Dec 31, 2010
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Okay, I just replied to 46 PMs. Whoo. Jul 16, 2011

    1. C0nsole
      I love how @JWhy has completely taken over sk's profile :3
    2. space555
      Hey, is there any chance you would be able to be a server developer for my server?
    3. stoneminer02
      Hello sk89q!
      Can I please get permission to use your WorldEdit on my plugin Plugin Pack
      1. JWhy
        Jan 4, 2013
    4. z00100100
      Idea for exact spawn and suggestion to adding player tracking so that you know if someone is joining for the first time and if they are not on the list then exicute the "/spawn" command to send them to the spawn point ive seen it done in a few of the exactspawn plugins
      1. JWhy
    5. disturbed13
      what happened to PM's? why cant i start a conversation with you?
      1. JWhy
        Jan 4, 2013
    6. strato661
      Is there any way to make worldguard protect everything except for one type of block? So that people can only break a certain block in that region?
      1. JWhy
    7. Benas7445
      Hey, cool dudes

      How to make all word region, i want to protect all the world with 1 region, even the new generated chunks that was created after region make.
      1. JWhy
        Jan 4, 2013
      2. Sir_Mr_Bman
        WorldGuard automatically creates a world wide region, __global__
        Jul 16, 2013
    8. Gnomeo76
      I saw you don't reply to this stuff much, but if you don't care I won't bother you. Anyway, I had (what I think is) a great idea for a function for worldedit. One would be able to create groups of blocks, along with a chance, and everything in the group would be randomized to something else within the group, for example I could do
    9. Gnomeo76
      //random new [name] stonebrick
      //random stonebrick add [block] 98 [rarity] 80
      //random stonebrick add [block] 98:1 [rarity] 10
      //random stonebrick add [block] 98:2 [rarity] 10
      then I would select something I made, such as a stone brick castle and
    10. Gnomeo76
      //set random stonebrick
      and everything in the selection made of either stone brick, mossy brick, or cracked brick would change to one of those materials based on the rartity percentage. I, and most likely many others would find this very useful. Thanks for your time, Gnomeo76.
    11. Doidle
      Hello there,
      I am using Worldguard, its a amazing plugin but.
      I had a question.
      Could you enable sponges to suck up Lava?
      Some servers might be intrested, and if you just put it in the config then people can decide if they might disable it
      or not.
    12. C0nsole
      Have you left bukkit...?
      1. JWhy
        Maybe he doesn't write to anymore, but he's active as always on IRC and he's still working on all of his projects:
        Jan 4, 2013
    13. Aliw
      I would forbid pvp on my map and allow pvp only on some area with the flags pvp (world guard). But I do not know how, Can you help me ?
    14. yat_
      Since 1.2.5 release , most of your plugins doesn't work anymore like CommandHelper.Hopefully you can update these amazing plugins.
    15. _Felek_
      Could you do commandbook for minecraft 1.2.5?

      Please do it as soon as possible.
      1. JWhy
        Aug 6, 2013
    16. 19jojo93
      Hey sk89q!

      Could you please add an option to WorldGuard to stop the Locked Chest (Id #95) block stop dissapearing on its own?

      Would be great if you could add this, thanks!
    17. TJSeabury
      1. JWhy
        Aug 6, 2013
    18. cyandroid
      hey, can you fix this inconvience?
      i know that mojang made it so that placed leaf blocks dont dissappear

      but when i use the "//brush sphere leaves 5" command for example, to build a giant tree the leaves dissapear

      can you make it so that it makes minecraft think the leaf blocks were "placed"
    19. i7vSa7vi7y
      PERFECT WorldEdit/WorldGuard suggestion:
      Make a permission node so that a person can only use worldedit in a region that they are a member or an owner of.
      P.S. If you decline, I shall bribe you.
      Another P.S. I also submitted this to the worldguard and worldedit plugin page thing, just to get the word out and get your attention.
      1. TJSeabury likes this.
    20. SolarBlaze
      I absolutley LOVE worldedit and i've built many things with it. It's just that whenever I try to place a large quantity of blocks with the /set command (15x15 bedrock to sky) worldedit stops responding, I get kicked off of the server, and the server doesn't respond to any commands. It doesn't even say that it's overloaded, it just freezes up. Help?
      1. James | Buchanan
        James | Buchanan
        Thats problem is your servers fault, WE uses a lot of data when you use large brush sizes, try not using large/data intensive brushes and you should be fine =D
        Mar 11, 2012
    21. svecchi
      I am a huge world edit user and couldn't have build as many things as i have without your plugins. I have a request, can you add a //roll command? for example you select a vertical plane and it rolls it horizontally. Get what i mean? Thank you so much!
    22. AndrewX123
      I LOVE WorldGuard. However; do you think that sometime in the future you could put in a rollback feature like LogBlock, BigBrother, and HawkEye do? Those plugins are great, but this is my favorite protection plugin and if you could do something like this it'd be great:
      (Select a region like you would normally first)
      //rollback # minutes
      //rollback [player] [minutes]
      Thanks so much!
      1. devilquak
        Correct me if I'm wrong, but you would still need something that records block places/breaks to do that. I'm sure WE/WG could do that, but it would need to hook into a block logging plugin (probably LogBlock) or create it's own way of recording blocks. However, either option would probably be redundant, because there's no point in integrating into another plugin just to add a feature that the integratee already has.
        Mar 1, 2012
      2. devilquak
        But, something similar to your idea, I would LOVE to see a WorldEdit command rollback feature for other players. Say if a disgruntled admin levels a city with WE, and the server happened to not have a block logging/rollback plugin installed (or if the admin erased the logs), you could just do //undo <player> to undo the last things that player did with WorldEdit, to the extent that the current //undo goes.
        Mar 1, 2012
      3. devilquak
        Cont: I'm pretty sure this isn't impossible to do, and would be helpful to a lot of people. Thanks, and good luck.

        Also, god bless you for your plugin, it is just so helpful. You have made my last 6 months in Minecraft amazing.
        Mar 1, 2012
    23. Eselyx
      Please Help ME!
      World edit 5.0 doesn`t Work.
      1. MoBO
        It works fine for me.
        Maybe you should provide more information :o)
        Jan 3, 2012
    24. angus22397
      1. Nathan C likes this.
      2. angus22397
        Am I the first to notice, or did someone else already?
        Dec 15, 2011
    25. XDjackieXD
      can you make a download link to your ingame map youtube player please?
      IT'S SO COOL!
      (sorry if i'am writing in bad english)
    26. Elfsovereign
      Hey I realize that this is unorthodox, but I was wondering if I could ask some information concerning your plugin. I know that you can spawn spheres via your plugin, I was wondering what the mathematic formulae you use are, it's for a paper in college.
    27. petfrank
      thx soooo mcuh u rule. But....... can u reply to posts a little more often. Thx
    28. toshir0z
      Congratz on how popular u are World Edit is a tool i will never forget
    29. Forge_User_67106366
      Hey! Will your worldguard and worldedit be fixed?
    30. decebaldecebal
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