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    1. redkeeper
      Hey there. I am running a bukkit server and I would really appreciate it if I could become an essentials tester.
      Thanks :)
    2. Joshchamp67
      1. Joshchamp67
        May 31, 2011
    3. IceReaper
      Hi there. Im running a 1.6 server and testing plugins for compatibility. I would love to enter your 2.3 beta programm! i got the last build before you closed the dev-area. There were some problems / bugs i have encountered and would like to help test the new version, write bugreports and maybe post a bugfix which i figured out! :)
    4. Michael Jones
      Michael Jones
      Zenexer, Great plugin! I would love to assist with testing beta builds also, just like everyone else I am sure. I host a private server with about 14 people and we would love to simultaneously host a 1.6 for testing
    5. pedrohh
      Hi, I'm a owner of a pubic minecraft server, and I would like to participate on testing essentials dev builds. Is this possible, please?

      Best regards.
    6. DarkAngel117
      Could you help me with Essentials please? How do I get rid of the message that says somebody set down a block of stone? I looked everywhere in the config.yml, I can't find anything.

      Edit: nevermind, it was in config.yml, I just didn't look hard enough.

      Thanks for the great plugins :D
    7. noneandnonly
      Hi there I would like to have access to the dev builds, because we're using Essentials since a veeeery long time and we start becoming a big server, so we would need all the fixes as fast as possible. Especially because we're on the still dev Bukkit build #712.
      I would also tell you about any bugs I could find :)
      So I would thank you very much for the access.
    8. sfxworks
      <-- Needs updated essentials link
      <-- Would help in the programming
      <-- Knows java, AS3, html, css, and C#
      <-- Would update you on any bugs
      <-- Gets to specifics
      <-- Doesn't write formal style letters to waste your time

    9. JukkaTibbs
      I am brand new to this kind of stuff, and I am looking forward to getting the essentials plugin for my server on minecraft. I have my own server but am looking at others to see what plugins they like and use and that work.
      So Im wondering if I can get access to the essentials plugin, Ill do my best to follow your instructions and hopefully get it installed, and if not I can understand too.
      Thanks you for the time,
    10. Jointertron
      Hello, I have recently updated to Bukkit 617 and am in need of Essentials. However, the link for the newest Essentials Suite seems to be broken. Essentials is the only plugin of this nature that I have ever liked using. So if you could please tell me where I can get the 617 compatible version I will love you forever!

      Thank you for your time,

    11. FPSAndeh
      Hey man, I'm a big fan of your work, It's the only plugin I use on my server besides world edit, Could I please take part in the Testing process for this?

      Many Thanks,

    12. PlannedBoredom
      Hello, can I be an official tester for Essentials? I have tested many things in the past and program myself.
      Alec - [PlannedBoredom]
    13. colorhacker
      can i be an OFFICIAL tester of this plugin?
    14. thepackett
      essentials works great but could you make a tutorial for setting up more worlds than just the nether?
      no one seems to know how to :O
    15. IronFerret
      I was wondering if i could get a development download link for essentials, im trying to restart my server and essentials has all i need in one package.

      If not please let me know so i can start putting other plugins together.

      Thank you.
    16. Uyoxo
      Dude i need a essenstials doewnload that is conpadible with the 2nd latest build of bukkit post the link....
    17. twf28hotmail.com
      This doesn't seem to work with the latest Bukkitbuild (588).
    18. EniGmA1987
    19. MizLiv
      Hello, I'm interested in testing out some of your dev builds of essentials. I thought I might ask here. Please send me a PM. Thanks, MizLiv
    20. Infernus
      Hey! Could you tell me how to make a teleport plugin multiworld supported, or give me the source of yours? Thanks :)
    21. Buildoholic
      maybe he got internet problem or somthing
    22. Ikiyikiy1
      Zenexer did you hate us (pls answer) from your old minecraft server team!
    23. Buildoholic
      hi culd u get on skype please
    24. AmazingHayman
      Hi Zenexer. Think your Essentials Plugin is great! But I have a question: Is it possible to raise the stock limit in Trade signs up?
    25. Malix
      Hi, would it be considered OK if I made & published a package script for Arch Linux (would be available at aur.archlinux.org) which downloads & packages Essentials for easy installation?
    26. Ikiyikiy1
      um wats essiantals sorry so many posts in row but i was reading all the comments.
    27. Ikiyikiy1
      Im talking about earth2me.net by the way just so theres no confusion!
      but pls help zen (if your the right zen that is, if you arent then -_- if you are then :D)
    28. Ikiyikiy1
      Zen HELP, You know how you gave the earth2me minecraft server to the new guy. well i joined with cc and and he had no fly rule i dint know D: he banned me Help pls.
    29. kronmuffin
      i read the Build Status on ess.earth2me.com/index.php and i was wondering i i could become an official tester so i could get access to the dev builds
    30. joshua katz
      joshua katz
      sent u another msg zen.
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