commandspy to see commands that are being used.
    • Different colours for console/player that has commandspy on/player that has permission for commandspy/normal player(purple/aqua/blue/yellow). this can also be configured in the config.
    • You can change which type of command users you want to see.
    • Toggle signspying to see the contents of all signs placed.
    • Collection of statistics on commands used (can be done from console too; co-ordinates will also be shown).
    • Commands can be ignored(they will not be shown to anyone using commandspy), by default these are commands /login, /register and /auth
    /commandspy on|off - sets commandspy to 'c:*' or clears, giving the same functionality as the old /commandspy true|false.

    /commandspy set flags
    where for c: (commands):
    • a is for admin (anyone who has got any flags set for CommandSpy).
    • p is for anyone who has permission to set flags for CommandSpy.
    • u is for users (normal players that have no permission to use CommandSpy).
    • w is for worldedit (regardless of all other options, any commands beginning with two forward slashes will be shown).
    • s to show server commands.
    • * is for viewing all commands.
    and for s: (signs):
    • a is for admin (anyone who has got flags set for CommandSpy).
    • p is for anyone who has permission to set flags for CommandSpy.
    • u is for users (normal players that have no permission to use CommandSpy).
    So, for instance, if you wanted to see all commands and sign changes, you would type; /commandspy set c:* s:*

    /commandspy version - shows the version of the currently installed commandspy.
    /commandspy help - display a help message.
    /commandspy ignore add|remove /command - adds or removes a command from the ignore list.
    /commandspy ignore list - lists all ignored commands.
    /commandspy mode notice|chat - switches between displaying messages with simplenotice and in chat.
    /commandspy save - save config to file(done by default on plugin disable)
    /commandspy reload - reloads config from file including user flags.

    • commandspy.set - allows a player to use /commandspy set. and /commandspy on|off
    • commandspy.save - allows user to save config.
    • commandspy.reload - allows user to reload from config.
    • commandspy.ignore.list - allows user to list ignored commands
    • commandspy.ignore.add - allows a user to use /commandspy ignore add
    • commandspy.ignore.remove - allows a user to do /commandspy ignore remove
    Planned features

    • More flexible permissions(for example; ranks that can't be spied on).
    • Some way of being informed of commands remotely?
    • Suggest new features, and I will include them, within reason.
    Source code

    Source code is on github. This project is licenced under the GNU General Public Licence, and you are free to use it following the terms of the licence. If anyone notices any violations of the licence that are relevant to this project, then please contact me.


    • - Removed a few exception stack traces, built against 1.5.2, removed mySQL support fully, now compliant with guidelines on update notification.
    • 1.9.2 - Updated to run against 1.5.2, removed some exceptions
    • 2.9.1 - Updated for 1.4.7R1, removed mySQL support for security reasons
    • 2.9.0 - Updated to use 1.4.6R0.1, removed metrics.
    • 2.8.0 - Updated to use 1.3.2R1
    • 2.7.0 - command and sign colours can be changed in config.
    • 2.6.0 - Updated to use 1.3.1R2
    • 2.5.0 - Updated to use 1.3.1R1
    • 2.4.1 - fixed /commandspy save bug
    • 2.4.0 - updated Commandspy to use 1.2.5R5
    • 2.3.0 - Added automatic update notifications.
    • 2.2.0 - Metrics support now added
    • 2.1.0 - Server console will now show sign coordinates if signspying is on for console.
    • 2.0.0 - Server console can now make use of commandspy.
    • 1.9.0 - Added reload and save subcommands, added config option to prevent users seeing own commands if they have commandspy on.
    • 1.8.0 - Made worldedit optional, a few more general improvements
    • 1.7.1 - Updated Bukkit API to 1.2.5R4.
    • 1.7.0 - Worldedit selections now work again, and ignored commands have been added, you can also clear your flags.
    • 1.6.0 - Updated for 1.2.5R3
    • 1.5.3 - Bugfix for 1.5.1: worldedit selection size is visible for worldedit commands. empty signs should not show if you have signspy on.
    • 1.5.1 - Bugfix for 1.5.0, there are still minor bugs here, but these are not critical and will be fixed in the next release.
    • 1.5.0 - Changed the commands, added statistics collection, also added 'debug' users. (broken)
    • 1.4.4 - Updated to craftbukkit version 1.2.5R2
    • 1.4.3 - Bugfixes: signspying should now work, plugin should not crash when being disabled, flag system fixed.
    • 1.4 - Signspying added, flag system updated.
    • 1.3.1 - Bugfix for experimental partially implemented statistics collection.
    • 1.3 - Now remembers what flags you have.
    • 1.2.0 - Toggling changed.
    • 1.0.1 - Updated for 1.2.5R1 craftbukkit
    • 1.0.0 - First released version. (Craftbukkit v1.2.4)
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    Litterally by flipping a lever? Might want to add permissions and commands.
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    A metaphorical lever, and yes, there are permissions...
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    @md_5 Sorry, I have no idea how else I'm going to get a mods attention as this is an old thread, anyway, does this meet all requirements for approval?
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    If someone with no idea how bukkit dev work was to briefly check this thread it would be hard to find a download like maybe make a heading Download with link to files on bukkit dev. Also the change log is quite small and hard to read and isn't updated correctly.
    It's not needed for submissions but looks nicer :D
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    Thanks a lot for the free advice ;)
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    Also forgot to mention you didn't space the permissions heading right as there's no space above it and I think it looks better for no spaces under the headings but it's personal preference. I would have an example heading with the main ones such as just watching admin commands, watching all commands and a complicated one so they know how it works. Also for the command with the wierd bracket thing is incredibly confusing with all the brackets and everything.
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    I basically copied this off my bukkitdev page, which is in need of updating too :/ ah well, it would probably be more successful with users if they saw this as a simple to use plugin, rather than /commandspy set [c:{apuws|*}] [s:{apu|*}].
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    I see posts by moderators above and below, but none here :'(.
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    is there a way to configure the colors? it would be great if you added that in. sorry if i overlooked being able to do this; if its already implemented >.<
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    At the moment, the only way of changing the colours is modifying the source, but I could add this without too much difficulty.
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    Thanks ;). If you want anything else, feel free to ask.
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    What are your thoughts on a dedicated global commands.log, player specific commands.log, a dedicated global signs.log, and the ability to choose what to log rather then a catch-all? Great plugin, we're currently testing yours and one other but neither are a perfect fit for our needs. Thanks for your hard work though.
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    I'm not entirely certain what you mean by this, do you want permission based restrictions on what flags can be set? or that players should be able to set filters?

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