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Jan 28, 2013
Feb 24, 2011
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Jan 28, 2013
    1. xIPad3Zockerx
      Why work Falsebook (Gate) Not with redstone
    2. zachman1221
      HEY! U gonna Update FalseBook??? If not SHARE the Source! So Others can Update for you!!
    3. Darcion
      Now we need you, FB and newer CBs dont work anymore, any way to get you back or some assistant for work on your source code?
    4. MinecraftSped
      Can you possible add a way to change the soul sand to glowstone ids so you can possibly swap out glowstone with redstone lamp (124)
    5. schwindb

      post the source code, please.

    6. computerdude5000
      hey GeMoschen since you've stopped working on Falsebook can I have the source code so I can continue with it?
    7. RyanTheLeach
      Hey man, i cant find source or documentation for falsebook cart anywhere? any tips
    8. Thaky
      Are you going to update false book to 0.93.0 by noon?
    9. 9903286
      How do you use the ProgramBlock and the TeleportBlock? (For carts)
    10. Shayana
      Hello, I use falsebook for a long time now, I think since craftbook's been inactive... 1.5 or .6 beta I think...
      Anyway, thank you so much for keeping this up to date !
      I'm here to give you my help, maybe I can help you improve your "wiki" at the moment it's so empty...
      Let me know if you're interessed, also, I'm french but as you can see I can speak english.
    11. DarkFusion
      Hey :D can you update your thread? with falsebook :D i need the new permissions :D very very awesome work :D
    12. Thaky
      when are you going to update false book?
    13. 9903286
      Could you please add so that you can use faction detection for the MC1271 and the MC0271 IC?
      1. Thaky
        They are already enabled I couldnt uses it when I had Craftbook enabled. But now I can since I took it off...
        Jan 24, 2012
    14. Thaky
      Can you please update falsebook I really want to see the new fetures.
    15. Hoot215
      Do you have any plans to update the INSTALLATION.txt file for FalseBook? Currently it's a bit outdated.
    16. DaEgo
      GeMoschen bitte poste endlich mal die neuen permissions
      alle leut fragen danach und keiner kann gates lifts und doors bauen
      weil die rechte fehlen
      update die permissions bitte !
      1. PCITJunior
        Ich erweitere grade das Wiki. Dauert noch ein Weilchen.
        Jan 8, 2012
    17. DarkFusion
      Hello, i saw your Plugin Falsebook its very very nice , but i have a problem how do i set up the confirguration of can you make me an example? or a Guide? :D thx pn me pls
    18. robxu9
      Can you please update Falsebook? :)
      (Or merge it with CraftBook? :D)
    19. AnToN Ronsjö
      AnToN Ronsjö
      Hello, I saw that you fixed the MC0271-MC0272 buggs i reported to you but you never fixed my biggest request. Fixing so [x] signs will activate buttons and not only levers
    20. EssAge
      i want to built a digital clock
      for first i want to build a 10 secont count but i need in the ic mc0420 two parametres like 10:1
      can you help me or call me a trick i´m not so good in falsebook, and this could help me, thx in advance.
      P.S.: i´m from germany, srry about mx bad english
    21. Apower
      Fix the FalseBook please, it is owange! If you do I'll try to help you with something in return if you want :)
    22. Liam Allan
    23. AnToN Ronsjö
      AnToN Ronsjö
      Hello Mr do you have skype or Steam or anything like that since i have lots of ideas for your plugin Falsebook if your intressted. Thanks for your attention
    24. AnToN Ronsjö
      AnToN Ronsjö
      Hey m8! i wonder why [x] cant be triggered by buttons but they can be triggered by levers plz fix this in the upcoming version! would be realy nice since i want to have a code-lock on tehwarriors minecraft server!
    25. xsrrpp
      Are you german?
    26. Shayana
      Thank you SO MUCH, I don't know enough words in English to tell you how your falsebook plugin is GREAT !!
    27. Darkwolf524
      Hi GeMoschen. Is there any way you can split up netherrack lighting and soulsand to Glowstone. Super-Earth is one of the largest servers and we would like for you to do this because exploits are never fun.
    28. blackat
      Hi GeMoschen pls upadte Falsebook of Mincraft please .I need Falsebook
    29. popdog15
      Um, I had a post for the Cauldrons and you said to change it to obsidian;2*263;1*49 and mosstone;2*4,2*3;1*49 I did this as you said, and it still doesnt work, plz help? I really like the idea of cauldrons :P
    30. lonehangman
      Hello GeMoshchen. I really like your plugin as craft book does not always work. But recently certain IC's don't work. It gives me "ic signs must be placed on a wall" which it clearly is. Another problem is that in the console it says it cannot find, to my memory, transmitter.db and some other database files. Can you please help me.
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