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    so ive been looking for awhile now and i cant seem to find one of these, so im not sure if its possible but if you can, could someone make a plugin like this

    What it does ; It doesnt show who you're killed by e.g.
    "Player 1 has been killed by Unknown" Or "Player 1 has been killed"
    just something like that, it would allow long shot kills with bows or just be more sneaky and i just think itd be more fun haha, so if someone could please make something like that let me know :D
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    Well, I could make it check if the thing that killed them was an arrow, or a potion, and then make it change the death message.
    and if someone used /kill, I could do that too.

    is that what you are thinking?
  3. Yeah Ill have a go at making this for you now!

    Oh here we go! Did you mean like this?
    If it is let me know and Ill upload it to bukkit dev! :)
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    yeah i was thinking someting along the lines of this where you dont really know who killed who haha :D
  5. Okaay well the plugin is ready to be used, if you want to use it? :D
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    i woulddd loveee to use it ! Could i get a link to the plugin and thanks tby the way ! :D
  7. Sorry, is it okaay If i upload tomorrow? Its late here now and I need sleep for a early start at college tomorrow :(
    Plus I need to do some last minute checks on the plugin? If that's okay?
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    Why you still on mrsamcraft if it late??? it would take you aprox 2mins to load it to a site????
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    yeah no worries, i can wait haha
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  11. Thats because I edited that post after I found the answer...

    Called using mobile phone while laid in bed :)

    There you go If you need any updates let me know

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    [quote uid=90623444 name="mrsamcraft" post=1519422]<Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    There you go If you need any updates let me know (Will be on dev bukkit soon!)[/quote]
    Thanks sam ! exactly what i wanted :)
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