You are too far away from the arena to join/spectate ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by tomy123456, Aug 31, 2013.

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    You are too far away from the arena to join/spectate

    this show me at MobArena how can fix?
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    Maybe the config has an option on how close you have to be to it, check that. Also have you tried googling this first? Always search the issue first.
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    i dident find anything at google

    config have only this

    world: world
    enabled: true
    protect: true
    entry-fee: ''
    clear-wave-before-next: true
    clear-boss-before-next: true
    clear-wave-before-boss: true
    lightning: true
    auto-equip-armor: true
    soft-restore: false
    soft-restore-drops: false
    require-empty-inv-join: false
    require-empty-inv-spec: false
    hellhounds: false
    pvp-enabled: false
    monster-infight: false
    allow-teleporting: false
    spectate-on-death: true
    auto-respawn: true
    share-items-in-arena: true
    min-players: 0
    max-players: 0
    max-join-distance: 0
    first-wave-delay: 5
    wave-interval: 15
    final-wave: 0
    monster-limit: 100
    monster-exp: true
    keep-exp: true
    food-regen: false
    lock-food-level: true
    spout-class-select: false
    player-time-in-arena: world
    auto-ignite-tnt: false
    auto-start-timer: 0
    auto-ready: false
    use-class-chests: false
    display-waves-as-level: false
    display-timer-as-level: false
    use-scoreboards: true
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    Under max-players; max-join-distance: 0. Something tells me that options not just there to look pretty...
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    max-join-distance: <distance> - The maximum distance (in blocks) from which players can join or spectate the arena. If 0 (default), there is no limit. Note that the distance is calculated from every corner of the arena region, and that players not in the arena world won't be able to join or spectate.

    i fixed with
    max-join-distance: 1000000000000
    but cant be max-join-distance:0 if 0 is no limite?

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    I don't know, most plugins use the value -1 for unlimited.
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