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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ForsakenRealmz, Mar 6, 2014.

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    So I recently put up my server yesterday and I Safezoned the spawn with Factions, and set a WorldGuard region around it called "spawn". In past version of Factions it always had WorldGuard integration, but now the Factions author wanted to ruin the plugin that was already perfect.

    So basically, I need to make it so players do not take damage in SafeZone. I know FactionsPlus has this feature, but I really do not want to download a plugin just for one feature on it. Is there any other way to make it so players cannot fall to their death/take damage in Safezone and a WG region?


    For some reason when I do /kit on my server it uses some other plugin. I have Essentials installed, and the config is set up perfectly, no errors. I have the kits created on there as well. I know this is probably another plugin overriding Essentials kits feature, so I was wondering if you could help me. Below is a list of plugins on my server that I think might have kits in them. I know for a fact "TokenShop" does, but I disabled the /kit and /kits command in it. Any other solutions?

    - Essentials
    - TokenShop
    - McMMO
    - PlayerVaults
    - iDisguise
    - FoundDiamonds

    Pretty sure almost all of those plugins do not have Kit functions, but it's just a shot in the dark. I'm going to start removing plugins that I think might have kits and see if it's that plugin or not.

    Thank you
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    On your first question:

    For disable fall damage in a WG region, do this
    /rg flag spawn invincible allow

    That will disable PVP, Fall-Damage!
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    Thank you for the reply Henriksen, but I tried that multiple times. I tested fall damage in SafeZone with the WG region, and out of SafeZone with a WorldGuarded region. You do not take damage if it's just a WorldGuarded region, but you do take damage if it's a Worldguarded region inside of Safezone.
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    Contact me on Skype : xpertmodz I'll decompile the plugin so it only has that 1 feature which means It will be lightweight.
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