Inactive [ADMIN/SEC] SpoutWorld 0.32 - Require spout on a per world/server basis! [1.2.3-R0.1]

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    Spout World - Require spout on a per world basis!
    Version: 0.32

    Do you have spout and want all of its cool features, but not all of your users have spout? This plugin lets you define where you need Spout required. You can define worlds as Spout-only, if they don't have Spout that world wont be available to them!

    I think it goes without saying that you will need Spout installed for this plugin to work. But if you don't have Spout I don't see why you'd need this plugin!

    • Define worlds only for players who have Spout installed
    • Reject people who don't have Spout from your server
    • Customizable messages
    • Logging in to a Spout only world? Change their world!
    • Supports Permissions/SuperPerms/OP to bypass these restrictions
    Known issues:
    • Players kicked to a main non-Spout world can take fall damage
    Future features:
    • Feel free to suggest but I want to keep it simple!
        SpoutWorlds: spoutWorld, spout_nether - worlds which require Spout to join
        MainWorld: world - a NON-Spout world to kick players to (if they log in to a Spout-Only world)
        ForceSpout: 'false' - Kick people from the server if they don't have Spout
        CheckDelay: 20 - Delay in server ticks before running spout checks
        Messages: - Messages for kicking, and allow/denying world access
            denyWorld: You need Spout to enter that world.
            kick: You need Spout to join this server!
            allowWorld: Welcome to a Spout-only world!
            notification: 'true' - give an achievement like notification upon entering a Spout-world
    To bypass the restrictions of logging onto the server, or entering a world you need to be either OP or have the permission SpoutWorld.exempt in either Permissions or SuperPerms.

    1. Place SpoutWorld.jar into your plugins directory and start the server to generate the config.yml
    2. Go to the folder plugins/SpoutWorld and edit the config.yml to your needs (see above for an explanation)
    3. Restart the server for the new configuration to take effect!
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    Version 0.32-
    • Added a checkDelay: a delay before running spout-specific checks. This should help people with latency or other issues where people are wrongly moved/kicked.
    Version 0.31-
    • Updated default messages to be more accurate and helpful
    Version 0.3-
    • Updated to RB 1597
    • Updated config file so that it doesnt leave silly spaces (you will need to regen a config)
    • Fixed issues where people were kicked with Spout
    • Cleared up a few minor things
    Version 0.2-
    • Updated to RB 1317
    • Using Bukkit's new config system - requires you to generate a new config
    • Made notification/achievement on entering a Spout world configurable
    Version 0.11-
    • Fixed a bug where Spout players would be kicked from Spout worlds upon login
    • Changed config generation to avoid confusion!
    • Added achievement/notifcation upon entering a Spout world (configurable in the future?)
    Version 0.1-
    • Initial release
    Report any bugs/problems with as much info as possible please :)
    NOTE: Requires Vault installed
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    Updated to 1.2 haven't had the chance to test thoroughly, but I don't see why it would break. Built against latest SpoutPlugin and 1.2 beta, no other changes made
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    You forgot to add the plugin.yml to the jar. Also, you should catch the exception it throws or make a workaround when you are not using Vault or any permissions plugin.

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    Updated to include the plugin.yml which I'm confused as to why it got dropped. In regards to Vault, I have the plugin.yml to hard depend on Vault which should should pop up an error on the very start if Vault isn't found
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    Piedo_bear DL link is down.... :( please update!
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