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    Hello everyone, I am creating a minecraft server purely for ww1 and would like it to be able to hold 50-100 players a side. This plugin will showcase on the official server then get released to the public.

    Plugin category: War/battle plugin

    Suggested name: ww1 battle plugin (can sort the name out later)

    What I want: This plugin will allow administrators to build and create battlefields with the main ability to destroy the terrain and play terrain. I would like the battles to have a very anarchistic vibe to them, allowing the player to build an destroy bunkers ect and have them fight in their way. Due to the map's terrain being destroyed during battle there would need to be a world reset ability, this could be done by having a fresh copy of the world already in the server file and the plugin copies that and restarts the server, or could be done in another way. The player would be able to select their class by typing in commands such as (/infantry /assault /machinegunexpert) and would get their respective items.

    The gamemode could either be team deathmatch or capture the flag/intel.

    Ideas for commands:
    /wbp create [name of arena]
    /wbp setspawn 1/2 (can be used more than once as you will be able to set multiple spawns)
    /wbp setflag 1/2
    /wbp setlobby
    (I think I have all the basic commands, however if more are needed to be added than that's okay.

    Ideas for permissions: player.clicksign. Set it to true so the player can click the signs to join the battle.

    When I'd like it by: I am flexible, and understand that this is a larger project.
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    just a quick question, is the over-all purpose pretty much just a team deathmatch; in essence how would a game come to a close and end?
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    I do apologise, I should have put that in the main post. Yes I wanted to have it a team deathmatch, or possibly a capture the flag gamemode.

    I will update the main post now.
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    I've never dealt with minigames before, so I'm probably not the one to take this up; from the way it sounds tho it shouldn't be super difficult to make for someone who's used to that kind of coding, pretty much just team deathmatch with a map reset at the end of the game.
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    That is my overall view yes.
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    A server has been secured and we are looking for a programmer now!
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    still looking!
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