Yeah... I'm leaving too.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by milesmcc, Sep 6, 2014.

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    To start off, most of you have probably no idea who I am, but I'm Miles, a person who has watched Bukkit though binoculars for most of its life. I saw it grow, and now, shrivel. I'm a plugin developer, but no longer.

    Anyway, after the resignation of the majority of Bukkit's staff and team, I thought I'd join the wave and leave too, for pretty much the same reason: I won't be under the reign of Mojang. But leaving on my own choice would be no fun, so I will say the following:

    If for the unlikely event you want to come and see me, visit me on Spigot, where I'll be. I'm probably going to be banned for this post because it merely contains the word Spigot, but it's the truth, that's where I'll be.


    PS: If you don't feel like banning me for merely mentioning it, not advertising or recommending it, good on you. I don't want to be banned.
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    To repeat, I'm aware that I have no presence in this community any longer, but I'm using this thread to bookend my time at Bukkit. I know none of you are shedding tears at my departure, I don't expect you to.

    So yeah. Bye.
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    Wait why cant we say Spigot here? Its just another server software?
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    It's a different server software, or unoffical build if you would like, of bukkit, there is no support for another server softwares in these BUKKIT forums.
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    Bye.. well... everyone. Im leaving to.
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    Since you haven't had any presence , by that i mean , discussions in this forum or updates to your plugins since January , why the grand standing now? At least you are aware you had no presence ,so , no point at all then.
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