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  1. So I got this idea for ZoneCraft (something that could solve the issue of griefing). Some of this has been done (towny mod for example) but not to this extent. By breaking up the server into plots that can be built on only by those who allow it, we can allow players to build without fear of their work being destroyed.
    I know this is a long post, however please give it a full read. If you have any questions or concerns please reply and I will respond.
    General / for all
    • Server is broken down into 50x50 plots/sectors (or any number that the admin specifies) that players can obtain
    • When a player first joins the server, they are spawned in an bedrock area with signs explaining what to do
    • The have NO ACCESS to any commands except /intro
      • User cannot chat either
    • /intro gives them a how-to, server rules, etc
      • At the end of the output they get a command + unique key
        • /register <unique key>
    • After that, it teleports the user to the real spawn
      • The user can now explore
    • From there the user can request a plot of land to build on
    • The system then teleports user to random location on map to build or they can request the plot of land they are currently standing on (see more details below)
      • Spreads the users out so they are not just clustered around spawn
      • Maybe make this an option
    • No more than 3 area requests per day (Or whatever the admin specfies)
      • This limits players from hording land and building arround other players stuff
    • Need to modify more than 30 blocks in the initial 24 hours
      • If the user does not we can queue for admin reversal or auto clean it up
    • Backups
      • No more than 3 backup or restore requests per day
      • No more than 3 backups stored on server
      • Backups can be disabled
    • Towns can be any size
    • Admin can set a buffer (optional) in-between the town and adjacent buildings
    • For area, admins can limit the amount of friends a player can add

    Key Features
    • Hierarchical structure
    • Backup & restore area
    • Kick, ban, allow, revoke players access to the town
    • Blacklist items from being placed in town
    • Only trusted members can be the owner/governor of the town

    • Owner of the land
    • Sets permissions for everyone
    • Can transfer ownership (with admin approval)
    • Also overwrite subordinates
    Lt. Governor
    • Can create sub grids for Mayors (such as a “Hotel” project)
    • Can overwrite Mayor
    • Give and remove access to build in his/her zone
    • Set area to free build (anyone with citizenship can build and remove blocks)
    • Set area to contained (can only build and remove their own blocks)
    • Kick, ban, allow, revoke players
    • Can build / remove depending on permissions set by Mayor
    • Can be enabled/disabled by Gov., Lt. Gov., or Mayor
    • Can view things
    • Interact with doors and switches
    Admins Only
    • /town new <biome, random> <size> <buffer>
      • Biome: Biome Type (Snow, Desert, Forest, etc.)
      • Size: In sets of 2 (2 = 100 blocks [rectangle], 4 = 200 blocks [square])
      • Buffer: Optional. Sets 50 blocks around the town for no build zone
    • /town blacklist add <block>
      • Block: Block number or name to blacklist
    • /town blacklist remove <block>
      • Block: Block number or name to remove from blacklist
    • /town protect <on, off>
      • On: Sets the town to structured/ Hierarchy mode
      • Off: Sets the town to free for all mode
        • All players can destroy, create, and use (how it is right now)
        • Governor, Lt. Gov. and Mayors can still ban and kick players
    • /town invite <on, off>
      • On: Sets town to invite only. All other users will not be allowed to enter
      • Off: Sets town to allow all (non-banned) visitors.
    Lt. Governor and Up
    • /town <backup, restore> <date>
      • Backup: Creates a backup of the town
      • Restore: Restores town to requested date
      • Date: Entry to roll back to / if left empty will display backups
    Mayor and Up
    • /town kick <player>
      • Player: Player to kick from your property (sends to spawn)
    • /town ban <player>
      • Player: Player to ban from town (sends to spawn)
        Will not allow user into land again
    • /invite <player>
      • Player: Invites specified player to the town in which the command initiated
    Key Features
    • Backup & restore area
    • Allow friends to build on plot with them
    • Automated so no admin needs to be involved
    All Players (Once /registered)
    • /area <random, biome, here>
      • Random: Requestsa new area randomly on the map
      • Biome: Requests an area that primarily contains the entered biome type
      • Here: Requests a sector closest to your location
    • /area <backup, report> <#>
      • Backup: Creates a backup of their area
      • Restore: Restores to specified save
      • #: Entry to roll back to / if left empty will display backups
    Owner of land
    • /area <add, remove> friend <player>
      • Add: Adds a friend to build on his land
      • Remove: Removes friend from being able to build
      • Player: Player to add
    • /area protect <on, off>
      • On: Only user that request area & friends can build
      • Off: Free for all mode
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    Wow this sounds really good! I second this.

    Alot of people make their requests, but dont read others. This is a good idea with lots of detail. Great work
  3. Thank you. I wish I could get someone to code this. My day job (programming) takes up too much of my time to really put the effort into this.

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