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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Switch0r, Aug 22, 2012.

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    Is there a plugin for worldguard that makes it so that only friendly or hostile mobs spawn in a region?
    Now you only can deny/allow mobspawning.
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    ... What?

    /region flag <region> mob-spawning deny

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    No, he knows that. He's asking about only allowing friendly, or only allowing hostile mobs spawn. So like /region flag <region> mob-spawning-friendly deny or /region flag <region> mob-spawning-hostile deny.

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    I don't know about this but,
    /rg flag <region> deny-spawning <mob>
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    "/rg flag spawn deny-spawn zombie" gave me this error :(

    23.08 13:35:52 [Server] WARNING [WorldGuard] Could not save region spawn: Incorrect string value: '\xAC\xED\x00\x05sr...' for column 'value' at row 1
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    EpicZones does this by letting you specify what types of mobs are allowed to spawn in a zone.
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    Ill wait untill worldguard updates then :p
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    /rg flag [region] deny-spawn zombie,skeleton,creeper
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    Did you notice that this thread is almost 1 year old? Way to go!
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    Sorry posted this after i got home from work, real tired for some reason i thought it said 2013 x.x..
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    Why can the author create /rg flag monster-spawning deny???
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    That doesn't make any sense..
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    Does no one read a thread... could a Mod+ lock this?
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    I'm currently using Minecraft Version 1.7.5. and used these flags on my town regions:

    /region flag Chika pvp deny
    /region flag Chika creeper-explosion deny
    /region flag Chika tnt deny
    /region flag Chika fire-spread deny
    /region flag Chika use Allow
    /region flag Chika ghast-fireball deny
    /region flag Chika chest-access deny
    /region flag Chika build deny
    /region flag Chika mob-damage deny
    /region flag Chika enderman-grief deny
    /region flag Chika leaf-decay deny
    /region flag Chika mob-spawning allow
    /region flag Chika deny-spawn zombie, skeleton, creeper, witch, wolf, spider, slime, bat,
    /region flag Chika greeting Welcome to Chika Village! Please Enjoy your stay.
    /region flag Chika farewell You are now leaving the Chika Village, safe travels friend!

    Oh Chika is the name of my town, so ignore that ;) . Only those who live in the town [registered players] can use and access chests and build there in their plots. I allow mob spawning, so we can egg spawn or breed pigs, cat, dogs, chickens, sheep, cows, villagers, horses and other non combant mobs, but deny the monster type mobs, I put wolf in the list, because they kill sheep :( .

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    but if you dont want villagers to despawn my mobs despawn like all the time after 10 min
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    Mod or someone, lock this thread!

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