[ADMIN] AdminsCanFly v1.3.0 - Allow select bypassing of the default flight kicking [1060]

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    Allow select bypassing of the default flight kicking

    Allow OPs and users with the superperms permission to bypass the default flight kicking (allow-flight=false).

    If Permissions 2+ has been detected you have the ability to disable OPs being allowed to fly by default, just alter "auto-op" in config.yml.

    Permission nodes (Supports SuperPerms and Permissions 2+)
    Install Tutorial
    Thanks to IAMWIN for making the tutorial.

    Download - v1.3.0
    Download - Dev

    Download - v1.3.0
    Download - Dev

    1.3.0 (24/08/11) - Built against the 1060 Bukkit API, hopefully fixed issues with the plugin not working like it should
    1.2.1 (01/08/11) - Added config.yml with property "auto-op", used when Permissions 2+ is detected
    1.2.0 (29/07/11) - Added Permissions 2+ support and neatened permissions checking code
    1.1.0 (27/07/11) - Fixed console spam caused by default kick message
    1.0.2 (27/07/11) - Initial release
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    error: Kick Warning spam in console while allowed players are flying.
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    Can you add support for permissions 3? I thought this plugin would be exactly what I needed until I found out it didn't support the permissions plugin I use...
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    Kicking for flying @ 1060
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    Hey dude
    this Plugin is awsome but the download link is down.
    can you make a new one pls ?
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    Sorry guys, the thread stopped sending me email updates.
    @joeyismusic the plugin touches -NOTHING- related to chunk loading or chunk manipulation functions, that's simply lag.

    Download link is fixed, please tell me if the plugin does have any errors and I'll work on fixing them once I can get my development computer fixed.

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    Can you remove this message pls
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    That message is nothing to do with this plugin, this plugins' node is "adminscanfly.allow"
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    Oh you are right this is from DefaultCommands
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    Hey Lappy,

    I'm also getting the chat spam about allowed players being kicked.


    Also, I am using spout, but this error also happened without spout installed.
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    Looks like that could be to do with PermissionsBukkit, could you try it without that? If it's still the same I'll look into a fix.
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    are you going to update this to 1060?
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    Hey Lappy,
    It worked fine without PermissionsBukkit, but alternative permission systems are no longer an option. Perhaps it is a problem with superpermsbridge? I suppose I will go post on the PermissionsBukkit page too. I would be eternally grateful to you if you looked into it.
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    Does this support PermissionsEx PermissionsBridge? If not please add PermissionsEx support would really appreciate it mate. Btw this is better than anti-cheating plugins cause this actually prevents them from flying but not the people who has MagicCarpet or "/fly"
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    anyone does this work on RB 1060?
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    i got a problem here.
    im still getting kicked for flying in my server.
    im using Permissions 3.x, i put the node for admins group correctly but im still getting kicked with allow_flight set to false.
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    This should work correctly with 1060 since none of the API this relies on has changed.
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    ok ill test it soon and get back to you.
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    Nope. I'm getting kicked for flying. Just upgraded from 1000 to 1060, both with 1.2.1 of ACF.
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    Ok, I'll rebuild against the new API later today, thanks for informing me.
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    yea same as mcanusrules
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    Cant wait :)
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    the admins can fly is not working here.
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    If you'd have read the recent replies you'd have noticed it doesn't work with 1060 currently, I'll be releasing the 1060 update later.

    Version 1.3.0 is now available for download, it should work correctly, if it doesn't let me know, with any errors, and I'll look into the reason.

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    Hey Lappy,
    I tried the new build, and while the plugin is no longer throwing errors, it is also not working. I am getting kicked for Flying (Zombe). I have BukkitPermissions and Superperms if that matter.
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    Were you OP at the time or in a group with the node?
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    In a group with the node and op, but I believe I have turned the OP fallback off.
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    Can't see why it wouldn't work, I'll look into it for you later today, it's pretty late/early right now. =]
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    I can post my permissions config if you'd like, but I can wait until tomorrow. :D
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    PMing it to me would be more helpful than posting it here :3

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