Your favorite Java IDE?

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What IDE do you use?

  1. Notepad++

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  2. NetBeans

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  3. Eclipse

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  4. IntelliJ IDEA

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    so I've been always wondering, what IDE do those advanced developers use? It's true that the IDE will never affect the plugin's job, but that just makes me wonder what IDE do people use.

    Most people start with Eclipse as it's a good start.
    But I don't think sticking with Eclipse is very good, especially when the developer starts writing very long and time-consuming plugins.

    To shorten all of that, what IDE do you use and why do you love using it?

    I use IntelliJ IDEA, a Jetbrains product, because:

    1- Shortcuts that can sometimes make writing easier (like "sout" and ".cast") and faster, and auto complete as well.
    2- Nice themes
    3- Fast, unlike Eclipse, when you type ".", it will take some time to load all the available methods, which sometimes can be annoying, however IntelliJ doesn't. Once it finds the method that starts with those letters it will suggest it for you
    4- Smart
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    I am learing in eclipse right now
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    How is this related to what IDE is used then?
    I have been using eclipse for huge projects (not just plugins) and still don't have any issues with it.
    Even made an eclipse plugin that creates plugin templates for me.
  4. @xTechno_
    I'd say that eclipse and IDEA are barely even comparable. IDEA has so many features it's ridiculous. Sure, eclipse is usable, but I reckon that pretty much anyone will have a hard time switching back to eclipse after being accustomed to IDEA.
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    Eclipse lets you create various cross platform Java applications for use on mobile, web, desktop and enterprise domains.
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    @timtower I used eclipse for a while and it started to become slow and react slowly. Sometimes when you want to type System.out.println in eclipse, this itself will take 5 seconds to type. In IDEA you just type sout and it'll automatically continue. What I meant by saying that it's not good to stick with eclipse is time compared between writing in eclipse and in IJ

    @AlvinB true but I doubt anyone would switch back to eclipse, especially when they have used IDEA for a while. But as I mentioned above, the only difference I find between them is time taken. But the IDE will never affect the project's job anyways

    @morganjoyce IntelliJ can do that as well
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