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Yakima, WA
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    Yakima, WA
    Waking Sloth
    1980 "youngster"
    • Atari 2600 - Console Games - flipped space invaders 13 times
    • Atari / Apple 8 Bit - BASIC/ML/Assembly
    • Digital Electronics, AND/OR/NOT gates in the brain
    1990 "college boy"
    • To Seattle I went, long live grunge!
    • Got a campus job in a computer lab after I responded to a post on this thing called the Usenet
    • UNIX Shell/Fortran/LISP/C/HTML
    • Played a few text based MUDs- oh the glory of colored text
    • Introduced to the smiley face :) around '91
    • Intel PC Networking/MS Office
    • Go-to guy for installing a $100,000 50 node network for a non-profit as a summer gig the whole thing pretty much rested on my shoulders after a senior employee bailed
    • Electronic circuit/transistor/chip theory & design
    • University Degree BSEE aquired, yipee!
    1995 "young professional"
    • Netware/Oracle Servers with 80 node LAN managed & supported- the whole thing rested on my shoulders after the guy who hired me that I was supposed to learn from gave his 2 weeks notice on my first day wtf
    • To Silicon Valley I went, jumpin Jehoshaphat!
    • Diablo- first real online gaming experience
    • Was knee-deep in establishing and automating B2B data transfers supporting manufacturing processes
    • MS VB/Access/Excel in-house development to maximize internal efficiencies
    • UNIX based Oracle DB and Application support- local and remote upgrades across several sites in different time zones.. scripts and more scripts.. any screw up or excess downtime and yer talking tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain not to mention the utter shame
    • To Ireland I went for 6 months... St Patties day parade in a small town best float was one with a bunch of drunk priests not kidding hah
    • Oracle PL/SQL until my eyes bled, integrated with VB front end
    • To Utah I went, how can a place with that much sun have such a pale faced populous? I love Mormons they never steal from you
    • In-house development projects- worked on billing/order management and manufacturing resource planning both local and multi-site projects on both client PCs and UNIX servers running Oracle DB and application processes
    • Getting customer requirements writing project docs/getting write offs/managing deadlines
    • A good number of Powerpoint presentations and Gantt charts (timelines) put together
    • To Boston I went, finally got DSL turbo speed internet woot, which led to the following:
    • Became an Everquest junkie
    • Java/Rational Rose (UML)/early XML
    • Team building & hiring (100s of resumes dozens and dozens of interviews)
    • Drove the design and the team in the creation of a custom Java app server using sockets and XML as communication medium integrated with web content for specific customer implementations (B2B)
    • Had to fire one contractor cause he lied about his abilities and we didn't catch it in the interview.. we couldn't use him yet I felt kinda bad only because there was a green card issue with him and he literally begged
    That ended 10 years ago in Boston, when I started Retirement v1.0 in 2000.. the same year everybody thanked the Lord Itself when all the computers in the world DIDN'T explode when the new millennium hit.

    Now I am getting back into programming.. need to restock cash pile. Lookin to build some Minecraft plugins as a fun way to get my skills back up to snuff.

    Eventually Retirement v2.0 will commence. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Praised be Ganesh.


    Plugin Developer In Training