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    Suggested name: SubRegion
    Plugin category: Anti-Griefing-Tools | Admin-Tools
    How it works: e.g. some players establish a new city and request an admin to protect it. Later they want to sell plots inside their city (SimpleRegionMarket) to new players. They prepare about 50 building places and expect from me to protect every single plot. Such large-scaled orders are very annoying and time-consuming.

    My solution: Players are able to protect on their own (sub-regions) inside existing regions with two limitations:
    1. they must be registered as an owner of the region
    2. the region has to be flagged as "self-protect ALLOW"
    The protection process is similar to the regular one. Only difference: players use a stick/blaze rod to define the region corners instead of the WorldEdit wand (271). Then /region define ... and so on.

    Commands: -> WorldGuard
    - region flag "self-protect" as default
    - max. sub-regions inside a sub-region
    - sub-region-creation price (Vault)
    - max. volume of sub-regions
    - min. volume of sub-regions
    - max. sub-regions per player
    - max. sub-regions per region
    - id of the selection item
    subregion.free (no payment required if enabled in config)

    I hope I wrote it understandable :)
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    If I understand what you want, it can be accomplished with priorities.
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    The plugin has to set the priority of a player-created region automatically higher than the parent-region.

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