[ADMIN] StopWhiners v0.5 - Restore items lost upon death [1.1 R4]

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    Stop Whiners - Stop whiners' complains:

    Version: v0.5

    Players tend to complain to admins when they lose items because of death. Does 'But I didn't even see that lava!' or 'That chunk didn't even load!' sound familiar? Well, there's a solution.

    • Stores all items lost on death.
    • Only OPs can restore.
    • Use /giveback [playernames] to restore lost items.
    • Automatically return items with 'stopwhiners.auto'
    • Get back items for a price ('stopwhiners.cost')
    NOTE: This version will prevent items from being dropped on death, no matter what. A version that lets you configure when should items not be dropped is on my todo list.
    Source Code

    Version 0.5
    • Picked up source again
    • Ported to newer, 1.1 bukkit event framework
    • Added support for Register, allowing use of various economy plugin
    Version 0.4
    • Initial support for iConomy in a seperate branch, hardcoded amount and no .jar for now.
    Version 0.3
    • Added /getback - only restores items to you, useful for registered players and such
    • Added stopwhiners.getback permission node for /getback
    • Code tidy
    Version 0.2
    • Added Permissions support (use stopwhiners.giveback to control)
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release.
    I accept feature requests, but if you know how to code, just fork my repo and/or do pull requests.
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    Yes... That is what I wanted.... :)
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    No, at least not yet.

    You need to set the 'stopwhiners.auto' permission node.

    Should be fixed now, please reply if it does not.
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    Also a suggestion I have. Hook into economy plugins' item worths. I'd like to charge my players, say, $30 to keep a stack of cobblestone, but $1500 to keep a diamond. It would add up the cost of all items, and you'd have to chose to pay all or nothing.

    If you wanna go the extra mile, factor in damage values. Pay 50% the worth of an item at full health, 25% the worth at half damage, etc.

    Big request, but it would only make this epic!
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    What about VAULT Support ?
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    Yeah, that's what I've been thinking about as well, but that looks a bit complicated. Register doesn't have anything like that, and I'd really like to avoid Vault (not sure if has support for it, at all). It looks like I could use Essentials though. I'll give it a try later.

    Sorry, but unlikely to happen for now. I'm busy already as is, and Vault's API seemed unnecessarily complicated to me (not to mention the boilerplate code it takes to get it working).
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    I've just installed this plugin on CB-1.1-R3...

    I'm op on my server (obviously, lol)

    At first I tried the one with no drop and delete inventory, but it wouldn't give anything back at all .

    I then removed that version of the plugin, and put the normal one on. /giveback and /getback work great, but even with stopwhiners.auto set to true for myself, it doesn't occur automatically on respawn.

    my permissions.yml file looks like this:

                stopwhiners.auto: true
    Am I missing something, or is there a problem elsewhere you might not have caught yet?

    Apologies in advance if I've made a newbie mistake, I AM new to craftbukkit, and I've read up, but yeah. Can't figure this out. It's not a HUGE deal if it's not automatic, but it'd be preferable.

    To clarify: The no drop version didn't work at all, the normal one works, but won't work on auto.

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