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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by DarkBoomba, Sep 13, 2016.

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    I need some help with setting up region rules in my server.

    The thing is. In my Server I have a region which covers my whole city. In that region breaking and placing blocks is set to deny. That works fine.
    But inside my town I have a few parcels which players can buy to build their house on. (region names: parcel1, parcel2, etc.) So with a sign command a player pays money and they will be set owner of, for example, parcel1.
    In my opinion they should now be able to build there, but still, they can not. I have tried priority settings on the small regions that kinda works but then everyone in the server can build there, not only region owners.

    So basically what I need to know is to realize this example:

    Region Town (block-break and bock-place is set to deny)
    - Region Parcel1, within Town, only build able for Owners of Parcel1.

    How can I realize this?

    Let me know if additional info is required.

    Thanks in Advance!

    - DarkBoomba
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