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    So basicly, i have a RP server. It has a thief class but all the plugins for that class are outdated. They lag up the server ect... I need someone to make me a plugin that can make me the class.
    Steals with redstone torch, 40% chance of getting it right, If fail take 2 damage.
    They can pickchests with ironingot, 20% of getting it right, if fail 3 damage (LWC)
    They can go invisible for a configable amount of time. Right clicking a clock.
    It needs permissions 1.3.6 AND/OR bpermissions, i want a dev who likes making plugins to do it and the £20 as a reward. If you want to help me with this, please comment. Also, if you can do this plugin, i can hire you to do many more :D

    Anyone? Please?

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    - How would you define 'stealing', like pickpocketing from another player while standing behind him or something?
    - Also, stealing from chests would require some chest ownership system, so you can acces your own chests and you can only steal from other people's chests (maybe with an exception for 'public' chests).
    - Invisibility should be doable :)

    I'm not sure if I have much time atm, but I'll see what I can do ;)
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    Yes, pickpocketing, if they fail, 2 damage and a message comes up saying. [Name] punched you, getting it right: You stole a item.
    Also the locked chests system is LWC. If they fail, Your fingers got traped in the lock. and 3 damage. If they get it right. You picked the lock.
    Add me on skype @ harrybridgen
    I will send you a will document of the exact stuff i want.
  4. Well... If you need someone to get a look at this I can give it a shot. It shouldn't be that difficult to do.
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    Sure, Im need a person plugin maker and i will pay them to make plugins for my server. If you can complete this, you can have it. Add me on skype @ harrybridgen
    I will send a full document of everything i need.
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    Sounds like a project Im working on(BlackSoul) :D

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