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Jan 2, 2011
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Dec 9, 2015
    1. Forge_User_46790535
    2. CoolOppo
      Your work on Essentials Protect is great!
      One thing though, I have it set so a Creeper can't damage blocks above layer 55. So when they explode anywhere else, they make a hole still, and if you walk into it they lag. I was wondering if you could fix this or if it is just client side. If not, I'm still gonna use it because I like how it still makes the *BOOM* sound! ;)
    3. pedrohh
      Hi, I'm a owner of a pubic minecraft server, and I would like to participate on testing essentials dev builds. Is this possible, please?

      Best regards.
      1. Forge_User_46790535
        May 8, 2011
    4. sfxworks
      <-- Needs updated essentials link
      <-- Would help in the programming
      <-- Knows java, AS3, html, css, and C#
      <-- Would update you on any bugs
      <-- Gets to specifics
      <-- Doesn't write formal style letters to waste your time

      1. Forge_User_46790535
        pop into the irc chan :)
        Apr 6, 2011
    5. Forge_User_46790535
    6. Jointertron
      Hello, I have been using essentials since I first started my server. I tried to download the latest Essentials Suite for bukkit 617 at the indicated location according to the main post for this plugin but the link appears to be broken. If there is anything you can do to help it would be greatly appreciated. I know that you guys are busy so I will understand if I have to wait. Thank you for your time,

      1. Forge_User_46790535
        Apr 4, 2011
    7. IronFerret
      I'd like to thank you for your work on the essentials plugin. I love having all the general commands and extras in one download, it makes server management so much easier. I was hoping I could continue to use the plugin with your Dev build. Thank you for your consideration.
    8. eleven0x7
      Hello ementalo, I was wondering if I could be allowed access to your DEV builds. You can find my server at, if you are interested. Regardless, thanks for the work you do on Essentials.
    9. SSA
      Was wondering if you were planning on porting command alert to bukkit. Loved that plugin.
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