Your opinions on a world-wide moderation solution?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by RjSowden, Jan 17, 2013.


What do you think about a universal player record system?

  1. It's a good idea!

  2. It's a bad idea!

  3. It's a good idea, but it shouldn't ban people (Possible with GlobalBan)

  4. It's a bad idea, people shouldn't be penalized for actions on the internet. Plus invasion of privacy

  5. Brocoli

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    I'm in the final stages of making a plugin called GlobalBan, which aims to create one large database which stores all of a player's possibly offensive actions, and want to know if demand is sufficient to warrant domain registration etc... to make the system live

    GlobalBan - When launched - will allow servers to share 'reports' about players, such as weather they are banned, have been un-banned, have been greifing, etc... and block players logging into the server if they have bad records/a bad reputation. Server ops can choose whether to send this information in the config file. Server ops can also specify the entry requirements for players they want on the server, based on the amount of:
    • Bans a player has had
    • Servers the player is banned from (Amount of bans minus amount of unbans)
    • Warnings/Cautions a player has received
    • Average Bans/Cautions the player has had per day
    • Bans/Cautions the player has had in the last 24 hours
    All of which is configurable via the config file. This means that mods can set their servers as strict or as lenient as they like. This also means that no single server can be responsible for a player being banned from any other server. In addition, setting the values to minus one will disable the option, meaning server ops can remove the automatic player filtering option entirely, whilst keeping the ability to report/ban/unban players. Reports are handled by the bukkit plugin, and authorized by the IP address, limiting the opportunities to abuse the system

    And I will include more, if interest is sufficient. Both server mods and active players need only a minecraft account, and the plugin runs quietly in the background, only querying the GlobalBan server when a player logs in. A live demo with a TESTIFICATE player is available at and This will be secured and added to a more attractive interface once the system goes live

    There is also an additional HTML5 web interface under production, which allows players to dispute any bans and also view anonymous statistics.

    So let me know what you think. Fully configurable, protects your server from greifers and supports openness across minecraft servers: Would you download it for your server?
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    you should make it so on the site you can report players with a screen shot or sumthing, and the admins on the site will review the disputes and set there status to banned.... then people can download the plugin, and register there server with the site, and on the site they can login to change there server settings ie: Checkbox weather to ban all the players on the site, just the ones that are set to banned, or none of them.
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    It's been tried before. See MCBans.
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    i agree with flamingarmor said and only some servers should be allowed to ban but anyone can report video/screenshot but.. it could be faked with offline mode.. so its bad
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    Added code to prevent plugin running while the server is in offline mode
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    It can still be faked with plugins like mobdisguise
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    Plugins like mobdisguise do not mask the players API name as far as I am aware, only their display name. Calling player.getName() will get the player's real name, even if they are disguised. That was a few versions ago though, so I shall check that now.
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    This. It's been made already. It's called MCBans, and it's mediocre on all levels.
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    I say go for it, but ONLY if you are actually going to put work into it, and not make it end up like Mcblockit and BCBans. Both looked like promising systems, and then they just gave up.

    I will consider including it with Fishbans if you have an API that isn't stupid to use (AKA no f***ing requiring POST data to get player bans), and you keep it running, so I don't waste time building it in only to have it disappear a month later.

    Regardless, I think there should be some competition. Look into the failures of other systems, and fix them.
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    Notes taken. Included a simple API, adding a vote-based appeal system to improve appeal pass/fail times, included a server requirements database, simple Web overview with the option to be more in-depth, QR codes, working on encrypted transmissions... The list goes on. But I think one of the major additions is a vote-based appeal system where both parties can submit evidence FOR/AGAINST to be viewed by the public, who can vote yay or nay to the particular record. After a week, the votes are tallied and whoever won it gets their desired action. This ensures that even if moderators give up, the system will stay put.
    And mediocre isn't good enough.
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    Would you/Do you collect players IPs?
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    No, as the amount of legislation I'd then have to comply with (data protection etc...) would be a lot greater. The system will only collect the IP's of the servers and of those suspected of filing fraudulent reports. The latter of which is not publicly visible.
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    Fair enough.
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    As a side-note, global IP banning would only be effective for 24 hours, as most users are on a dynamic IP which will be reassigned every 24 hours
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    This sounds like a good project, good luck with it, you have my full support on this.
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    That seems like a bad idea. Really easy to get a group of friends to go vote to get someone unbanned who should be banned. Leave it to server staff to decide the fate of the ban. Require evidence for the ban, and allow for the bans to be escalated to dispute team members if needed who will look at it from an unbiased point of view and rule in the correct favor.

    Edit: Plus, if you did it that way, someone who was wrongfully banned will stay that way for at least a week, which hurts them more.
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    Changed system. One vote per IP. The voting page is now entirely random and non-searchable in its content, with 20 random appeals shown to each visitor. No set page for each appeal, negating the ability to vote-spam as a group of friends as a link to the page won't exist for more than one instance at a time (i.e. the page address is disposed of and re-randomized once a person has cast their vote). Evidence required to submit an appeal, and for swearing/block placing offenses, a server log can be viewed as evidence with the player's last 10 possibly rule-breaking actions. Moderators/trusted voters can cast higher value votes, and can review any high-profile case in the unlikely event vote-spamming has still occurred.
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    Deleted user

    If you're really going to go through with this, I bid you good luck.
    Global banning plugins usually turn out to be horrid projects.
    No offense, of course, as I haven't seen yours. Just my two cents.
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    Oh no, I totally agree. I myself have been subject to many a failure of many a horrid project, the important thing is to learn from them :)
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    I've almost finished the website-side of things. Check it out here: for the beta website. The users I've got programmed in as examples are:
    If you guys could have a look at it and give some feedback (as well as checking that there isn't any function that doesn't work) that would be ace. Let me know what you think could be done better/what has been done well, and I'll try and improve it.
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    I think it's very ugly. Also, it uses frames... what?

    Last I checked, you aren't aiming for a late 90s geocities site.
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    RjSowden I have a suggestion. Make a website that does not attempt to melt my eyes.


    This bit reminds me of these scam sites that require you to fill out a survey in order to download a file.

    Oh yeah, and you somehow managed to make a template that you grabbed from TemplateMonster... worse? I did not even know it was humanly possible.

    If you think that this... thing can compete with MCbans, then you are delusional.

    Edit: I did not notice the frames at first, but I have to agree with Sushi on this one - Why?..
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    Okay, I'm seeing a lot of problems, but not a lot of solutions. Never said I made the template, just the website behind it. So what you guys are all saying is, change the template?
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    Make your own template so that the design of the template is intuitive and fits well with the actions that will be taking place in the moderation website. One of the problems with the MCBans website is their template IMHO.
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    Advice noted. I'm not a web designer by vocation, but I'll give it my best shot :)
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    The new template is worse, IMO :s

    It should be something simple, and easy to use, not something with a lot of fancy features.
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