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    -x- Hello! -x-
    Hello, my name is Lewis and I have come up with a very unique Mini-Game that I believe will really bring a fun new addon to my server.

    -x- Background -x-
    The game is simple. At the start, everyone is teleported to the start of a long runway where they have to attempt to reach the other end without getting knocked off the side, being kicked back to the start of the runway again. Through out the time of the players running from one end to the other, a timer is counting down (specified in config) which is displayed on their xp bar. The goal is to reach the other end of the runway and enchant as much of their armour/weapons (given to them when they reach the end of the runway) with the xp left in their xp bar from the counter counting down before being teleported into a PVP with the items that they have enchanted. If they get a kill, it is added onto a personal scoreboard (of the players) and updates everytime they get a kill, even after they leave the server and join back. However if they die, they will become teleported to the XP RUN lobby.
    -x- Gameplay Example -x-
    1.) I click on a sign in the lobby that send me into the game but im frozen in place untill there are enough people (specified in config)
    2.)When enough people have joined, we all start running down this long runway (I will build maps) to reach the other side without getting knocked off by other players.
    3.) There is a timer counting down on my xp bar whilst I am trying to do so!
    4.) I was knocked off the edge of the runway making me fall until my y axis=100 and now have to repsawn back at the start (but without the respawn screen)!
    5.) I finally get to the end of the course and my timer has stopped on my xp bar leaving me with 72xp levels left!
    6.) I have untill all players have finished (+1 minute) to enchant my armour/weapons given to me when I finished!
    7.) One minute is over and I now have been teleported into a PVP map (also made by me) where I have to wait 30secs untill I am unfrozen and can start to fight!
    8.) I get a kill and it shows up on my scoreboard to the right!
    (Scoreboard example)
    XP RUN
    Kills: 1
    Score: 5
    Time Left: 5m
    9.) After getting 3 kills, I am killed myself which gets me teleported back to the Lobby, still showing my scoreboard until I return to the main Server Hub.
    10.) I leave the server, come back on the next day and my stats are still the same from the day before!
    -x- Commands -x-
    /xprun setlobby Creates the main lobby for XP RUN
    /xprun create <arena name> Creates a XP RUN arena under the name specified
    /xprun setspawn <arena name> Sets a new spawn for XP RUN for the map specified (can be run multiple times for multiple spawns)
    /xprun setfinish <arena name> Sets the finish location for the map specified
    /xprun setpvp <arena name> Sets the spawn for when players get teleported to the PVP section of the game
    /xprun join <arena name> Joins the player to the arena game specfied, also teleporting them to the start of the runway using ONE of the spawns set earlier
    /leave Teleports player back to XP RUN lobby but not unless game is in starting countdown
    -x- Permissions -x-
    xprun.player Acsses to all the commands needed by players (join, leave etc...)
    xprun.vip Grants more time on runway (allocated in config)
    xprun.admin Accses to all the comands needed by the Admin (setlobby, setfinish etc...)
    -x- When do I want it? -x-
    Whenever, seriously take your time if you can do this, It would be great to have it done within a week however but if you can take on this monster of a plugin, please, take your time!
    -x- Contacts -x-
    Skype: darkestginge
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    LewisNewson isn't this just like the game on mcdelta?
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    I'm not sure, I have only ever played Hypixel and Gameslab....

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