Would anyone want to develop plugins with me!?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by FlameHead269, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Hello, I'm FlameHead269. I have a huge experience with administration of servers on Classic<suchas MCLawl or FCraft>and on Beta Servers<HMod only and soon Bukkit>. So I decided that I would like to make plugins but as I was thinking is that I want to devolop plugins with a partner/development duo to associate with and make plugins that people depend on!!

    I have all the Java Basics: I've learned through reading many books and such!

    But, I thought maybe since I love this game so much and have mastered administration of servers and websites I thought I'd turn it up a N-O-T-C-H and develop plugins for the community of this mod. BUT with a partner{ONCE AGAIN XD>. So if your interrested please leave a message below this MSG!

    (NOTE: That making plugins take lots of responsiblity and knowledge most IMPORTANTLY Pacence
    so unless you are as willing as me then I'd like to do some plugin business with you!!!):)
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    hey id like to help you. im not a very experienced java coder, but i know the basics if you want my help just reply
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    xchrisxpx add me on skype

    also me and my partner need your assittance also
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    me and my partner could use ur assitance
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    I could probably help with a few things here and there? I have made a few plugins, and I'm anxious to learn more Java.
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    Well, here and there wed be happy to have u!
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    Cool, how do we chat? :eek:
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    welll skype is


    add me and we may begin chatting xD
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    Hah, very well then. :)
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    wouldn't mind working with some people, have any plugins in mind
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    If you're looking for more of a group-focused approach to plugin development, why not upload your project onto github, put your ideas onto a thread here, say what needs to be done and encourage people to submit pull requests?
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    I'd like to help! I unfortunately have no programming experience but I'm really looking to learn. Once I've learned how to write plugins though I can work full force on this. I currently run my own server and really want to make my own plugins and not be dependent on others so thats really why I want to learn. Once I have learned I would stick with your plugin development team
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    ur hired
    skype: no1golfer2000

    omg, lol people i am looking for a team maxium of 5 people
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    people that are hired are
    -and nic
    -and then me

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