WorldEdit GUI/Client-Side-Interface for Spout

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  1. Hello together,

    at first I excuse for my English and all spelling errors in this post.

    My question:

    It is possible to make an WorldEdit GUI for Spout like the Client-Side Interface of Lahwens on this side:

    If you had installed Spout you can´t use ModLoader and a graphical "Picture" like the Mod of Lahwrens would be very helpfull.

    It must not work for Singleplayer, only for Multiplayer.

    Thanks in advance,

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    There is a client mod for WorldEdit, for which you do not need Spout.
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    I believe he might be referring to for SpoutCraft which is Spout's client-side app. You can't willing install mods to SpoutCraft thus a plugin would be needed to hook into WorldEdit so that SpoutCraft can see the same as that of WorldEditCUI.


    You might want to put in a suggestion at the official WorldEdit forums at to see if they will look into Spout/SpoutCraft's API.
  4. Hello again,

    Yes this is what i mean. We use Spout on our Server and play with Spoutcraft as Client. So we can´t use the Worldedit CUI because it needs ModLoader.

    Thanks for the reply´s and i would ask again at the official WorldEdit Forum.

    If anyone other see a possibility to realize these Plugin then please report it.
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    Don Redhorse

    afaik as soon as spout will support client side modifications that "should" come... also hoping for it.
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    I need it too !!
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    The WorldEdit client-side GUI is already a confirmed port, as Lahwran who made the GUI had confirmed that he will port all of his mods to the Spout API as soon as it is released. Be patient and it will soon be here ^.=.^
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    The Spout API is already released and being used as it is the server-side plugin API...

    The Spoutcraft API is not very usable yet. Once the Spoutcraft client addon API is more usable, the WorldEdit CUI mod developer said that their mods will be ported over to Spoutcraft.
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    I read that Spout did not accept modload "and it was not their problem".
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    Wait, I'm pretty sure I've used the WorldEdit client UI without modloader in the past, did the developper now force it to use modloader?
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    weee wan't it !! :)

    Compatible with Sprout.
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    This is really the only thing keeping me from using SpoutCraft as my full-time client.
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    ^^^^SAME FOR ME^^^^
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    i find it hard to believe we have stuff like bminimap for spoutcraft but not wecui. wecui is amazing! :(
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    Oooh, we all need it. Where are you WE CUI for Spout? It's so hard not using you(

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